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has anyone seen my wife?

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Hassledhubby Sun 10-Jun-07 20:10:52

I have just left DS1 in his bedroom after a row over tidying up said room and his demand for cuddles rather than tidying up room and was hoping to find my wife ready to come in and finish the bedroom routine. I don't want to shout and wake up DS2 and am too tired to climb up stairs to loft. I last heard my wife muttering something about 'taking the ironing upstairs' which usually is code for her to escape on to Mumsnet. Don't know her 'mumsnet name' but if anyone of you is my wife, could you pop down and tuck DS1 up if it's not too much trouble to tear yourself away from either this or the Gifted and Talented thread.....:

WriggleJiggle Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:02

What a great post!

FLIER Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:02

not me..........

FrannyandZooey Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:17

it's a fair cop darling

<quick, you lot get her out the back door while I distract him. We have to protect our own>

filthymindedvixen Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:20

well it's not me, I'm babysitting for a mate, but I do sympathise!

belgo Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:27

pmsl! not me!

TheArmadillo Sun 10-Jun-07 20:12:32


so glad its not me

Ceolas Sun 10-Jun-07 20:13:25

ha ha! Not me. not seen her, honest

NuttyMuffins Sun 10-Jun-07 20:13:55


nannyogg Sun 10-Jun-07 20:14:00

Is that you Norman? Are you on the laptop in the kitchen?

Indith Sun 10-Jun-07 20:14:01


sorry, ds is in bed, dp is playing warcraft and I am staying right here!

I'd watch out though...spend much longer on here and you shall be dragged into the MN vortex and your ds will have to tuck himself in.

filthymindedvixen Sun 10-Jun-07 20:14:16

oh look Mr Hassled husband sirree, there's a gadget. You know, one of those expensive, shiny things!! <<points>>

Quick love, get offline and get the ironing board up, I reckon I've bought you two minutes....

FrannyandZooey Sun 10-Jun-07 20:14:43

tell us their ages and a few anecdotes about them and we will try to track her down for you

are you sure you don't know her name? You know all the acronyms...

talcy0 Sun 10-Jun-07 20:15:51

She's not with me

fryalot Sun 10-Jun-07 20:16:19

I kind of wish dp would have the nous to post a thread like this, instead of sucking his teeth and doing that "oh God Mumsnet" thing he does

bran Sun 10-Jun-07 20:17:34

Franny, do you think it might be Mr NQC? Two ds's, at least one of whom is very strong-willed, and a loft bedroom?

lulumama Sun 10-Jun-07 20:17:43

you tuck him up in bed...and do the ironing, there might be a reward in it for you !

ProfYaffle Sun 10-Jun-07 20:17:46

Lol. My dh loves mn, he even bought me a laptop to keep me quiet while he's upstairs playing Eve on the desktop.

Sobernow Sun 10-Jun-07 20:18:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kittylette Sun 10-Jun-07 20:18:54


BreeVanDerCamp Sun 10-Jun-07 20:18:55

Let us ask leading questions.....

Where in the country are you ??

WideWebWitch Sun 10-Jun-07 20:19:53


FrannyandZooey Sun 10-Jun-07 20:19:54

LOL MrNQC knows NQC's posting name

if it is him he is being a little bit coy

also their pc wasn't in the loft last time I checked

WideWebWitch Sun 10-Jun-07 20:20:42

It's not me because I know I'd have heard said row and my ds is in the bath. Plus I don't have a ds1

bran Sun 10-Jun-07 20:20:43

Hassledhubby, are you in a converted school in East London? If so, I haven't seen you wife around at all, she may genuinely be doing something laundry related.

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