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To hope people won’t notice I’m by myself

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Ilovehamabeads Thu 20-Sep-18 08:11:54

There’s a show doing a national tour at the moment and I really want to see it when it comes to my city. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody else in the world who likes it even remotely.
Never been to the theatre by myself but seriously considering it this time. Aibu to think the other people wouldn’t notice or wonder why I’m alone? Or would I look like a complete sad case?
It’s so far out of my comfort zone to do something like this (which I know makes me sound pathetic!) but I’m desperate to see the show. Already feeling anxious about it and I haven’t even got a ticket yet lol.

JohnLapsleyParlabane Thu 20-Sep-18 08:12:59

Honestly, no one would care. Go, and enjoy yourself.

ivykaty44 Thu 20-Sep-18 08:13:28

I doubt anyone would even notice tbh - seriously if you want to go then just go and enjoy the show.

Shoxfordian Thu 20-Sep-18 08:13:52

Nobody really pays that much attention to other people so nobody will be looking at you thinking you're alone. Go and enjoy the show!

Nutkins24 Thu 20-Sep-18 08:13:58

No one will notice or care. Go and enjoy it.

OllyBJolly Thu 20-Sep-18 08:14:08

I often go to the theatre myself - as do lots of people. Also the cinema.

No one will notice.

sparklepops123 Thu 20-Sep-18 08:14:11

I don’t think anybody would notice and so what if they do? Go and enjoy yourself!

positivepixie Thu 20-Sep-18 08:14:11

Perfectly normal. I often do this when I'm down in London with work. Seriously, no-one will bat an eyelid.

StoneofDestiny Thu 20-Sep-18 08:14:56

I go regularly to the theatre - there are always people there unaccompanied. Nobody cares - why would they. When you are sat down who knows anyway?

Alconleigh Thu 20-Sep-18 08:14:56

No one will know or care. It's fine. You'll all be sat in a row in silence when it's on anyway!
I do a lot alone as I am single, and if I didn't go alone I wouldn't go, and honestly, it's absolutely fine.

treaclesoda Thu 20-Sep-18 08:17:06

No one will notice or care. But if you're so self conscious that you really are anxious about it, take a notebook and pen and pretend to take notes. People will think you're reviewing the play, of they notice you at all, so they'll assume you're working.

But honestly, no one will notice.

TestingTestingWonTooFree Thu 20-Sep-18 08:17:32

Going to the theatre/cinema on your own is sensible. I think they’re a crap date unless there’s dinner/drinks involved because you can’t really talk. Go for it.

Merryoldgoat Thu 20-Sep-18 08:19:01

I go to the theatre lots. Beyond ‘that’s a nice handbag’ or ‘I like her scarf’ I don’t notice anyone.

checkingforballoons Thu 20-Sep-18 08:19:36

Go, no one will notice or care! I’m off to see Kate Tempest solo tonight, can’t wait.

Charm23 Thu 20-Sep-18 08:21:34

I'd go if you really want to see it. I used to always think that if never be able to go to the theatre/cinema alone without feeling awkward but recently I had loads of time to kill in an unfamiliar place so I went and it was fine!

villainousbroodmare Thu 20-Sep-18 08:22:00

Of course go! Anything that I want to concentrate on or really enjoy I love to go on my own. Shopping, gallery, theatre, cinema, race meeting, lunch. Have a lovely time.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Thu 20-Sep-18 08:22:05

I'd just go. To be honest I don't think anyone would even notice who was on their own. You'll just blend in with the crowd.
It's not like it's a pub and everyone will be talking.
or If you really dont to go alone could Paying for some one to go with you be an option.

Gersemi Thu 20-Sep-18 08:23:24

I go on my own quite often, e.g. if I'm in town anyway, or if it's a show DP won't particularly like. I see no point on spending double going out if one of us isn't enjoying it, whilst I enjoy having an evening that's just for me. Take a book or something to read in the interval.

MsOliphant Thu 20-Sep-18 08:24:52

Why would anyone care confused

Loads of people do stuff on their own. It's not a big deal in the slightest.

DontCallMeCharlotte Thu 20-Sep-18 08:26:36

Go for it! I was meant to go with someone who was taken ill last minute - too late for a replacement so went alone. Sat next to two lovely ladies who plied me with sweets. I would happily do it again.

Ilovehamabeads Thu 20-Sep-18 08:30:53

Thank you for the replies. Yes, I think I’m actually going to go. I can do this!
DH has said he would come with me but I know he really doesn’t like it and tickets aren’t exactly cheap. I would rather try and beat the anxiety that stops me than waste our money smile
I’m going to book a ticket and then I can’t change my mind.

lisasimpsonssaxophone Thu 20-Sep-18 08:31:07

People are there to watch the show, not to look at their fellow audience members. Nobody will care! Lots of people do this kind of thing when travelling alone for work, or just because they jolly well feel like it!

Constantly having to find someone to do things with is really tedious. It’s liberating when you realise you can just do things you want to by yourself!

GinIsIn Thu 20-Sep-18 08:31:08

Loads of people go to the theatre alone - it’s not unusual!

DancingForTheDog Thu 20-Sep-18 08:32:22

I know how you feel. I went to see Cabaret last year by myself and initially felt so self conscious, but honestly nobody bats an eyelid. Go and see the show!

peachgreen Thu 20-Sep-18 08:32:23

Loads of people go to the theatre alone, I promise. I used to do it all the time when I lived in London and there were always tons of others. What's the show? Have a fab time!

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