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Mother fuming I let her child eat Christmas pudding because of the alcohol??

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eddownton Thu 13-Sep-18 00:06:26


Looked after a work colleague's son after school today and we had some of those mini Xmas puds left. My kids wanted one and so did he, so I thought nothing of it.

Would you be annoyed?? I didn't think the alcohol in that would be a problem at all. They're not age restricted or anything are they??

Fatted Thu 13-Sep-18 00:09:25

Was it actually one with alcohol in it?! I didn't think many shop ones had alcohol in them anymore, or they will say on it if it has alcohol in it. I've given my kids Xmas pudding. On Xmas like, so by the time they've eaten their body weight in chocolate, I don't think much else would do them much more harm.

eddownton Thu 13-Sep-18 00:10:27

It does have it written that there's brandy, cider and rum in it but I honestly can't imagine it would have caused such a huge issue.

Storminateapot Thu 13-Sep-18 00:12:32

It evaporates in the cooking. Which occurs before purchase - all you are doing is reheating. The taste may be there but no alcohol. What a twit!

WhispersOfWickedness Thu 13-Sep-18 00:17:16

Alcohol aside, how do you have left over Christmas puddings in September?! confused

sirmione16 Thu 13-Sep-18 00:17:18

Just what @Storminateapot said. No actual alcohol content in them. 0%

Perhaps just apologise and explain that to her gently and that you had no intention of sending her ds home slurring grin

How old is this kid anyway?

buttfacedmiscreant Thu 13-Sep-18 00:18:02

"Dear work colleague, please don't ask me to look after your child again, our parenting styles are too different if a tiny bit of alcohol that has been cooked off twice is unsuitable for your kid. BTW, you should probably avoid him having anything with vanilla in it too."

Dellow Thu 13-Sep-18 00:19:44

I don’t think YABU. It really isn’t a big deal confused..... he was hardly knocking back pints & the quantity of alcohol in it (if indeed there was any) must be miniscule.

It’s an easy mistake to make I guess - Presumably she won’t be asking for help in future wink

zzzzz Thu 13-Sep-18 00:22:14

Does the child’s family consume alcohol? I f they don’t you owe her a HUGE apology.

glueandstick Thu 13-Sep-18 00:23:25

Make sure they don’t use mouthwash

Aquamarine1029 Thu 13-Sep-18 00:26:20

She sounds like a nutter. If it's been cooked there is no alcohol in the product.

keyboardkate Thu 13-Sep-18 00:33:03

What is the problem exactly. OP did not say that anyone complained.

Did anyone have a problem/issue with giving them pudding that has all the alcohol burned off, with the taste remaining?

Start from there and work back.

Ohapples Thu 13-Sep-18 00:35:07

If it’s cooked the alcohol burns off. She’s bonkers or stupid

Spermysextowel Thu 13-Sep-18 00:36:49

It seems the mother was fuming

Spermysextowel Thu 13-Sep-18 00:38:24

Though it isn’t clear how OP knows that she is

EstuaryBird Thu 13-Sep-18 00:38:35

Was it a religious objection or just colleague being a bit dramatic?

Medea13 Thu 13-Sep-18 00:40:04

Depends a bit -- if the family don't consume alcohol (e.g. Muslim, and i want to say Quaker, and probably others) then you have been VU and should apologise profusely. If the mum is just being precious then meh

Gersemi Thu 13-Sep-18 00:41:02

YABU to eat Christmas puddings in September. It should be illegal.

BreakfastAtSquiffanys Thu 13-Sep-18 00:44:05

What's wrong with vanilla?

keyboardkate Thu 13-Sep-18 00:46:42

Anyone going to another persons house should now have a list of do's and dont's re their kids, similar to allergies and so on.

It will be compulsory soon. LOL.

The day will come when having kids over will be too arduous. So many will just forget it, and go to Maccies or some other place and let them take the flak.

Haberpop Thu 13-Sep-18 00:52:11

What's wrong with vanilla

Lots of vanilla extracts contain alcohol (as do other extracts I think).

Pringlecat Thu 13-Sep-18 00:54:52

I know a family who don't drink alcohol at all, and if one of the kids had been given a Christmas pudding containing alcohol when they were younger, it would have been all kinds of merry hell. It was for religious reasons though.

I know another family who just don't drink because they don't. I think they would have shrugged it off. In their case, it's not a moral objection. They just don't want to drink. In a way, I quite like that they have zero reason for not drinking - reinforces the message that no one needs a reason to drink or to not drink!

ChooChooBeanz Thu 13-Sep-18 00:58:24

My mum is a pioneer and has no issue with “alcohol” in food but I know of other pioneers who wouldn’t eat it. Unless it’s something like that? ....weirdos 😁

Dollymixture22 Thu 13-Sep-18 00:58:47

Maybe she read this

ChooChooBeanz Thu 13-Sep-18 00:59:29

I jest obviously ...about the weirdos part lol

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