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To ask the stupid reason why your child has cried today?

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Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:36:49

Just to make me feel better.

DD aged 2 has just had an hour long meltdown because she didn't want to go to the park. I never asked if she wanted to go to the park. I feel this may be related to the fact she got 3 hours sleep last night.

Give me your 'why the fuck are you crying' stories please!!

couchparsnip Tue 11-Sep-18 21:50:33

Because she wanted a whole banana not a cut up one. There weren't any whole bananas as we'd just cut them all up!

bootsandsocks Tue 11-Sep-18 21:53:37

these are all amazing i’ve been giggling away!

mine is an every day occurance dd 16mo will stand at the top stair gate with her best friend, they are kindered spirits, soul mates if you like, his name is rara and he is a toy lion she will throw him over the gate and watch his little body tumble down the stairs and land in a disturbing pile at the bottom and then she screams bloody murder AT ME! so off we go on an effing rescue mission whilst i’m still brushing my teeth or worse doing a morning wee.

i don’t know why she does it to him, she really loves him.

on that note she cries every time she hears the theme tune to the cbeebies show ‘rara the lion’ she cries whilst saying ‘raaaaraaaaa’ in a very sad way sad that ones a little heartbreaking.

VeryGingerBee Tue 11-Sep-18 22:06:39

I don’t have any of my own yet, but at work earlier (I work in retail, so a lot of mums come in with kids) this girl was screaming her lungs out, full on rage, whenever she couldn’t see her mum’s friend’s baby.. she must have been around 3, but was just losing it completely, head thrashing back into her pushchair seat over not being able to see a baby 😂

Spiderdemon Tue 11-Sep-18 22:15:38

Because when I made a realistic dinosaur face out of toast, as she requested, I was unable to also fashion the likeness of Andy from CBeebies.

LegallyBrunet Tue 11-Sep-18 23:00:11

Because I put the ‘wrong’ episode of Peppa Pig on. Because he wanted his Paw Patrol slippers on instead of his Olaf ones. Because he had to get out the bath. Because he didn’t want to colour the meerkat picture in brown, he wanted to colour it orange (he was colouring it orange). He’s three.

NC4THIS11 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:02:43

What a brilliant thread this has cheered me right up

Ellen7262 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:05:54

DD cried for 30 minutes today because she didn't like what I was wearing!!! How do I make this child sleep for more than 3 hours a night!

gingergenius Tue 11-Sep-18 23:40:41

I love this thread. My 13.5 yo cried yesterday because his older brother was winding him up at the dinner table but refused to move when I suggested he find somewhere else to sit to get away from him!

DeadButDelicious Tue 11-Sep-18 23:44:55

Today it was because I dried her hair with a towel. Towels are evil and must be punished apparently. She's finally mastered Mummy though, so now she can wail 'MUMMY NO!' Whenever I'm doing anything she doesn't like. Joy.

confused18 Tue 11-Sep-18 23:53:33

3yo DD today said she didn't want to go playgroup and play with her toys. Two hours later she wanted to go but the session was finished. Cue crying and lots of "why? Why mummy?" And "I want to go" and. "It's not finished" followed by "ok I won't play with my toys can I go playgroup now"

And 7mo DD does this awesome thing where she flings herself back in a tantrum and cries if I don't give her some of my food!


BlopPop Wed 12-Sep-18 00:15:51

Because the cat walked within a 1 metre radius of his rocking horse hmm

CoodleMoodle Wed 12-Sep-18 00:46:26

Because I told her she was officially four and a half. She "only wants to be four!!!!" (cue actual tears hmm).

gluteustothemaximus Wed 12-Sep-18 01:00:02

Because he wanted to unwrap his goodies banana cereal bar ALL BY HIMSELF. But he can’t. So I help him. But this is wrong too. So I give it back to him. Then he drops it. Now he’s crying because he’s dropped it. Now he wants a new one hmm

It happens every day. Over anything. He is slowly killing me.

(Although this thread has made me feel much better) grin

Rubytuesday2980 Wed 12-Sep-18 01:06:44

For two mornings running, because I tried to take his pajamas off to get dressed. Topped off today by "Stop it Mummy" in a tone that suggested pure disappointment in me.

Because he realised he had socks on with monkeys on them, and needed the ones on with stars.

Because I offered cereal for his breakfast, when obviously he wanted the porridge that he had just refused.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning!

hooveringhamabeads Wed 12-Sep-18 01:17:00

Dd (8) absolute meltdown at bed time because there are spiders in the house.

Gersemi Wed 12-Sep-18 01:39:21

DH couldn't mend the dead earwig she found.

JorahsMistress Wed 12-Sep-18 03:11:22

Dd wanted a bath after dinner, so after dinner i ran her a bath, cue tantrum as she wanted to do it herself as she is a big girl now & that in future i must let her run her own baths

Next day she again wanted a bath after dinner, and remembering the day before I didn't run it for her so that she could do it herself

Cue another tantrum because I hadn't run her a bath! I reminded her of what she had said the day before, she informed me that she had changed her mind on that matter, I pointed out that she had failed to tell me this, but she just shouted "your my MOTHER, you should have realised!"

She was 12 😂

vinegarqueen Wed 12-Sep-18 03:15:04

He wanted cheese and I gave him cheese. Cue a lot of sadness.

JAMMFYesPlease Wed 12-Sep-18 03:22:36

2yo: because she wanted PAW Patrol on and I out PAW Patrol on! It was only when she stopped crying and heard the theme song she was happy!

Also 2yo: she wanted cereal for dinner so she got cereal for dinner. Crying for that.

Third one for the 2yo today: She wanted to go to her sister's school and not her "baby school". Tried to explain she was too little so then she wanted big sister to come to her school. Crying because that couldn't happen.

When we finally got in, more tears because daddy couldn't come to "baby school". Offered for daddy to pick her up if she wanted and even more crying because she wanted mummy to pick her up. I go to pick her up at the end if the day and get tears because daddy isn't there!

Oh the mind of a two year old.

The 6yo didn't have any tears today. We had a meltdown yesterday but for a completely reasonable reason. She thought she was going to get into trouble with us because her teacher wouldn't let her do something. She clearly has my anxiety about getting in trouble.

LurkingWaspi Wed 12-Sep-18 03:40:14

The two year old cried after her bath, because the face paint washed off, and she wasn't a tiger any longer. She cried and cried. and I felt really mean.sad

Rumi2018 Wed 12-Sep-18 11:00:35

2 year old cried this morning because I wouldn't give her the box of eggs to play with... Now she's crying because she didn't want me to put socks on her, I took them off and she's crying because I took them off... Some day's I can't win... And it's only 11am... Bedtime is too far away!

LuluJakey1 Wed 12-Sep-18 11:21:35

3 1/2 year old DS wailing because I wouldn't put DD (17m) in the washing machine and take him for a walk. This is a regular suggestion- that we put DD somewhere and don't take her with us- places vary from the washer, the shed, the utility room, the cellar, the fridge. He seems to thin she slows us down.

todayisnotthedayy Thu 13-Sep-18 22:12:04


Jenwen22 Thu 13-Sep-18 22:53:25

DS, 16 months, Cried because I said I was going to put dinner on, and it wasn't ready right that second. Cried because I wouldn't let him touch a hot radiator. Had actual, real tears as he shouted at me in baby babble, ^ but with inflection^ because he had given me a cuddle, when I don't think he had meant to give me a cuddle. Then had a world-class strip because I wouldn't let him lick my be fair, two out of four of these meltdowns were probably down to the fact he was tired. Still, nasty mummy wouldn't let him lick her toes!

ThorsMistress Thu 13-Sep-18 23:21:30

DS (6) cried today because I bought him a doughnut after school and he was too poorly to eat it.

He was absolutely fine before I produced said doughnut.

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