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To ask the stupid reason why your child has cried today?

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Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:36:49

Just to make me feel better.

DD aged 2 has just had an hour long meltdown because she didn't want to go to the park. I never asked if she wanted to go to the park. I feel this may be related to the fact she got 3 hours sleep last night.

Give me your 'why the fuck are you crying' stories please!!

Dobbythesockelf Mon 10-Sep-18 16:40:40

Because I told her that the cheerios we had just purchased were for both her and daddy. Full on screaming that she can't have cheerios for breakfast now but daddy could. Took me 10 minutes to get her to realise they were for her as well as daddy. Shed 3 btw and going through a lovely overdramatic stroppy phase that is slowly sucking the life out of me.

Haworthia Mon 10-Sep-18 16:42:55

He dropped an acorn on the school run.

The screaming lasted for about 40 minutes.

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:43:19

@Dobbythesockelf the life is slowly being drained out of me too. High 5!

BuntyII Mon 10-Sep-18 16:45:10

I gave him a roast beef sandwich. He loves roast beef sandwiches. He cried actual tears and hit the sandwich in a rage. He is 15 months old confused

LyndorCake Mon 10-Sep-18 16:47:12

I vacuumed

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:47:52

@BuntyII roast beef sandwiches are never worth crying over

Holidayfromreal Mon 10-Sep-18 16:48:04

My 2 yr old cried because she couldn't move the stool. Then cried more when I moved it for her. Then cried extra hard when I moved it back so she could move it herself confused

yawning801 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:50:52

I don't have a toddler but I witnessed a poor woman being screamed at by her toddler a few days ago. He was screaming, "I miss you! I miss you!" while she was saying "I'm right here!"

Quandary2018 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:51:06

DD aged 4 cried for 20 minutes because her brother was leaning on the yellow book to do his homework and she wanted the yellow book. He then switched to a different book so she could have the yellow book and she cried even more because she now wanted the blue book he was leaning on!

Caffeineaddict994 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:52:16

DS3 cried for half an hour at lunch time because he was running around the front room, fell down and broke the biscuit in his hand.. He kept telling me he needs a new one and wouldn't understand that if he ate it it would break anyway! Eventually he ate it but made sure I knew he wasn't happy about it.

foxessocks Mon 10-Sep-18 16:53:36

My 2 year old cried because his big sister told him he was "the loveliest little brother in the world" confused think he misunderstood! He kept saying NO I'M NOT and crying. Then dd got cross and started shouting YES YOU ARE. It was all very confusing!

DappledThings Mon 10-Sep-18 16:54:19

I gave him water in his cup when clearly he wanted it in the used pint glass that was already on the table and I hadn't realised this through my psychic abilities. Proper tragic sobs.

foxessocks Mon 10-Sep-18 16:54:37

Caffe my ds cries about any broken food. Bananas are the worst he always wants me to stick the banana back on.

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:55:20

@foxessocks that is EXTREMELY cute

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 16:56:26

@DappledThings can you please ensure you are psychic in the future to avoid traumatising your child through choice of cup

myhousesmellsofIKEA Mon 10-Sep-18 16:58:37

I had my two screaming earlier on because they were playing with each other’s bin lorries. They are the exact same bin lorry. I bought them so they wouldn’t fight 🙄

lornathewizzard Mon 10-Sep-18 16:58:38

My 4yo upon getting home from nursery asked what was in the parcel on the table. I told her it was her Granny's Christmas present. She then started shouting at me that it wasn't wrapped and it wasn't a proper present and I shouldn't get the postman to deliver them I should buy them and wrap them. And that I could never buy any Christmas or birthday presents again hmmconfused

Lymphy Mon 10-Sep-18 17:02:38

I pulled my boys pyjama leg down (it had rolled up over his knee) he's 3 and utterly livid.

BubbleSea Mon 10-Sep-18 17:03:38

3yo ds was in floods today because was too scared too climb down from the top of the climbing frame thing at the park but he didn't want me lifting him off.
Cue me having to climb up and sit in it cuddling him for 10 minutes til he was calm enough to let me lift him down.

He fell asleep about 5 minutes later and had to be carried home so he must have been knackered tho

Aworldofmyown Mon 10-Sep-18 17:04:57

Because I moved he car seat to the seat he wanted it moved too!

chickedychicked Mon 10-Sep-18 17:06:01

Because I wouldn't let her climb up my hair like rapunzal does.hmm

BabySharkAteMyHamster Mon 10-Sep-18 17:06:01

Dobby, my kid once had a 3 hour tantrum because she could see the milk through the holes in her cheerios 🤔hmm

BubbleSea Mon 10-Sep-18 17:06:30

Also 1yo dd last night because her sock had come off.
Normally it's because I've had the cheek to put socks on her so at least it was a change.

Poodles1980 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:06:54

Apparently I was looking at him... that’s the only info I got in the aftermath of the meltdown. Yesterday it was due to me telling him I had a box with 100 plasters in it, he told me I didn’t- cue meltdown

RosieposiePuddingandPi Mon 10-Sep-18 17:08:16

We had hours of it because he wanted to nap but not right now, then he didn't want to get changed for swimming but desperately wanted to go in the pool. Then he was too cold getting out but didn't want to get dressed. Thankfully he is now a bit less unhappy having had a half hour danger nap.
He's only 20 months, I'm dreading the next couple of years!

Dizzylin Mon 10-Sep-18 17:13:12

My 3 yo DS fell over today, aparently trying to comfort him and check him over was totally the wrong thing to do.

Aozora13 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:14:00

2yo DD resorted to dragging herself across the living room floor in hysterical tears because I had the audacity to go to the toilet by myself (her dad was sat right there, she wasn’t by herself)

MyRelationshipIsWeird Mon 10-Sep-18 17:14:15

DD is 11 and currently crying because I told her she did brilliantly with her running time in PE today....

...because DS did the same run today in an even quicker time (having always struggled with PE due to his weight issues) and I told him he did ‘super brilliantly’.

Apparently this means I don’t love her and I’m unfair. hmmconfused

TomaszIsMineBitch Mon 10-Sep-18 17:14:54

My dd (2) cried her heart out today screaming and shouting to the point i got concerned the neighbours might think she was being murdered because i had put her blanket in the washing machine 🤦‍♀️
She then screamed even more when i put it in the dryer and she couldnt watch it go round

I need wine

Dobbythesockelf Mon 10-Sep-18 17:16:49

Toddlers are so confusing. My dd also cried yesterday cause her dad's car wasn't purple. He has never had a purple car......

BarryTheKestrel Mon 10-Sep-18 17:18:35

A pigeon looked at her funny, it was going to steal her sponge.
40 minutes of snotty tears in town because of a bloody pigeon!

Hyperbolesoul Mon 10-Sep-18 17:19:10

3.5 year old squealing and rolling on the floor....because I put on Paw patrol AS REQUESTED by her.....

trebleclef101 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:19:22

My DD (3) cried this morning because she wanted her cereal "more splashy like yesterday" hmm

Still have no idea what she meant.

randomchap Mon 10-Sep-18 17:20:57

I beat DS at The Gruffalo game. He's a terrible loser but hopefully he'll grow out of it.

I probably shouldn't have done a victory dance

ProcrastinatingPingu Mon 10-Sep-18 17:22:15

Because I said she could have a cake.
That’s it. Maybe tears of unbridled joy? Who knows.

AmIRightOrAMeringue Mon 10-Sep-18 17:23:27

Because my cheese sandwich was toasted and hers wasn't. Because she'd just told me she hated toasted cheese sandwiches because melted cheese is disgusting and wanted a 'raw one'

TheVeryHungryDieter Mon 10-Sep-18 17:24:07

She didn't want to do football class, followed approximately 45 minutes later by tears because she didn't want to leave football class.

fantaseas Mon 10-Sep-18 17:29:12

My favourite strop from my 3yo... he was mildly upset about something and then moved onto massive sobs because "my eyes are wet". Took me ages to calm him down grin

ImTakingTheEssence Mon 10-Sep-18 17:29:29

My 7 year old cried because she didnt want to morrisons. She was screaming in the street "Please don't make me go". Then she cried that much when we got there i turned around a took her home.
I thought she would grow out of this by now.

alligatorsmile Mon 10-Sep-18 17:30:26

DD (5) has cried big snotty sobs recently because I didn't want her to put paint on the carpet. Also, I let her stay up a bit last night, because I am a bastard. I've also been screamed at not so long ago because she didn't want ham in the sandwich that no-one had offered her.

Moominfan Mon 10-Sep-18 17:30:28

I bought him a new toy pram, then tried to coerce him and said pram our the shop.

alligatorsmile Mon 10-Sep-18 17:31:34

Oh, and I didn't put peas on her dinner because she had asked me not to peas on her dinner and she cried because there were no peas on her dinner.

ibuiltahomeforyou Mon 10-Sep-18 17:31:51

Because the cat went out of the cat flap.

She cried and peered mournfully at the cat through the cat flap. She's 18 months.

alligatorsmile Mon 10-Sep-18 17:34:36

When DD was 3, the cat didn't (for some unknown reason) want to be poked with a stick. So the cat ran off and she cried because she wanted the cat to stay. Hoping to comfort her, I said, "You can't control a cat, I'm afraid" and she wailed as if wounded, "I didn't!"

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:39:01

These stories are truly wonderful. You have all made me feel better about my very unreasonable daughter

ArtemisWeatherwax Mon 10-Sep-18 17:39:26

He looked online and found electric skateboards with a remote control are £300-odd. "But how am I supposed to get to school, I'm so tired" - as a tear ran down his 15 year old cheek. Hard start to term.

Kidssendingmenuts Mon 10-Sep-18 17:39:26

Daughter didn't want to go to school cute meltdown at school gates making me look a right Pratt, also cried because boy child opened front door and not her. boy child cried because his sister got the car seat he wanted (both the dam same) looked at him funny and kicked him in the head because he launched a toy at her.

That's nearly everyday

ForeverBubblegum Mon 10-Sep-18 17:41:26

Because another boy had stolen his shoe's. He hadn't, they both had the same shoes. The fact DS's were on his feet didn't convince him they hadn't been stolen.

CaveMaman Mon 10-Sep-18 17:43:12

Because postman pat wasn't on the telly.

Jammysod Mon 10-Sep-18 17:46:08

In the past mine has cried because I wouldn't let him bite my toe and because I'd said 'bye boys, love you' instead of 'bye son, bye husband'. Funny little creatures they are.

Halfeatentoast Mon 10-Sep-18 17:46:34

Sigh. I have no idea. Still at it ages later.

Wispaismyfave Mon 10-Sep-18 17:46:40

Because I wouldn't let my 2 year old say "bye poo" (empty the potty down the toilet). She had a melt down.

RidingARollerCoaster Mon 10-Sep-18 17:47:20

I’m loving these, DD(6) does my nut in but soooo glad we’re out of the toddler phase!!!

MrsTennyson Mon 10-Sep-18 17:48:06

Today mine cried because he tried to eat a sticker and it got stuck in his teeth.

He then cried because I had the audacity to take him to his favourite gym class and encourage him to join in.

He then bit me.

ginandnappies Mon 10-Sep-18 17:48:17

13 month old screamed because I wouldn't give him a whole banana loaf. Instead I broke off small pieces. He screamed for about 10 minutes and wouldn't look at me.

Ellen7262 Mon 10-Sep-18 17:52:33

She's potty training at the moment and she's currently screaming/sobbing that 'nana is naughty' for asking if she needs a wee. She's traumatised.

WhenEnoughIsEnough Mon 10-Sep-18 17:57:20

Dd aged 2 had a meltdown because she wanted to watch dinosaurs on the Tele (Andy's dinosaur adventure) I told her it wasn't on and massive meltdown, managed to find some on demand and then put it on but of course it wasn't the right dinosaur another meltdown all in all I had 40 minutes of sobbing crying all because of a dinosaur.

EllebellyBeeblebrox Mon 10-Sep-18 18:01:28

Because I got in from work and spent a long time making him a HULK sticker chart, as per request, but when I presented it to him I got "NOT HULK! I WANTED BRUCE BANNER!!!!"

ForTheLoveOfSleep Mon 10-Sep-18 18:04:05

The purple leaf she asked me to pick wasn't yellow...

JagerPlease Mon 10-Sep-18 18:10:33

Ds2 cries if any food breaks and can't be fixed, and refuses to eat it.

His other main meltdowns tend to be because I have hair and when he puts his arms round my neck he touches it

WhiteCoyote Mon 10-Sep-18 18:12:30

20 minute hysterical fit (including woeful banging of his head on a pillow) because I wouldn’t let him draw on the cat with magic markers.

Littleredhouse Mon 10-Sep-18 18:20:22

My 3 yo cried this morning as he wanted honey in his porridge. Then because the honey disappeared into the milk. He wouldn't believe me that it was in there despite me squirting in some more so he could see it sink in! confused

stayathomegardener Mon 10-Sep-18 18:25:07

Because she went back to uni and is going to miss the dog.

CloudCaptain Mon 10-Sep-18 18:28:27

My 4yo cried the other day because I wouldn't let him draw on 2yo brothers face. But I like drawing on his face, he wailed.
2yo begged "no more shops mummy", when I took him into town clothes shopping.

Bluelonerose Mon 10-Sep-18 18:35:10

Not recently but ds2 once had the mother of all tantrums because I wouldn't let him go downstairs. Screaming in a way youde think I was murdering him.
We were already downstairs and DON'T own a cellar confused

LuluJakey1 Mon 10-Sep-18 18:35:36

17m old DD - body shaking sobs because she was not allowed to drink out of the cats' water bowl.

rosamacrose Mon 10-Sep-18 18:40:08

Sudden absolute rage.
Gnashing of teeth, rending of garments over what. Who knew?
I gave in anyhow. Pick your battles etc.
So she upped it a gear, howling, now.
"Mummy! Mummy! Mummy!"
"What is the matter?"
"I want to forgive you"

(20 years ago, still makes me want to cuddle her)

itchychin Mon 10-Sep-18 18:52:41

Her school jumper was too big. The sleeves looked like a donut! Would I want to wear donuts?! How could she possibly read her watch?????!!!! (10 yrs)

EyUpOurKid Mon 10-Sep-18 19:04:49

Yesterday morning, I asked if he wanted rice Krispies, then offered him a spoon of rice Krispies. He hit the fucking roof. Full shit fit, Angry toddler yoga, booted the table, that hurt, so he went further nuts.

I had to wait until he was having a momentary breather to ask if he wanted to watch the dancing gee gees (dressage), which he did, and then sat quietly and ate the hugely offensive rice Krispies.

He's nearly two, so safe to say I'm looking forward to the next couple of years and the tantrums i have yet to come.

tiredmummy1991 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:05:47

My 2 yr old cries if you give him any food that's broken, he then won't eat them which is very frustrating when he's the one that breaks them in the first place hmm

teraculum29 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:11:58

Mine cried today (shes 3.5) that I didn't let her put small ball of play dough inside her nose.

GlitterBurps Mon 10-Sep-18 19:23:24

My 3.5yr old DS1 cried every night for a week as he didn’t have any pink paw patrol pj’s with Sky on. Found some in Asda’s thought that he would be so pleased. Gave them to him and he went bonkers. Apparently he hates pink and Sky, asked since when and he sobbed ‘since tomorrow’ hmm

RockyisMYRhino Mon 10-Sep-18 19:24:00

My one year one ds threw a fit today when I wouldn't let him bash daddy's very expensive speakers against the wall.

bakingdiva Mon 10-Sep-18 19:24:57

Oh, I have found my people! Today’s screaming tantrums from my 2.5 yr old:

Because my friends 1 year old isn’t in the same nursery class as her

Because we got home and she didn’t have the stick that she had deliberately thrown away at nursery

Because I wasn’t Daddy

Because there was a spider the size of a pin head on the wall opposite (I don’t even know how she could see it!)

RockyisMYRhino Mon 10-Sep-18 19:25:02

One year old ds confused

LoniceraJaponica Mon 10-Sep-18 19:25:46

DD (18) rewatching Being Human

Sandstormbrewing Mon 10-Sep-18 19:26:24

2.5yo DS - cried because the small circle I drew after he asked me to, was too small.

HildaZelda Mon 10-Sep-18 19:26:53

Not my child, but I was in tesco earlier on and a little boy of about 2.5/3 was sobbing hysterically because his mother wouldn't buy him 'the box of mice' - tampons grin

Belletower Mon 10-Sep-18 19:27:23

My DD sobbed hysterically because "Slimer" in the old 80's Ghost Busters cartoons "can't find his Mummy".

She is completely and utterly over-dramatic at the moment. I think it's gotten worse since she turned 4!

sidesplittinglol Mon 10-Sep-18 19:31:37

DD aged 3 cried because she wanted to go on the red bus. We were already in the red bus 🤦🏽‍♀️

Dizzylin Mon 10-Sep-18 19:34:25

We also had tears thos morning because he didn't want to take his sister to school with me, he wanted to stay at home with Daddy. DH was at work 🙄

bushtailadventures Mon 10-Sep-18 19:36:09

DGD(3) because I walked home from work too quickly? I rang when I was on my way, she was stood at the front door waiting for me, snotty tears when she saw me because I was too early...I even tried walking away and coming back to see if that helped (it didn't)

Amethystdragon84 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:37:27

My two year old cried because I put last nights pjs in the washing machine and switched it on. Cue ten minutes of clutching his chest shouting 'my clothes'.

Eddie16 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:41:57

My 2 and 1/2 dd cried at me because I refused to let her clean up the wee she had split by trying to carry the potty upstairs to flush it down the loo.
I got screamed at in Aldi as I wouldn't let her put (lob into the trolley and shout whee!) the glass curry sauce jar.
I had crying for 20 mins because her tv show had ended and I switched over to something else.
I love my daughter but some days,I just want to cry with her while going I know kid,I know.

Jezzifishie Mon 10-Sep-18 19:46:11

My 3 year old DD cried because I wouldn't let her stand behind me and pull my hair out (or 'playing hairdressers' as she calls it). She sneaked up on me while I was on the phone. My scalp hurts.

Lostoldusername Mon 10-Sep-18 19:46:20

Because it isn't Thursday.

PaddyF0dder Mon 10-Sep-18 19:47:06

4 year old asked for sausages for dinner. I explained that he was getting fish fingers. He cried and didn’t want to come inside.

Tinysarah1985 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:47:33

We had tears tonight over fish fingers as they had a hole in them and because she had eaten all her spaghetti shapes on her plate. I put it down to first day at school tiredness.

Excited0803 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:49:34

He's 6 months and teething with a cold, so he's in pain and unable to communicate with words. He's especially bad today so I put music on to distract him from the pain, he loved Bare Necessities and Rock a Bye Baby but he did not want 3 other song options that he usually likes; he screamed and screamed with big fat tears and pink cheeks until I played the other two again. Then he snuggled to cuddle and chewed on his monkey with heaving chest, but he listened peacefully. I've no idea why he wanted those ones but nothing else. He's asleep on me now and I'm so scared to put him down.

RosemaryLemonxx Mon 10-Sep-18 19:50:40

I offered him a drink

Starlings27 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:51:03

Because his dad cut his slice of toast into halves.

ThePrioryGhost Mon 10-Sep-18 19:52:48

Where to begin?!

- because she didn’t want a banana (nobody had offered her a banana and there were no bananas in the house)

- because the baby “looked” at her

- because the dog didn’t bark

- because it’s not her birthday confused

- because she didn’t want to wear the purple jumper (that she chose herself)

Threenagers are such fun.

YouTheCat Mon 10-Sep-18 19:53:00

Not crying as such, but having a good swear. She's playing Monster Hunter.

Cottonsheets Mon 10-Sep-18 19:53:11

I wouldn't let him use my face as a road for his tractor.

TheCatFromOuterSpace Mon 10-Sep-18 20:00:14

Because I wouldn't let him have an ice cream from the van. He was currently eating an ice cream.

London28 Mon 10-Sep-18 20:03:01

Because she wanted sweets in Town and then started shouting "help me this is not my mummy" as I bundled her kicking and screaming out the shop when I said no! I then had to deal with shopping centre security guard! Dd2 is just 3!

QueenOfCatan Mon 10-Sep-18 20:03:03

22mo DD
"bear hunt yoga!" turn on bear hunt yoga for her. "turn off!" turn it off. "bear hunt yoga!" full on stamps and crying because we didn't turn it back on immediately hmm

ThanosSavedMe Mon 10-Sep-18 20:03:19

Oh these have really cheered me up made dd1 and dd2 laugh too. Now I’m trying to remember the ridiculous things they cried at

Whitelisbon Mon 10-Sep-18 20:03:28

Because the mummy duck had no baby ducks left. Proper, full blown hysterics. Tears, snot, the after sobs and everything.
Over a fucking nursery rhyme. And she knows the baby ducks come back, because she sings the fucking thing all the fucking time.

Bedtime was a relief today.

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