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To leave neighbour who stole my cat a note

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MrsHoodwink Sun 09-Sep-18 00:35:24

Ok “stole” is a strong word but they are trying to coax my boy to live with them and were just caught by my ex picking the cat up and taking it in their house

It’s a very friendly cat but is like that with everyone that walks past, they told my ex he even has a food bowl in their house angry He said they started calling of him as soon as they got out their car

Now I know cats chose their homes but I don’t think you should take them on purpose blush

I wanted to knock but it’s past midnight, aibu to post a note saying he has food allergies and to please leave him alone? They were concerned about him being out at night but I have a catflap he’s just hunting/wandering hmm They also called my other cat “skinny” but she’s perfect weight blush

MumsTheWordYouKnow Mon 10-Sep-18 19:07:44

Go knock on their door in the morning and make it clear they can’t take your cat in their house, your cat has a home already and is fed and that he is just very friendly with everyone. If they want to help out when your on holiday that would be good, but no need to feed otherwise.

MumsTheWordYouKnow Mon 10-Sep-18 19:10:25

Searose that’s awful, sorry to hear that.

NotAnotherUserName5 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:12:53

Now this sort of thing annoys me. There’s more cats in shelters than they can cope with, crying out for homes but the CF want your cat angry

Ifeelsuchafool Mon 10-Sep-18 19:13:18

We are currently feeding a cat which was brought home by our cat. He comes every night and is always ravenous. He was very skinny when he first started coming about 3 months ago and is now fattening up nicely.
We did not entice him in, I just opened the door one night because I saw our cat sitting on the kitchen window sill, which is his signal for wanting to come in, and in streaked a blur of ginger, (our cat is a ginger tom, as is our visitor) and I'd put down the bowl of food before I did a double take and said, "you're not foolcat!" Sure enough, there was foolcat still sitting on the window sill! It really did seem as though our cat had found this little guy and brought him to where he knew he'd get fed! He's quite friendly and has the loudest purr I've ever heard but he doesn't like to be picked up, though he'll take any amount of scritches, especially under the chin!
My daughter is, even as I write, making flyers to put up around the village to see if he belongs to someone and if we don't get any response we're going to catch him one of these nights and take him to the vet in the morning to see if he is chipped.
If not, I think we'll formally adopt him and get him wormed, de-fleaed and inoculated as our worry is that he'll bring fleas into the house if he's not being treated regularly.
I'd never deliberately entice someone else's cat though and certainly not if I knew where he belonged!

StarB80 Mon 10-Sep-18 19:18:17

You are not being unreasonable - he's your cat! I recently went through this myself with a couple of elderly neighbours who kept feeding my cat and taking her in, to the point that she wouldn't come in. Other neighbours warned me what they were doing. I stuck a note on their door asking them to stop feeding and taking my cat - I also contacted their housing association and reported them. I spoke to them and they denied it. I've kept my cat in as much as possible ever since. It broke my heart every time I couldn't find her. Be polite but firm and ask them to leave your cat alone and keep your cat in for a while if you can.

Sassielassie Mon 10-Sep-18 19:34:18

This happened to my cat and i literally turned into the crazy cat lady. I made posters with his pic on them stating he had a kidney problem and was on a special diet and feeding could lead to kidney failure. I put a red cross collar tag on him with my address and the words DO NOT FEED DUE TO ILLNESS on it and i bought a Girafus GPS collar tag. I found out he had 6 different houses when i posted the flyers as people contacted me. Most were lovely. Gushing about how much they loved him and what they called him. All but one were sympathetic and agreed to let him in to say hello but to put him back out and not feed. I said he needed fed at certain times of day/night so he couldnt have sleepovers. Eventually it came down to one house. I tracked him over several weeks and stood outside their door shouting him. They actually had the brass neck to throw him out in front of my one morning. I chapped their door. Told them i was tracking him and threatened to give them half of the very expensive vets bills for food/treatments for past few months. My cat is now in the house or garden 24/7. I may sound mad, but i treat my cat like my kids...and nobody is going to lure him away without a fight.

DagenhamRoundhouse Mon 10-Sep-18 19:48:50

Shut him in at night ( you should anyway) and tell them it's theft if they steal your cat.

BarbaraHepworth Mon 10-Sep-18 19:56:30

Good luck with HoodCat.

Miisty Mon 10-Sep-18 19:57:45

The neighbours cat from across the road virtually lives at our house as he will use the cat flap .They got a kitten which tormented him as he was 8.Both ginger toms our cat is now 16 and he is 11 We send him home he loves cat biscuits and milk plus a quiet house as they have 2 primary school boys .I do not want to lock the cat flap as our cat is old and is on twice daily thyroxine .It was the husband not happy about it but the cat goes visiting other people's houses as well .His wife is happy about it and sees him waiting outside our front door for a fuss .

NameWithChange Mon 10-Sep-18 20:09:34

They really need to give you a decent response and quickly!! It's not very neighbourly to leave you hanging ... never mind stealing your cat!!! Hope they are polite to you.

Dobbythesockelf Mon 10-Sep-18 20:19:05

A women down the road did this with my cat. She is very small and has a skin condition that makes her look a bit ratty but she is well cared for. What eventually stopped her was me taking 2 yr old dd with me. Who just said "that's my cat I love her" .

ToftyAC Mon 10-Sep-18 20:32:52

When I read stuff like this, I’m so glad our two hate everyone but me. Means they’re very hard to lure. But in the same vein I wouldn’t keep them in either. They were born feral farm cats, grew up in the back of a horse box until they were 6 months when I took them in and if you try to keep them in they go batshitcrazy. Mind you, when it comes to food they’re such fussy little feckers that only the mega expensive stuff will do or they’re not interested - even when I know they’re klempt. I’m just glad they’re microchipped.

DoinItForTheKids Mon 10-Sep-18 20:37:18

Nicely done Dobby!!!

I thought you meant the woman was scabby and ratty!

AmIAWeed Mon 10-Sep-18 20:38:06

Our cat is on renal food for his kidneys, £1 a sachet twice a day plus renal biscuits for grazing, we have 5 cats so although the sachets are limited to him only all cats have the renal biscuits as they are open for grazing. We're on around £100 a month for cat food alone. He also can't be fed 'titbits' due to the protein so if they question you - go down the renal route.
We do have a 'catio' for ours a local builder charged around £1k for it, but as we were in a rented place at the point it was built it was built with being taken to pieces in mind to be moved. It also had a long tunnel from the house, to the back of the garage where it sat, ironically the tunnel was the bulk of the cost! The peace of mind knowing the cats have their fresh air without risk of being taken, run over etc means it was worth every penny.
Good luck

bemusedmoose Mon 10-Sep-18 20:38:30

Ive had my cat pinched by a neighbour. She went missing and we knocked on all the doors and found she was with an elderly couple. The lady swore she never called her or fed her but sometimes she found her sleeping in her knitting. I thought it was sweet, they would even pop round with photos of her doing silly things and say 'i hope you dont think we've stolen her' then i hear her calling my cat and giving her roast chicken and telling her husband they must pop to the vets to get her claws clipped and her flea treatment done!! Wth!?! 😡 She had no idea if she was already treated and doesnt even use the same vet. Plus her claws were perfectly normal. Still swears she hasnt taken her but really - she has! Trouble is alas you cant stop them from doing it and cats jump ship easily when a better offer comes along. She was so pretty and sweet. I got her and her sister from a rescue centre her sis is black with amazing owl like eyes and she is white. That's the reason they chose her - white with blue eyes. Total cute overload and so soppy. I miss her so much 😭

I would tell them he is diabetic, needs regular medication, a special diet and other medical issues that need daily special care and they are harming him but luring him away. Also that your kids have been crying because they hear them calling your cat away and are so worried about him as he is one of the family and not just a cat.

I hate people that think it's ok to just pick someone else's pet and decide they want it.

Quetiapina Mon 10-Sep-18 20:39:49

Talk to them. My lovely old lady neighbour stole our cat. “She spends so much time here, I really don’t why but she does like the fish I cook her” my case we had dogs too so in the end I went round and asked her if she would like to keep Lilly. She was delighted. When she died she left me some money in her will. Which was a big surprise, and so touching. However, if you don’t want the cat catnapped you must speak out and suggest they adopt one from a shelter. One who actually needs a home.

AmIAWeed Mon 10-Sep-18 20:42:22

IFeelsuchafool We were adopted by a cat in a similar situation, he came in the garden and one of our cats was literally nudging the bowl towards him like he knew this cat needed some food.
I contacted our local cats protection, once we'd taken him to see if he had a chip (he didn't) their advice was to keep him in for 2 weeks and see if anyone reported him missing. They also advertised him as a found cat. After 2 weeks of no-one reporting him missing I had him neutered and he's been with us ever since. We have 4 bengals so refer to 'alley cat' as the bengals pet!

dorisdog Mon 10-Sep-18 20:50:28

Oh god. Cat issues! I've been on both sides of this. A neighbours cat used to come in sneak into my cat flap and find places to sleep. I never encouraged it. It would hide in my house. I mentioned it to the owner and she shouted at me in the street! As if I'd done it deliberately.

Our actual cat was 'stolen' by our next door neighbour. She would lure him in with fish. I let it pass because she was lonely, but then when we moved house (several streets away so we still bump into her) she was incenced that we took 'her' cat away! And refuses to speak to us in the street.

Nip in the bud quickly, I think.

IrisTs Mon 10-Sep-18 21:14:02

I would report to the police. If your cat is chipped report theft and send police across the road to check whether the neighbours have it. Bastards

cloudlessskies Mon 10-Sep-18 21:18:53

You should go round and speak to them face to face. Be calm yet assertive. They are well out of order. Fine if your cat wants to go for a bit of attention but they shouldnt be feeding and trying to keep it in.

Please don't get a cat run or keep him indoors. Cats love to roam and you want him to be happy xx

Let us know the latest

IrisTs Mon 10-Sep-18 21:19:01

Also if your cat is this friendly aren't you worried about the cat killer ? Don't know where you live but plenty of areas have animals killed and left in owners front gardens. As someone said above, lock your cat in for the night

Greensmurf1 Mon 10-Sep-18 21:20:16

Oh dear, I’m one of those people who got adopted by a neighbour’s cat. They didn’t have a garden, but I did. I didn’t have a screaming toddler who freaked out cats, but they did. Their cat kept inviting itself in, using my garden as a litter tray and sun lounge before progressing to sit on my settee, taking ownership of cushions and blankets by virtue of claws and shedding fur. Eventually, I let it visit whenever it wanted. I cleaned it’s fur when it showed up speckled with motor oil and when it rocked up with a bloodied ear tip. I combed out its fleas. I gave it a warm place to stay during snowstorms. I fixed its collar when there were metal barbs poking into its neck. I always texted the owner to let them know when I’d helped their cat out of a scrape. When they let me know they missed him, I helped track him down and get him back to them. Yes, I fed the cat, showed it affection and gave it a home away from home, but I never set out to steal it. At the time, it seemed the cat needed more more TLC than it was getting at home and I liked the company and cuteness. I can see now how it may have been a mixed blessing for the owner who had a lot on their plate and may have appreciated a little bit of help in the beginning but didn’t want to have a custody dispute over their own pet.

Hopefully, you can see that they are charmed by your pet rather than crazy catnappers, and you can make it clear to them that you’ve got the cat care situation under control and that you don’t want or need them to get involved with caring for your pet.

FullOfDoom Mon 10-Sep-18 21:21:18

My neighbour did this with my old cat. In the end, after about a year of being polite, I had to really lose my rag to improve things.

The cat was on medicine which I couldn’t get him to take because the neighbour was feeding him, then bringing him home when cat was sick for me to take to the vets!

Good luck

BengalGal Mon 10-Sep-18 22:20:34

The secret life of cats is often unknown. Our cats are bengal and not that quick to trust people they haven't bonded with but our neighbors had a cat that would meow and beg to come him, sneak into ours, and expected to be fed and loved. They had a cat flap. He would come whenever they were out. And if we came home before they did we would see him watching in the window and then over he came. He demanded food. So finally you felt you had to give him at least a crumb bite of something. Even though our cats were not happy about it. It turns out this was his MO. He did it with everyone until he made friends. His family knew he was friendly, but didn't realize he had people feeding him all over the neighborhood. When they left their last home, people came to theirs to say goodbye and brought stores of canned food and his various dishes. Amazingly he wasn't too fat. His family was shocked and amused. I would just take a light approach. Tell them its fine to give him love but best not feed him and it's important that he can come home because he is also very loved at home.

Thehappygardener Mon 10-Sep-18 23:54:41

Can’t advise re your neighbours but both the RSPCA and the RSPB say please keep your cats in from dusk till dawn.

The RSPB is concerned about the cats hunting and killing or maiming birds which are more vulnerable at night. Cats also kill many small mammals at night, far too many. The RSPCA is concerned about the dangers to cats from some senseless people, including people who steal cats for dog fighting bait, or who drive stupidly fast at night, etc, etc.

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