To kick dh downstairs over a pot noodle?

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Allaboutclass Mon 03-Sep-18 01:46:49

Dh does no exercise and seems to have become addicted to pot noodles!!! He's eating one most nights at bedtime.

I've told him it bothers me. I try hard to eat well and it really bothers me watching him eat such crap. Today at the supermarket I told him off - ok nagged - as he put two Sharwoods pots into the trolley.

Me and my 14 year old son were telling him tonight he needs to give them up. Then at 10.30 he calls my son into the kitchen and asks him if he would like the other one. So they are now sat downstairs eating their pot noodles - my son's first and my husband's 100th.

He knows it bothers me and has done for ages. He's struggling with his health. It just feels so disrespectful that he's convinced my son to join in.

I've told them both to enjoy their pot noodles and that dh can stay put on the couch.

Aibu to get so narked over a pot noodle????

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Cheekyfseverywhere Mon 03-Sep-18 01:49:06

Sorry you need to get a grip it's a pissing pot noodle yabu. Let the bloke enjoy his damn snack.

Aintnothingbutaheartache Mon 03-Sep-18 01:49:13

Is it the chicken and mushroom one ? That may sound churlish but it is a scientific fact that they are addictive

Pawpatrolsucks Mon 03-Sep-18 01:51:09

You could hide them. Is it that big of a deal?

Aintnothingbutaheartache Mon 03-Sep-18 01:51:37

Other addictive foods include doner kebabs with extra chilli sauce, peanut butter, twiglets, and microwave popcorn

POPholditdown Mon 03-Sep-18 01:53:06

I’ve just done myself a curry pot noodle (at work). If my OH was such an arse over my eating habits, it’d be him on the sofa not me.

POPholditdown Mon 03-Sep-18 01:54:04

Other addictive foods include doner kebabs with extra chilli sauce oh please! Lose the chilli, replace with mint sauce 🤤


Aintnothingbutaheartache Mon 03-Sep-18 01:55:05

Aw pop the curry one doesn’t do it! You should be having chicken n mushroom with extra soy sauce (the little packet is not enough)

User12879923378 Mon 03-Sep-18 01:55:12

I love a chicken and mushroom pot noodle but they are definitely a sometimes food. It's not the calories, it's the emptiness of them. I think YABU a bit in the strength of your rage but I probably would be a bit irritated too.

Don't tell your husband about my friend and her favourite sandwich: chicken and mushroom pot noodle on buttered white bread. I have never tried it. I don't think it's safe.

Aintnothingbutaheartache Mon 03-Sep-18 01:57:54

user omfg! That does not sound right!

MyRelationshipIsWeird Mon 03-Sep-18 02:06:48

Do you have issues with food OP?

YABVU to get so wound up about what someone else is eating. It’s a Pot Noodle not crack. FWIW they have less flavour salt than they used to have and are basically just carbs, would you feel so aggrieved if he was having a cup of tea and a biscuit before bed?

Let it go and find something else to focus your rage on.

Oblomov18 Mon 03-Sep-18 02:11:49

Love a good pot noodle, me!
Tad ott, me thinks?

notangelinajolie Mon 03-Sep-18 02:15:59

Oh my goodness - I need to eat Curry Pot Noodle right now!!

OP there are much worse things your OP could be doing - eating Pot Noodles really, really is not something you should be stressing about.

Havabiscuit Mon 03-Sep-18 02:17:50

No I’d be cross. He can screw his own health and you should probably back off as yr nagging is not working clearly. Don’t lead a 14 year old down the same path though.

MyRelationshipIsWeird Mon 03-Sep-18 02:20:38

Don’t lead a 14 year old down the same path though. Seriously?! If this is the worst thing your 14 year old is partaking in you’re doing pretty well grin

Livingoncake Mon 03-Sep-18 02:38:23

You sound controlling.

Cloglover Mon 03-Sep-18 02:38:25

If he was binge eating junk, I would say yanbu to have a gentle word with him, but it's a pot noodle ffs. It's the equivalent of a couple of slices of toast or a bowl of cereal. You say he's having health problems. That can't be from a nightly pot noodle? If my partner nagged me for putting a couple of packs of biscuits in the trolly when we were shopping or told me off for offering some of said biscuits to the children, he would be extremely u (and I'd LTB as I love biscuits as much as clogs!)

TheMaddHugger Mon 03-Sep-18 02:40:57

TheMaddHugger Mon 03-Sep-18 02:42:46

MrsTerryPratchett Mon 03-Sep-18 02:44:08

You're actually controlling.yes, it's funny because it's a Pot Noodle. But it's not OK.

Anxious2niteaaah Mon 03-Sep-18 02:44:29

You sound so controlling, it's a pot noodle, lighten up,

How would you feel if he monitored what you are, told you you couldn't have it/should give it up, then complained about you on a public internet forum?

You need to lighten up, I would quickly grow to resent someone who was dictating to me what I could and couldn't eat, they would quickly seem like an annoying pest

Anxious2niteaaah Mon 03-Sep-18 02:46:04

*what you ate...not what you are

Joey7t8 Mon 03-Sep-18 06:54:12

Can’t really control what he eats or doesn’t eat, but it’s not unreasonable to stop fancying someone that no longer makes an effort with themselves, which I suspect is the crux here.

Eliza9917 Mon 03-Sep-18 07:13:53

Yanbu. Pot noodles are disgusting. Tell him to try supernoodles!

Eliza9917 Mon 03-Sep-18 07:16:19

Supernoodles with bread and butter for dipping in or making a sandwich. Delicious.

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