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To ask what you drink if you’re teetotal?

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DanSullivan Tue 28-Aug-18 08:44:51

It seems there are many people on MN who don’t drink alcohol for whatever reason and I would like some ideas for nice, non-alcoholic drinks, please. I usually have lime or black currant cordial with soda water, but I’d like some suggestions for more exciting drinks!
Thank you!

fuzzyfozzy Tue 28-Aug-18 08:46:06

Ha. I push the boat out with sparkling water, maybe with lemon!!
I do like a lime and soda occasionally but I try to stay clear of sugar and don't know what's in the lime.

TweedAddict Tue 28-Aug-18 08:47:35

The non alcoholic ciders are nice, much better than what I thought they would be. I’m on meds and can’t drink on them. Not a fan of the beers, but I didn’t like them anyways.

DrinkReprehensibly Tue 28-Aug-18 08:48:02

If everyone else is on Prosecco, I find an Appletiser in a prosecco glass works well.

I also like a Becks Blue if I fancy a beer.

If you've stopped drinking due to alcohol addiction problems, mimicking alcoholic drinks might not work for you though. It doesn't help some. I don't drink for medical reasons so i don't have that issue.

Twistella Tue 28-Aug-18 08:49:01

Roses lime and fizzy water! I'm addicted! Or coffee or tea. The newish Robinsons lime and mint cordial is delicious

Deshasafraisy Tue 28-Aug-18 08:49:17

Sparkling water with ice and a slice. Can’t beat it!

IfyouseeRitaMoreno Tue 28-Aug-18 08:49:44

Alcohol free kopperburg. Plus sparkling water with a slice. Lime and soda.

lennyisnuts Tue 28-Aug-18 08:52:12

Rawsons retreat do a nice sparkly! I've tried other non alcoholic wines and they are just too sweet for my taste. When out I generally have soda water with fresh squeezed lime and it's so lovely and refreshing.

Milkmonster2 Tue 28-Aug-18 08:55:54

Elderflower cordial (or other cordials from bottle green) with sparkling water and ice.
It's very refreshing

Verbena87 Tue 28-Aug-18 08:56:19

I really like...

Tomato juice (not sickly like many soft drinks)

Tonic with grated ginger and a slice of lime (at home; guessing most pubs don’t have root ginger behind the bar!! It’s yum though)

Whizzed up raspberries mixed with fizzy water, sprig of mint to be extra posh

Brewdog ‘nanny state’ (though I think this has a very very low amount of alcohol so no go if you’re totally teetotal. Need to double check.)

DanSullivan Tue 28-Aug-18 08:56:47

Thank you!

Electrack Tue 28-Aug-18 08:59:17

Big Tom tomato juice is a great option because of the spicy kick. I tend to have it if others I’m with are having a cocktail, otherwise it’s the good old lime and soda with lots of ice.

buddhasbelly Tue 28-Aug-18 09:02:53

Yy to elderflower cordial with sparkling water. M&S do some lovely cordials

DanSullivan Tue 28-Aug-18 09:04:16

The newish Robinsons lime and mint cordial is delicious

That sounds great, I love mint. I’ll look out for that!

aLilNonnyMouse Tue 28-Aug-18 09:05:15

I'm quite boring, I usually just have a coke. I'm allergic to the sweeteners used in most drinks these days but I know a full sugar coke is safe so I go for that to avoid the risk of trying something new and getting it wrong.

ramalamadingdong1 Tue 28-Aug-18 09:05:53

Diet irn bru or diet coke

mawbroon Tue 28-Aug-18 09:09:46

Gallons of tea

HerbWoman Tue 28-Aug-18 09:11:37

I was going to suggest the Bottle Green Elderflower cordial with sparkling water and have noticed that two other posters have already done so. It's my go to.

hellokaty1 Tue 28-Aug-18 09:16:28

Sainsbury's do a great alcohol free sparkling white wine . I make AF belini with monin peach syrup, crushed ice and the AF fizz in a champagne saucer glass - also Eisberg AF wines good . Becks blue with lime . Seedlip is an amazing alcohol free spirit - like a high end gin - great with ginger beer and lime , fever tree tonics . X

SecretlyChartreuse Tue 28-Aug-18 09:16:59

Tea, orange cordial or sparkling water.

chocatoo Tue 28-Aug-18 09:17:00

San pelligrino (? spelling) sparkling fruit drinks any flavour. Lovely. In quite a few pubs and restaurants now. Becks blue or any other alcohol free lager.

NoelEdmondsbeard Tue 28-Aug-18 09:18:39

Diet coke/cranberry juice when I am at a bar or try a mocktail if at a restaurant.

grasspigeons Tue 28-Aug-18 09:19:11

Tea and Coffee
Tonic water with a slice of lemon
Iced water with sprigs of mint
I never liked beers/lagers but I hear some are pretty good now
M&S do a very musky apple and a less sweet grape juice in a posh bottle that's a good champagne substitute

There are endless sweet drinks based on fruits but it is hard to get a good substitute for red wine that goes with your roast beef

enbh Tue 28-Aug-18 09:19:36

Lime and soda, diet coke and sometimes a non alcoholic cocktail, you can get some lovely ones!

I used to drink orange juice but find it stands out a bit and invites lots of nosey questions about why I don't drink!

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 28-Aug-18 09:21:44

I'm not teetotal but a very light drinker who'd as happily skip the alcohol. Seedlip is really nice for a more complex grown-up taste than many of the very sweet non-alcoholic drinks. Seedlip botanical with tonic and lemon, or Seedlip spice with ginger ale and lime.

sulflower Tue 28-Aug-18 09:23:47

I drink Fever Tree tonic with ice and a couple of slices of cucumber. I'm not teetotal but I don't drink very often.

I used to drink orange juice but find it stands out a bit and invites lots of nosey questions about why I don't drink!

I have never once been asked why I'm not drinking and don't get why it's such an issue if someone isn't drinking.

larry55 Tue 28-Aug-18 09:31:00

I tend to have Diet Coke when out or low calorie squash at home because as well as being allergic to alcohol I am also diabetic.

QueenAravisOfArchenland Tue 28-Aug-18 09:31:28

I have never once been asked why I'm not drinking and don't get why it's such an issue if someone isn't drinking

People with fucked-up relationships with alcohol feel personally criticised and undermined by someone choosing not to drink because it undermines the lies they tell themselves about everyone drinking heavily. It's bullshit, but it happens.

Highpeak Tue 28-Aug-18 09:37:51

Fentemans posh pops are lovely, that's what I usually chose when out during pregnancy

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Tue 28-Aug-18 09:39:10

I’m boring and have an appleteiser or an orange juice!

Hoppinggreen Tue 28-Aug-18 09:39:51

I’m not completely teetotal but I rarely drink.
Since the Gin craze too off there are lots of lovely tonics available so I usually go for one of those. There are some good recipes around for Gin cocktails so I make myself one of those but mostly leave the Gin out

Highpeak Tue 28-Aug-18 09:41:11

Lots of fancy cordials in the supermarket to mix with fizzy water, Tesco do a lovely morello cherry one. If you can get them, the Mr Fitzpatricks ones are fab with lots of unusual flavours, pricy but delicious. Rhubarb and rosehip is my favourite.

AsleepAllDay Tue 28-Aug-18 09:43:12

Soft drinks, tea, squash, milk, non alcoholic beer/Supermalt, water, fruit juice, coffee, there's a lot of choice!

BiteyShark Tue 28-Aug-18 09:45:27

Loving this thread OP. I am always a bit stumped as to what to drink non alcoholic wise and this has given me some great things to try.

AsleepAllDay Tue 28-Aug-18 09:45:33

M&S do really nice elderflower presses, Normandy apple cider (the non boozy type) and sparkling pear. I would usually get one of those at work dos as the rare non drinker

MotsDHeureGoussesRames Tue 28-Aug-18 09:48:20

Big Tom
Pepsi Max
Nice cordial with fizzy water
Feverfew tonics - clementine one is gorgeous
Herbal teas - I love orange based ones

AsleepAllDay Tue 28-Aug-18 09:48:45

And my list above is what I can drink during the day - I'm not a weirdo who goes to the pub and asks for a glass of milk!

At drinking occasions I usually just have a Diet Coke or Coke, lime & soda or even a juice.

Lots of mixers are yum on their own - I can even stomach tonic water! Ginger ale and similar also good

Sometimes places will have mocktails but they're usually pricy juice and not worth it

MotsDHeureGoussesRames Tue 28-Aug-18 09:48:57

Oops Fever Tree, not Feverfew!

DieAntword Tue 28-Aug-18 09:51:04

Fizzy water. Dr Pepper zero. Coffee. Tea. Tap water. Herbal tea. In that order of preference.

DolorestheNewt Tue 28-Aug-18 09:57:00

I'm in recovery, so I don't ever drink alcohol-free beer or wine etc, as that would be "sniffing the cork" for me.

I mix dry ginger ale with low-sugar cranberry juice, a bit of pink grapefruit squash, a dash of Rose's Lime, and sparkling water, in whatever quantities works for you (but the dry ginger, cranberry and water are the dominant elements, obviously)

I also like simple lemon juice (not a wedge, an actual slug of juice) in still water.

Weak orange squash, if you don't find squash too childish, with an inch or so of cucumber sliced thinly and chucked in to steep, is nice - possible adding also mint? (I'd have to strain it before drinking, can't bear sieving leaves with my teeth)

I've been getting a bit bored lately with ordinary squash, so I've been thinking about making a rhubarb and ginger cordial, but I usually find cordials to be a bit too sugary, so that's a work in progress - I may not be able to hit the right balance!

Theweasleytwins Tue 28-Aug-18 09:57:38

I love water
Also like lime and soda

SureIusedtobetaller Tue 28-Aug-18 10:00:29

Tea, herbal tea, mint tea( use leaves and just steep, is lovely). When out, coke, orange juice, Fanta, am also partial to a virgin mojito.

supercalifragilistic2 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:02:12

Non alcoholic ciders are nice, alternatively mocktails 😬, most places will do them, even If not on the menu.

Alternatively if your avoiding sugar... water hmm

3boysNeedABiggerKitchen Tue 28-Aug-18 10:06:28

Bottle green pomegranate and elderflower with sparking water....delicious and not sickly sweet like most non alcoholic options.

FASH84 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:08:19

We have the whittards flavoured instant teas at home, delicious ice cold maybe with some fresh mint/lemon etc, the berry fruits is nice and the dream time is lovely warm or cold

AuroraFloyd Tue 28-Aug-18 10:08:59

Water, tea, coke or lemonade. Orange juice if I'm feeling flush!

FASH84 Tue 28-Aug-18 10:10:03

Belvoir presses are nice too, not too sweet

Lessstressedhemum Tue 28-Aug-18 10:10:41

I 2nd Mr. Fitzpatrick cordials with fizzy water. I also make my own cordials. At the moment, I have elderflower, strawberry and mint and redcurrant and lavendar. For winter, I will do some spiced elderberry, lemon and ginger and, probably, a blackberry and apple one.

nononsene Tue 28-Aug-18 10:11:24

The seedlip non alcoholic gin is lovely. I also really like crodino or sanbitter (a bit like aperol) but it's not that easy to get in the UK. I end up paying a fortune on amazon.

nononsene Tue 28-Aug-18 10:12:34

I also like qcumber (sparkling cucmber drink), but again not easy to get.

orangefolly Tue 28-Aug-18 10:21:10

Nix and Kix is really nice if you fancy a treat - fizzy fruit type drinks with a kick of cayenne pepper. They're not too sweet and the cayenne gives it a bit of interest!

HSMMaCM Tue 28-Aug-18 10:21:49

I made ice cubes with mint tea and put them in some lemonade. Also many of the above suggestions.

DanSullivan Tue 28-Aug-18 10:26:24

Lots of lovely ideas here, thank you!

Electrack Tue 28-Aug-18 10:27:21

Ooh HSM! What a great idea!!

noeffingidea Tue 28-Aug-18 10:40:30

When I'm indoors I drink green tea with lemon, peppermint tea or orange squash or plain water with ice when it's hot. When it's cooler I drink coffee.
I just have a bottle of water when I go out for a meal, I'd probably have the same at a party or pub because I don't like fizzy drinks much.

noeffingidea Tue 28-Aug-18 10:42:50

Ooh just remembered, I used to drink orange juice with lemonade in the pub (which is a bit fizzy but not too much).

WatchedTooMuchBrookside Tue 28-Aug-18 10:48:35

If I’m out for a meal or in a pub I’ll have blackcurrant and lemonade or ginger ale and lemonade. If I’m getting a hard time about not drinking, ginger ale and lemonade is usually does the trick as it looks alcoholic to the outside eye and if someone overheard me ordering something with ale in the title they’d assume it was boozy! Diet Coke also works as people assume it has vodka or Bacardi in 😂. My immediate family don’t drink either so we have grape juice or shloer on special occasions. Fresh orange and lemonade is a nice alternative to Bucks Fizz too.

sunshinewithabitofdrizzle Tue 28-Aug-18 10:49:57

Are there more suggestions for drinks that aren't fruit juices or fizzy? I'm going to be having a gastric bypass in 3 weeks and anything with fizz is not allowed afterwards and I can't manage fruit juices (lots of allergies to fruit).

Verbena87 Tue 28-Aug-18 11:08:03

sunshine herbal teas are your friend. The pukka ones are great, and you can brew a load and drink them cold with ice if you prefer. I like a big lemon wedge, spoonful of honey and some sliced ginger in boiling water as well.

Hope all goes well with your surgery and recovery.

AGirlinLondon Tue 28-Aug-18 11:11:05

There is a book called Dry which is fantastic for ideas when you get bored of tonic water. Also Crodino (Italian soft drink) with lemonade basically IS aperol spritz, and I love Seedlip like others have said

blueyacht Tue 28-Aug-18 11:11:23

Half pineapple juice, half lemonade is delicious

CMOTDibbler Tue 28-Aug-18 11:19:05

If I'm somewhere people are having cocktails, I love a fauxijto, and many cocktails work without the booze if you ask.
Normally though, blood orange San Pellegrino with lots of ice, lime and soda, pineapple and lemonade, tonic with a wedge of lime, cranberry and soda or a grapefruit and orange with lemonade.
Normal evenings though, cup of tea!

clearingaspaceforthecat Tue 28-Aug-18 11:31:57

Sunshine - Hullabaloo natural flat lemonade is lovely and comes in a variety of flavours. Might only be available in the west country though.

bananafish81 Tue 28-Aug-18 11:51:52

Lots of non alcoholic botanicals here (scroll down to get past the sponsors)
Many are quite gin-like so may be triggering if you're in recovery

But they're great with some tonic!

I tried a gorgeous alcohol free Fizz at the festival, created by a wine dealer who wanted something interesting that was non alcoholic as well

sunshinewithabitofdrizzle Tue 28-Aug-18 12:04:12

Thanks Verbena87 and clearingaspaceforthecat for the suggestions. Yes herbal teas are already on my list. Not heard of the flat lemonade, that's interesting. And I'm probably going to be drinking a lot of tomato juice.

Strongarmy Tue 28-Aug-18 12:18:40

Tea, coffee and water and that's all.

MyRelationshipIsWeird Tue 28-Aug-18 12:22:15

Mockito from Chiquito (although they've recently made the glass smaller, which is annoying!) - ginger ale or lemonade (I go ginger) with loads of lime wedges and mint leaves muddled in. Lush.

I usually just ask for soda water as its free - so annoying when they bring one of those tiny bottles for £3 instead!

MyRelationshipIsWeird Tue 28-Aug-18 12:23:38

I'm not tee-total, maybe just tee-mostly! On holiday at all inclusive resorts I usually try one alcoholic drink then leave it because it tastes shit and order from the kids' cocktail menu instead!! I make up for it by eating my own body weight in buffet food.

ThatLibraryMiss Tue 28-Aug-18 12:27:14

Large jug of tap water with slices of cucumber, lemon and orange, kept in the fridge - lovely and refreshing.

Teisseire elderflower cordial is very nice indeed. It's not as sweet and syrupy as Belvoir and Bottle Green. It's on offer at the moment as I think they're trying to break into the UK market.

MyRelationshipIsWeird Tue 28-Aug-18 12:27:20

Lots of fancy cordials in the supermarket to mix with fizzy water, Tesco do a lovely morello cherry one Yes, I've had that, it was lovely.

Dushenka Tue 28-Aug-18 12:29:26

Herbal tea. Pukka make nice organic ones, eg Three Ginger and Womankind. A lot of soft non-alcoh drinks have tons of sugar in, which I try to avoid.

ThatLibraryMiss Tue 28-Aug-18 12:29:39

Sunshine, you know tomatoes are fruit, right? Is it citrus to which you're allergic?

bigKiteFlying Tue 28-Aug-18 12:33:06

Not teetotal but not a big drinker at home usully -Shloer - they do red, white and rose sparkiling in tall bottles nice for meal instead of wine.

Though most large supermarkest have more interesting cordials these days - elderberry etc often more expensive and in fancy bottles.

Lots of lovely teas as well - though I'm not huge fan of fruit teas but some green teas and nettle tea are nice and spicy char is my main favorite.

When out for meals - usually pubs it's coke or deit coke maybe juice but that seem to be it choice wise - though occasionally we'll find somewhere with cocktails and then there are usually non alcholic ones.

sunshinewithabitofdrizzle Tue 28-Aug-18 12:41:34

lol ThatLibraryMiss yes, I do know. I'm not actually allergic to citrus, but it gives me terrible reflux in juice form. I'm properly allergic to all berries, apples, pears, mangoes, and most other fruit used in fruit juices and smoothies which makes life difficult.

AsleepAllDay Tue 28-Aug-18 13:05:58

Also really love herby things so sarsaparilla, root beer are nice to me!

Fentimans do really lovely drinks - I don't drink them often as they're so sugary but I enjoy the rose lemonade, cola and dandelion and burdock

Also like making a coke spider or similar when it's hot - adding a scoop of ice cream to add some interest

LeighaJ Tue 28-Aug-18 13:10:28

I only drink once or twice a year, usually just on my birthday and/or anniversary.

The rest of the time I just drink water, occasionally juice or soda, but mostly water. I don't like coffee or tea.

That seems to make people drinking alcohol around me uncomfortable, but that's their problem not mine.

Liverbird77 Tue 28-Aug-18 13:11:44

I am not usually teetotal but I am pregnant. I am currently in holiday in the USA and I have discovered the delights of an Arnold Palmer. Refreshing and not too sweet.

RollaCola84 Tue 28-Aug-18 13:14:19

I go for ginger beer if I'm not drinking, Fever Tree do a good one. I'd also second alcohol free Kopparberg

Jaffacakesfordinner Tue 28-Aug-18 13:18:00

Im diabetic so normally just diet coke when out. Theres a few chains that have sugar free/no added sugar cordial so ill treat myself to a orange or lime and soda. Ive haf a few of the non-alcoholic ciders from time to time but begrudge paying pub prices for them so dont usually bother.

FairfaxAikman Tue 28-Aug-18 13:19:16

Diet coke, elderflower cordial or squash.

TheMonkeyMummy Tue 28-Aug-18 13:21:17

I either drink fruity teas, tap water or Coke Zero. Very occasionally I will have a glass of milk.

F1reintheWh0le Tue 28-Aug-18 16:05:27

Non alcoholic ginger beer

lidoshuffle Tue 28-Aug-18 16:24:35

Cawston's fizzy rhubarb and apple; nice and tart.

happyjack12 Tue 28-Aug-18 16:43:09

balsamic vinegar with lemonade and a slice or 2 of cucumber tatstes like PIMMs. smile

SheeshazAZ09 Fri 12-Apr-19 10:27:27

Another vote for Pukka herbal teas. And don't assume you are allergic to fruits without trying organically grown ones. My ex-partner claimed he was "allergic to fruits" but when I persuaded him to try organic ones he found his "allergies" mysteriously disappeared. Seems he was reacting to the pesticide residues in non-organic fruits.

CaptainJaneway62 Fri 12-Apr-19 11:00:41

I am teetotal
On a daily basis I drink filtered water, and perhaps one cup of decaf tea in the morning.
I drink soda water and tonic water very occasionally.
I sometimes drink herbal tea but again this is rare.

On the rare occasion I have been out I will drink mineral water or tonic water with slice of lime.
I don't drink fizzy sweet drinks at all i.e. Coke, Lemonade etc

PlainSpeakingStraightTalking Fri 12-Apr-19 11:04:54

diet coke or diet tonic water

lyralalala Fri 12-Apr-19 11:06:56

Ginger beer & lime, lemonade & lime, cranberry, lime & soda or cranberry & orange juice

WhyTho Fri 12-Apr-19 11:13:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

chillychicken Fri 12-Apr-19 11:20:30

Not teetotal but I don't often.

I generally drink
decaf tea
fever tree tonic (in a gin glass with ice & a slice)

When out, I drink tonic water too.

evilharpy Fri 12-Apr-19 11:22:19

I’m not teetotal but I don’t drink very often. I like water (still or sparkling), fruit juice, smoothies, or diet coke. I was in Wahaca recently and they had lovely mocktails/juice type drinks, there was a coconut and pineapple one that I really liked.

happyrain Fri 12-Apr-19 11:28:45

I gave up drinking a few years ago due to some medication I'm on. Most of my favourite drinks have been mentioned already but one good summer tip is that a splash of balsamic vinegar in a glass of lemonade is a surprisingly convincing Pimms substitute if you add in the usual strawberries/mint/cucumber etc!

missmouse101 Fri 12-Apr-19 11:31:35

Orange juice and lemonade (St Clements) is my pub drink! Lovely and refreshing!

wildbhoysmama Fri 12-Apr-19 11:39:04

For those who like a beer substitute Erdinger non alcoholic is the bees' knees. It tastes so similar to the regular beer and amazing as a shandy. Sainsbury's stock them and more and more pubs too. And it's herbal so good for you too!

Al2O3 Fri 12-Apr-19 11:46:49

san pellegrino
aqua libra
orange juice with grated carrot and ginger

Brilliantidiot Fri 12-Apr-19 11:53:02

For alcohol substitute (I do this sometimes to avoid the 'are you on medication, pregnant, recovering?' head tilt questions) Heineken 0% is good, work has it in a keg on the bar so you get a pint and it looks no different. 'No'secco is non alcoholic version of prosecco - I've not tried it but have been told it's good, as well as seedlip non alcoholic gin. Can make most cocktails we do without the alcohol, and I do get asked at times to make one without - you still get the same glass, ice, fruit etc.
I tend to just drink diet coke, or cranberry and orange juice together topped with lemonade, unless the people I'm with are really getting on my nerves about not wanting a drink then I might just have a non alcoholic beer or something to avoid a row.

buttermilkwaffles Fri 12-Apr-19 12:03:46

Not teetotal, but if not drinking, would go for Fever Tree ginger beer (not as sweet as others), elderflower cordial, or some of the alcohol free 'mojitos' are quite refreshing in summer, M&S one is quite good. However in many pubs and bars none of these are an option, so would just drink sparkling mineral water or perhaps Appetiser, in that case. Most of the other options I mentioned are quite high in sugar anyway, so regardless would still end up on the sparkling mineral water at some stage.

Would never buy Fentimans as they support Brexit, yet wanted to move most of their UK manufacturing to an EU country if we had left without a deal! Belvoir I find too sweet and sickly.

TheViceOfReason Fri 12-Apr-19 12:21:37

Any of the bottlegreen cordials or presses are good.

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 12-Apr-19 12:28:54

Coffee during the day and water in the evening either on its own, with a splash of apple cider vinegar or juice occasionally,

If I am eating out tap water or just with friends for drinks either coke, lemonade or a J2O

Oliversmumsarmy Fri 12-Apr-19 12:30:23

I do have to be careful with cola though as I have been drunk on cola when I have drunk a few glasses before.

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