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to be feeling just a little bit sorry for ourselves re holiday disappointment?

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timetogohomenow Mon 27-Aug-18 03:47:40

Currently being battered by the wind in a tent in Cornwall at 3:30am so I accept that I may be being a bit unreasonable here but...

AIBU to be so disappointed in how our holiday is turning out? After months of sweating away at work in the heat, we come away on our first camping trip as a family and apart from one day, the weather has been utterly rubbish for the last 8 days.

Camping is not the fun holiday I remember it being... trudging through the mud to go to the toilet in a portacabin, air beds that keep deflating, showers that are not much more than dripping taps, neighbours who talk loudly into the night... not as fun as I remember it being pre-children.

DD's behaviour has been a nightmare in comparison to at home and I feel like all we've done is have a go at her. I suppose she's only 4 and excited but things like running off or not listening in potentially dangerous situations can't be tolerated. That's not been any fun.

Cornwall... a beautiful county but my god the crowds. I knew it would be busy with it being August (we had no choice to come any earlier or later) but literally everywhere we've tried to visit has been a complete ball ache to try to get parked. Some places we've just had to drive through as there was no chance of stopping. Where we're staying there's no public transport we could easily use. The traffic is terrible! The supermarkets where we are are like scenes from an apocalypse film. How the locals cope living down here I do not know.

I know I'm just being a miserable so and so and I realise how lucky we are to be in a situation where we can (just about!) afford a family holiday but AIBU to be so disappointed? We've got 4 nights left and I just feel like packing up and going home! Please tell me in years to come I'll look back on this holiday with fond memories and not lament about the time we spent probably as much as we would have going abroad to stay in a wet, miserable, busy place in a tent!

timetogohomenow Mon 27-Aug-18 03:48:02

Sorry that was a long moan!!

araiwa Mon 27-Aug-18 03:50:34

Yanbu- it sounds shit

BrokenFlipflop Mon 27-Aug-18 03:55:42

I'm sorry that you're having such a bad time. It sounds horrendous to be honest. I can't imagine trying to keep a 4 yr old enrertained for another 4 days if it continues to rain.

Unless the weather is due to massively improve I would honestly leave. Youll be fed up, cold and wet and probably spending money simply to find indoor type activities. You could be at home but still having fun with your daughter and a few days off work with your DH.

WTFdidwedo Mon 27-Aug-18 03:56:11

Definitely not being unreasonable, it sounds horrendous. I have no idea as I fucking hate it, but I assume camping in Cornwall in August is rather expensive, perhaps you could look at Air BNB type places (that have solid brick walls) in less expensive areas of the country for next time!

LotsToThinkOf Mon 27-Aug-18 04:00:13

Nah, yanbu! I'd hate that and would probably have gone home after day 3 of bad weather so you've done well to stick it out that long. As a parent I find that most experiences have lost their fun and I don't mean that I don't enjoy having my children. But the stress of making everything happen and keeping everyone safe takes the sparkle off everything, I suppose it's the reality of things. The other thing is the pressure to make things fun, at four your Dd will only remember the fun bits anyway, but it's stressful.

IME camping is awful.

speakfriendandenter Mon 27-Aug-18 04:07:01

Oh no! I remember as a child having to abandon a few camping holidays because of awful weather. However, those are the ones me & my brother recall fondly & giggle about even now. In your position, I'd check the weather forecast & if it looked much the same, I'd admit defeat & come home. Then spend the next few days doing nice things near home as a family, hopefully remaining dry.
Sorry your break has turned out like this. No doubt the sun will return as soon as the schools start back 😕

SpoonBlender Mon 27-Aug-18 04:08:38

We were out camping last weekend. Put the tent up 4pm Friday, in the wind and spitting rain. Put the tent down again, moved near the wall on the windward side of the field, put it back up. Had dinner. Attempted to sleep. One of the tent strings snapped, tent got even more flappy in the gusty weather, earplugs barely reduced the noise. DP woke up for a pee at 4am and went to sleep in the car (apparently the newish Passat is pretty good to sleep in, doesn't mist up!). Cooked up our usual camping breakfast with the tent flapping like a bastard. Rang our co-holidayer and told her not to bother, we packed up and came home. Spent two days drying everything out.

Fortunately we were only 90 minutes from home... much sympathy for your plight!

BitOfFun Mon 27-Aug-18 04:20:50

Go home, love- it sounds horrendous, and the weather isn't getting any better any time soon. YANBU, but I hope you can laugh about it in the future.

Ghanagirl Mon 27-Aug-18 04:27:00

Yabu to go camping.

RainySeptember Mon 27-Aug-18 04:32:15

I read something about Cornwall being busier than ever due to the heatwave encouraging more people to stay in the uk.

I guess all of those people are now being forced into the handful of places suitable for a day out in wet weather.

If you've got the cash and are determined to stick it out, you could try to find a hotel for a few nights but doubt there'll be much available.

I'd go home too. It sounds miserable. Go home, dry out and have a special day out with the spending money you'll save.

ALickyBoomBoomDown Mon 27-Aug-18 04:36:31

Where you staying? I live in Cornwall and have seen it rain twice in the last week. I would just pack up and go home. It's coming to the end of silly season now but it's not too bad living here as long as you don't get stuck behind someone who doesn't know where they are going grin

Limpshade Mon 27-Aug-18 04:38:44

YANBU My first holiday with now DH was camping in Cornwall when it rained, and we spent most of the week, when we weren't sightseeing, either in the pub or playing cards in the tiny boot of his Nissan Micra - I have NO IDEA how I'd entertain a 4yo in that scenario.

Bumpitybumper Mon 27-Aug-18 04:44:55

Of course YANBU, how disappointing!

Like you say, we have had weeks of fabulous weather which would have been amazing to camp in and it's really bad luck that your holiday has been ruined by this spell of miserable weather. Also young children behaving badly on holiday can seriously test any parent so you've done well to hang in there for as long as you have, but I would be seriously thinking about abandoning the holiday now and coming back home. You can always spend the next few days visiting attractions near your home which hopefully would be a bit less crowded than Cornwall, plus you would go back to a warm, dry house at the end of the day trips.

Ginandplatonic Mon 27-Aug-18 04:52:00

Definitely go home if the weather's not looking up. Part of the art of camping is knowing when to admit defeat! grin

4 is a tricky age for camping too. I mean why put yourself through that pain it when she may not even remember it?? I'd give it a rest for a couple of years and try again when DC is older.

Flashinggreen Mon 27-Aug-18 04:52:43

I hated camping without children, it’s even worse with them. Everyone gets tired and fractious. And in this rain and wind?!

I’d either get a b&b tonight or try and ride it out one more night. Don’t travel until Tuesday afternoon though, otherwise everyone will be on the roads.

Well done for lasting this long!

Oysterbabe Mon 27-Aug-18 05:00:15

12 days camping?! Are you out of your mind? Not a holiday imo, I'd rather be at home.

IAmNotAWitch Mon 27-Aug-18 05:02:18

I just don't understand camping.

People built shelters and moved inside for a reason.

What's fun about no running/hot water, comfortable bed etc?

I love nature and fresh air, but at the end of the day I want a hot shower, something nice to eat and a fresh clean bed.

Camping is just bizarre.

Aquamarine1029 Mon 27-Aug-18 05:11:15

I would go home immediately. Enjoy the last few days of your holiday in your own home. Fuck camping.

PlayingForKittens Mon 27-Aug-18 05:14:21

We went to Scotland, lovely but it rained every single fucking day and by day 3 I was threatening to drive to the airport and get a flight somewhere hot. Really hope it improves for you.

CharlotteUnaNatalieThompson Mon 27-Aug-18 05:15:21

I love camping so much. But not like this in shite weather - I'd have left already!

If you're not totally out of in the future then check out the camping topic for suggestions on how to make it more enjoyable next time. It also gets easier when kids are older.

Sorry for your disappointment and hope you can enjoy the last few days even if that is by admitting defeat and going home

deepsea Mon 27-Aug-18 05:51:38

I agree you might find it more fun being at home with comforts and hot showers and you can relax.

Be happy that you gave your child a camping experience (you are better than me I tried it for one night and never again) this summer, this holiday will no doubt go down as a good story in the family treasure trove for years to come. You WILL laugh about it one day honestly.

[flowers[ gin

Cherrysherbet Mon 27-Aug-18 06:00:55

Sounds crap op. YANBU.

Singlenotsingle Mon 27-Aug-18 06:08:47

Caravans are better. Try Haven or Parkdean next time. At least you get shelter if the weather's bad, and all your home comforts.

KnotsInMay Mon 27-Aug-18 06:16:33

Oh, god , I would be raging at the injustice if the weather!

All that heat and then this when you go on holiday!

I love camping, but the situation has to be right.

Study the forecast retreat, or move to an area with better weather, if there is one?

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