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ZeroFuchsiasGiven Sat 25-Aug-18 12:29:03

No idea if it's true. It's made me laugh so much I was wheezing.

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TheMonkeyMummy Mon 27-Aug-18 16:50:17

I am

Ginburee Mon 27-Aug-18 19:08:08

I saw the FB group and it's now on bored panda, I think it's real.

traceyracer Mon 27-Aug-18 19:16:54

forgive me for asking, but is there any proof this is true?

Tiredmum100 Mon 27-Aug-18 19:20:35

This can not be real.

penisbeakers Mon 27-Aug-18 22:55:39

Hello narcissist! grin

mathanxiety Tue 28-Aug-18 02:50:01

I saw that on FB last night. I did actually think about bridezilla and CF threads on MN as I read it. I am inclined to believe it's true.

ILoveHumanity Tue 28-Aug-18 02:56:28

It’s quite sad but it is true that our society looks down upon girls who have had a bone materialistic upbringing and had to work hard to earn a living .... to a point that drives some of the humble background girls to take things personal when they’re treated as anything less than their “rich” role models.. in this case the rich role model for her is kardashian... for her she thinks thats her way of fighting for equality ... comparing herself to a materialistic society that she never indulged in , to know the reality of what’s reasonable what’s not.

The girl is mentally unwell .. it’s not funny .

I’ve met someone like that and it’s quite sad and I believe it’s true

littlebillie Tue 28-Aug-18 03:02:03

I think this happens in the uk some friends of our went to a wedding the acceptance of the invitation was a gift of £1000 per couple to share in the hire of the exclusive venue and to then be able to accept the invitation.

Guests paid, it was the wedding of the year but she left him after 3 months for another bloke. All those that went haven't spoken to her since.

GabsAlot Tue 28-Aug-18 12:28:43

bloody hell little-im actually surprised people paid in the first place

VintageVelvet Tue 28-Aug-18 12:37:03

This is now being discussed on Jeremy Vine.

Dafyddhuw Wed 29-Aug-18 13:42:26

"Er. Can someone please tell me what 1500 dollars is in English money. Thanks"

I don't know how much that is in English money, but in Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish money, it's about £1200.

DobbyLovesSocks Wed 29-Aug-18 17:21:42

@PolkaDoting how old do you think the youngest person called Susan should be?

kitkatsky Wed 29-Aug-18 17:24:49

@littlebillie I think I know this couple... I wasn't invited to the wedding but bro was and facts ring quite true!

Giantcatbear Thu 30-Aug-18 10:33:09

My prediction: She's going to be off social media for about four days and then she'll be back on again loving the drama. She will not be going anywhere near South America, not lease because she has a child to look after.

OftenHangry Fri 31-Aug-18 17:45:58

It's everywhere now. Canadian Susan

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