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To ask for stories where a child has creeped you out

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UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 15:20:35

I’ve two instances;
I worked in a nursery and there was a little girl from a place in Africa, she barely spoke any English . Her dad was actually the leader of his tribe back in her home country so she was somewhat deemed a princess of sorts. She had a very demure heir around her for a 3 year old. She was very grownup. She walked up to a colleuge of mine, placed both hands on her stomach, kissed it and said BABIES. And walked away. Turns out she was pregnant with twins, she found out a couple of weeks later.
About 5 months later she walked up to me, places her hand on my stomach and again announced BABIES , and walked away... lo and behold a couple of weeks later..... (not twins though)

And my own LO went through a phase of asking to see her ‘other mummy’ and telling me she was a nice lady 😳

Twotailed Thu 23-Aug-18 15:22:01

A child I used to nanny for years ago once took my face in her hands and stared very intently at my face then said ‘you have very nice skin. ^I want to wear it^‘

Horrordoeurvres Thu 23-Aug-18 15:25:22

i love threads like this!

my youngest sister used to make my parents say goodnight to "the man in the corner" in her room every night before she went to bed

Mugglemom Thu 23-Aug-18 15:35:05

Not supernatural or anything, but I used to work at a summer day camp and their were a pair of twins who were 2 years old who spoke their own language (Twinnish, we called it). They could completely understand each other even though nobody else could and it was like a series of squeals almost. And they'd spend most of free play time just rolling around on the floor together.

Not super creepy, but definitely a little different.

IfIWasABirdIdFlyIn2ACeilingFan Thu 23-Aug-18 15:37:45

“^I want to wear it^‘“


UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 15:38:02

@Horrordoeurvres please tell me you moved out and burned the house down! Haha

I thought of another one butvturnwd out to be innocent in the end, but it sure was creepy.
My grandad died after meeting my first child when she was only about 4 months so she wouldn’t remember. She was happily playing when she was about 2 and come up to me and said ‘Grandad * by the door’ I went cold instantly thinking the lightbulb that always flickered was something more than bad wiring.

Turned out my mum has a picture of him on the unit by the door in her house and she’d told my LO ‘that’s Grandad ***’
Honestly had a near heart attack that day

DryAsThingysFootwear Thu 23-Aug-18 15:40:07

My 3 year old has recently started saying "I want to go home" sadly. ..when I explain that we are already home, he bursts into tears confused

InspectorIkmen Thu 23-Aug-18 15:47:22

My DS - up til he was mid teens - used to refer to the 'house we lived in that burned down, you remember Mum - with the fire engines and ambulances and Police'. Never happened but he insists still that he remembers it. Creepy!

Macaronibaloni Thu 23-Aug-18 15:48:24

Once had my godson over night he was about 3. I woke up to an almighty bang and scream opened my eyes and GS ran towards me in the dark - I nearly punched him out of survival instinct! Thought he was a demon lol (think he just had a nightmare)

My nephew once freaked me out by asking me 'who is that behind you?' and was looking over my shoulder - there was no one there eeeek!

Camomila Thu 23-Aug-18 15:48:29

DS age 2 a few weeks ago sat up in bed between us (we co-sleep) and said 'They are coming, they are coming!' really insistently while pointing to the corner...this lasted about 5 mins while DH and I kept asking who was coming and starting to frieck out a bit...

...Eventually we ascertained 'the dinosaurs are coming!' (Scary Paw Patrol episode!!) So we looked out the window and told DS the dinosaurs had gone to bed and DS went straight to sleep. It took DH and I a little while to go to sleep!

auntethel Thu 23-Aug-18 15:50:57

DD used to have an imaginary friend who she played with around the house. One day I noticed she was looking up and talking. I said your friend must be tall? She replied "he's a man"!!! How do you tell a kiddie not to talk to grown up strangers when it's an imaginary one?

Cuddlykitten123 Thu 23-Aug-18 15:53:30

Collected DD1 from play group, she bounces in through kitchen door first while I bumped the buggy up the step, stops dead and in a quiet nervous says 'mummy theres man in the kitchen ', panic mode that were being burgled or something sets on but No. no man, house locked tight and empty, kitchen internal door was even shut so not reflection or anything. Creeped me out!! Safe to say we played in the garden till DH got home lol

Fairyliz Thu 23-Aug-18 15:57:49

DD1 was always very keen on drawing and was an excellent artist from a very young age. DD2 was never very keen and use to just do random scribbles on a page.

One day when DD2 was four she seemed to be concentrating very hard and showed me a picture of a long thin rectangle with black curls coming out of it. I asked her what it was and she said it was an aeroplane?
I later switched on the television to see the world trade centre towers on fire after 9/11. This was the first I knew about it.

That really spooked me out as you can imagine

FrillySpidersWillys Thu 23-Aug-18 15:59:31

My DN when he was 3 nearly 4 told his mum that he chose her to be his mum as she looked sad when he visited her and she looked like a nice mummy

My SIL had been trying for 5 years for a baby and thought it would never happen

auntethel Thu 23-Aug-18 16:00:19

DD also had an imaginary pony. She used to cry if we'd forgotten to let him into the back seat of the car!! DH used to have to get out, open the back door and let the "pony" in, much to his annoyancegrin Her little brother used to be sitting next to her looking completely puzzled, probably wondering how we were going to fit this "pony" in and then wondering where it

Rebecca36 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:01:43

My son, when he was about eight, told me he saw things flying around in his room at night, heard them too. I was freaked out, wondered if he was schizophrenic.

Years later he said he was trying to wind me up. Bah! It worked too.

Elephant14 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:01:56

When DD1 was about 3 she said the voices in her head were saying bad things about me!

Horrordoeurvres Thu 23-Aug-18 16:05:00

@UnlawfulBananaPeeler Nope! we still live in the same house hahaa, I have a truly horrifying story though, when my bf's cousin was little he used to complain of this horrible scratching noise coming from his wall just behind the headboard of his bed at night, he used to cry and refuse to go to sleep. His parents thought he was just at it and didn't want to go to sleep in his own bed. Fast forward a few years later, the police showed up at their door and asked them if they had ever had any problems with their elderly neighbour who lived in the semi detached house beside them, which the answer was no. In fact they barely saw her the whole time they lived there.

Basically she had died, had no close family etc and when house was being cleared out they also discovered that this lady had some suspected MH issues and for years believed my bf's cousin was Satan and convinced herself she had to kill him to save herself. Her bedroom was on the other side of the wall joining on to my Bf's Cousins room and the scratching noises had been her trying to claw/dig through the wall to get to him at night. Thankfully as she was old/thin as dust at this point she didn't manage it. She had kept a very detailed diary of how she could hear him playing through the wall so knew that was his room, time stamps of when he had been out playing in the garden as she watched him through the window and what he was doing etc, scary stuff.

His cousins parents still live in that house miraculously and his daughter who is only 7 told him she didn't like playing in that house anymore as the scratching noises scared her having no knowledge of the previous events!!

I have obviously never stepped foot inside that house and will probably never ever do it ha.

optimusprimesmother Thu 23-Aug-18 16:06:26

Dd2 (5) the other week - ‘mum I don’t want you to die yet’ - I’m prefectly fine (I hope!!)

Bunnybigears Thu 23-Aug-18 16:06:27

When DS1 was 8 and in bed I heard a loud bang from his room. I went in and he was standing next to a very old wardrobe that had come with the house and at his feet was a very old and heavy book of fairy tales which was usually on a high shelf in his room. He was stood so close to the wardrobe his nose was touching to door he then started gently headbutting the door amd whispering "come and play". It was a sleep walking episode but I had to leave the room and get DH to deal with it as it was far too horror movie like for me to deal with.

Another time I was asleep in bed, and woke up to find him stood over me. He said "am I dead?' I said 'no' and he just went back to bed.

FrillySpidersWillys Thu 23-Aug-18 16:06:59

Horrordoeurvres shock wow that’s freaky, I would never step foot in that house

optimusprimesmother Thu 23-Aug-18 16:07:47

Horror that is dreadful 😱

Horrordoeurvres Thu 23-Aug-18 16:08:19

@FrillySpidersWillys if it was my house I would have knocked it down a long time ago and moved on!

Horrordoeurvres Thu 23-Aug-18 16:09:34

@optimusprimesmother makes me feel ill to think about it! His parents did feel sooo bad afterwards for not believing him though, he said he had the best Christmas ever after that, got everything on his list and more hahaa

HortenseTheHousecat Thu 23-Aug-18 16:13:36

When he was very young, maybe two and a half, my brother apparently just started going on to my mum about the wife and children he used to have. Freaked my mum right out. He knew their names and everything and they were things like Mary - not smelly bum or whatever my preschooler might come up with! He didn’t go to nursery or anything then, so we have no idea where he got it from.

UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 16:15:17

Horrordoeurvres that is horrific shock

UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 16:18:28

It creeps me out when people say babies/children have ‘been here before’ but some of these stories make me wonder!

GrouchyKiwi Thu 23-Aug-18 16:18:50

My oldest isn't creepy in an unexplained events kind of way, more in a bloodthirsty way.

For example, one time she said people were just dog toothbrushes with meat and skin on top, and she wished she could clean her teeth like dogs do.

DancingDot Thu 23-Aug-18 16:22:32

EEK!! I'm blatantly place marking, but my youngest asks me almost daily not to die yet.

ciderhouserules Thu 23-Aug-18 16:23:04

Mum said my brother, at the age of about 2-3, once said to her as they crossed the road'I used to have a car like that when I was old'. shock

iamthere123 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:24:59

My cousin was found the other side of two stair gates, at the bottom of the stairs.
"How did you get down?"
"Nanny carried me."
Nanny had been dead 2 weeks at this point and nobody ever solved how she got over the gates.

Iwantaunicorn Thu 23-Aug-18 16:25:44

I’m glad I’m reading this in the daytime, I’m such a big chicken!

I’m also blatantly placemarking, my kids are too young to creep me out yet 😂

UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 16:26:07

GrouchyKiwi have to say dog toothbrushes made me laugh out loud .

Guienne Thu 23-Aug-18 16:26:56

The little girl probably puts her hand on the stomachs of virtually every woman she meets and says "Babies", she's bound to get it right accidentally every so often.

alphajuliet123 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:27:58

My daughter, overheard talking to our cat:

*childlike singsong voice
Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you
*psychotic demon voice
I just want to watch you sleeping

HortenseTheHousecat Thu 23-Aug-18 16:29:40


grin just sniggered aloud at that. Can totally imagine my dd saying this!

RSAcre Thu 23-Aug-18 16:32:40

Chum's little boy, aged about 4, met chum's work colleague for the first time & said chattily, out of the blue:

"Are you sad because the tree fell on that man?"

& yup you guessed ... colleague had been widowed some years due to exactly that. Chum had never mentioned this or discussed it anywhere near her boy. Spooky innit.

thenightsky Thu 23-Aug-18 16:33:28

Up until about school age my DS often used to refer to 'when I used to be a girl'. Often triggered by seeing DD in pretty dresses etc. I used to have to avoid Claires Accessories as he used to get quite upset in there seeing all the pretty hair bobbles that he used to have when he was a girl.

Blobby10 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:34:44

My middle child, now 20, freaked me out when he was about 3 and started talking about when he was big. Over the next couple of years we had stories of how he had died when he fell out of the boat but he wasn't scared as he sank down in to the water even though he couldn't swim.

We had several years of him crying because he missed his Grandfather - he gave us very vivid descriptions of the things he did with his Grandfather and then with another Grandfather and Grandmother and he talked about 2 very different scenarios/lives.

When he was about 8 he was at MIL house with DH and the other 2 children when he said "who's that man walking up the stairs" and described DH father who had died very suddenly in the house just before we met. The 'man' disappeared at the top of the stairs when he went into a bedroom.

DS has always had the air of being very wise and mature for his age - even now at 20 he sometimes speaks like an old sage instead of a youngster! hes very empathetic and always giving me hugs when he's home smile

53rdWay Thu 23-Aug-18 16:35:17

“Mummy, there is a monster in my room and it has my clothes on and my face on!”

UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 16:36:28

Guienne I’d be inclined to think so if 6 other members of staff and I hadn’t worked with her every day and she’s never done it to me before that day , nor had she done it to the non pregnant staff.
One of my friends said I was pregnant before I knew so maybe this little girl had the same sort of vibes from me! Who knows.
Still creeped me out

Poodletip Thu 23-Aug-18 16:37:34

When my dd was about 2 she used to talk about her "little ghost" that followed her around. I was starting to get a bit weirded out by it until she said something that made me twig. She meant goat. She had an imaginary pet goat!

JohnnyKarate Thu 23-Aug-18 16:39:25

When my sister was about 4 she hugged my Grandad really tight and said Goodbye Grandad I won't forget you.

He died that night.

Crunchymum Thu 23-Aug-18 16:41:18

Oddly enough my 5yo has scared the crap out of my today.

Coming back from the park he said to me

"Something strange happened earlier, daddy played a trick on me"
Basically before we went out he was playing in one of the bedrooms and he was sure he'd seen DP peering in from the hallway (partially hidden by a wall). Of course DP is at work.

He then went on to say he could only see the shadow and just assumed it was daddy as the shadow was "Daddy sized"

He wouldn't have any other explanations I offered. He is convinced there was a man in hall way watching him shock

BlackInk Thu 23-Aug-18 16:43:21

Since the age of 3 or 4 my now 6yo DD has always liked stroking peoples' cheeks because 'they feel like cheese' (she loves cheese). She has a recurring dream about slicing off old ladies' cheeks and eating them - old ladies cheeks feel and taste like brie apparently...

Charmatt Thu 23-Aug-18 16:47:30

When we were first married we lived on a relatively new estate. A boy - about 6 years old - lived 2 doors up, but always acted like he was about 80! When we arrived home from work at night, he'd be pacing up and down the pavement with his hands behind his back. As we got out the car, he would approach us and always say:

'Mmmmm! I trust you have had a productive day?' and tip his head to the side! .....

We referred to him as, 'Old Man Boy'. He didn't have any medical issues but he was always very old for himself.

abacucat Thu 23-Aug-18 16:47:41

I remember someone on MN saying she could smell if women were pregnant, long before they showed. Maybe that little girl could also smell it?

Fang2468 Thu 23-Aug-18 16:49:29

When my DD was 3 she told me she liked me more than her other mummy! I said something like, that’s nice but you don’t have another mummy. She said completely straight faced... yes I do, you don’t know her, she died a long time ago in a fire!
Goosebumps didn’t even come close!

GETTINGLIKEMYMOTHER Thu 23-Aug-18 16:51:57

Grown up dd was once pushing a little cousin of 3 on a swing, when she started talking quite nonchalantly about her daddy being very angry! and the house burning down. Since the daddy in question is extremely chilled, dd - a mite perturbed - said she was quite sure her daddy would never be angry like that.
Cousin said, equally matter factly, 'No, not that daddy - I mean my other daddy, before.'
Heard later from her mother that she'd often come out with similar, but it stopped by the time she was about 5.

Heard similar from a friend - a relative's little boy used to come out with all sorts of things they thought he couldn't possibly have known at that age. When they asked him how he knew, he'd just say 'Oh, I learnt that when I was here before.'
But again, it all stopped by the time he was 5 or 6.


TovaGoldCoin Thu 23-Aug-18 16:52:44

A child in my class a few years ago terrified the shit out of me, and my TA by describing in horrific detail the parade of black clothed strangers who walked through his room at night. He described them quite chattily, their long grey hair, their cloaks "big boots with metal on". Then they started tapping on the windows. He also said he could see his sister (he's an only child) in the mirror, except her skin was peeling off. It was a regular conversation, and he didn't seem bothered. I however, was terrified

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 23-Aug-18 16:56:18

DS2 (age 2) pointing at the monument we can see from his window in the house we'd just moved into says "there is a very nasty man called the Master that lives in that tower, he is very cruel to the Mistress, I tried to help back when I was a man but he chased me with an axe!."

Whilst it looks like a tower, it's a monument and it has never been lived in but it still...

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 23-Aug-18 16:57:49

I reckon inherited memory, much in the same way as fish return to the place of their birth etc.

miniHovis Thu 23-Aug-18 17:00:06

My eldest used to tell me about his wife and children (2 sons if I remember correctly) about his job in a factory making trucks, how he used to play darts etc

nearlyhometime123 Thu 23-Aug-18 17:04:58

DD (aged 2): "I'm just saying hello to the bogeyman in the cupboard. Oh. No, wait. The bogeyman isn't in the cupboard. (Pause) He's in your bed, mummy".

Still no idea where she got the concept of a bogeyman from!

ladydickisathingapparently Thu 23-Aug-18 17:11:09

When my oldest son was about 3, we drove past a house on the other side of town and he was absolutely insistent that he’d lived there before “with the mummy I had before you.” She’d been a very angry mummy who shouted at him because she really wanted a girl. So he’d asked if he could have a new mummy and the old mummy had agreed that was fine.

Even though we’d only passed the house briefly in the car, he described lots of aspects of the house in detail. A few days later I passed it on my own and everything he’d said was correct. I’m certain we’d never walked past the house together.

Ithinkmymirrorslying Thu 23-Aug-18 17:12:03

Whilst living in our old flat dts then aged 2 always used to say "goodnight pops"
Popop or pops for short was what we used to call our Dgd, he died 5 years before my dts were born shock

CatkinToadflax Thu 23-Aug-18 17:12:40

DS was born extremely prematurely and had a lot of very invasive treatment in his early days to keep him alive. He is quite severely autistic. Not long after he became verbal, aged around 4, he startled us and completely creeped us out by starting to talk about things that had occurred when he was extremely young, including asking "why did they put those things in my back when I was two weeks old?". He'd had four lumbar punctures at exactly two weeks old, which we'd never mentioned to him....

A few weeks later he asked me, "why did you feed me awful food when I was a baby? I hated the green one!" On one isolated occasion, aged about 8 months (4 months corrected age) I'd fed him spinach and broccoli and he'd hated it and refused to eat it, unlike all other foods of all other colours. I'd never fed it to him since.

There were lots of other obscure memories too, all from when he was extremely young.

He hasn't recalled any freaky memories since he was about 6, and I must admit I'm a teeny bit disappointed not to hear them anymore!

Traceclip Thu 23-Aug-18 17:17:49

My DD was looking through a magazine, country life or something. All of a sudden she stopped at a page of a lady from the fifties or sixties and said ‘look mummy, that was you before you died’ confused

She was three

nokidshere Thu 23-Aug-18 17:20:42

My son (then 3 he's now 20) came down from sleep one morning and told me about a boat that had sunk on the Thames hundreds of years ago (can't remember the details now) he had lots of names and details. We were laughing and dh asked him how he knew that and he said "Connor told me". We googled the name of the boat and it was indeed an incident. When we questioned him he said Connor was someone who came to talk to him at night from another place. We had lots of other facts "from Connor" over a period of about 18 months then he disappeared and was never heard from again.

DS doesn't remember it at all now though

Laiste Thu 23-Aug-18 17:21:59

From her first month of life DD was fascinated by one particular corner of our bedroom in our old house. A normal empty corner. At first she would just swivel her eyes up at it all the time when we were cradling and rocking her in there. Then as she grew she would stare up there while we were changing her.

Then older still she'd point up at it - then at about 2 or 3 she started pointing and saying 'man in the wall, look' hmm Great. We DID NOT encourage any of this. I'm a total wuss! Then not long before we moved house (she was nearly 4), she started to ask about the ''man who lives in the wall''. ''That man with with the blue shirt''. ''He goes up there and over there'' pointing from the corner over the ceiling. ''Sometimes he's cross'' ''i can tell bey his teeth''.

Wonderful. How nice.
We've moved now.

WakeUpFromYourDreamAndScream Thu 23-Aug-18 17:27:57

@Horrordoeurvres that's got to be the most scary horrendous story I've ever read 😱

CaledonianQueen Thu 23-Aug-18 17:29:53

I used to watch a toddler every weekend when a teen and she would stand up and scream, pointing into the corner of the room ‘bad man, bad man, there is a bad man there, make him go away’. Talk about giving me the heeby jeebies! We went downstairs and left the door open!

I also remember thinking that ds had made up an imaginary friend, he was playing on his swing and chatting away to himself, as he held both ropes so the middle swing went up with him.

I asked who he was talking to and he said he couldn’t tell me her name, as it was a secret. But when prompted he went on to describe a little girl, with blonde hair and funny clothes on. She apparently used to live in our village, when she was alive. A couple of weeks later, we were talking to our new neighbours two doors down. Their son was the same age as my ds, they were laughing saying that the move had made their son more imaginative, saying he had a new ‘friend’. They went on to describe the same girl my son had described. When I shared what my son had said we both laughed awkwardly but the hair was definitely standing up on the back of my neck. Our sons were only just meeting as we had been away for the weekend when they moved in. Both gardens have six foot fences on all sides. I used to shut the curtains when it was windy as sometimes the swing would be blowing!

BabySharkDooDooDooDoo Thu 23-Aug-18 17:30:14

I love these threads smile

BabySharkDooDooDooDoo Thu 23-Aug-18 17:31:48

dryasthingysfootwear my 3yo does the same more so if he gets a row grin

salopek Thu 23-Aug-18 17:41:20

Nothing to add but some of these are so cool and creepy! grin

librarysuperstar Thu 23-Aug-18 17:50:45

Threads like this really do make me believe in past lives, or something paranormal anyway! It seems like most of these things stop at around age five, and maybe just get forgotten but it's fascinating.

The story about the old lady next door scratching on the wall is truly chilling though!

sashh Thu 23-Aug-18 17:54:21

I think we can inherit memory but wherever memories are stored we sort of over write it with new memories.

I apparently freaked out the Dr having some jabs as a baby. I apparently looked at my thigh, then looked at the Dr and stared into his eyes. He had to ask my mother to cover my eyes.

WaxOnFeckOff Thu 23-Aug-18 17:57:02

I don't believe in the paranormal, however we have barely scratched the surface of the capabilities of the human brain. It's like having a phone that is more capable technology wise than the technology we used to send people to the moon and using it to make calls, send texts and tweet smile

popocatepetals Thu 23-Aug-18 17:59:41

When my dd was small, she would never use the downstairs loo when we went to a relative's house, she would always go upstairs to the bathroom.
One day, when the bathroom was already occupied, we suggested she use the toilet downstairs. She refused, saying she didn't like it in there because of the ghost.
All of us looked at each other over her little head in shock, because that downstairs loo was where her dad's great-aunt collapsed and died some years before.

She has also said that she used to run up the stairs in our house when she was smaller, so she could pass the ghost sitting on the stairs quickly. But it was ok now, because the ghost wasn't there any more.

fatcakes Thu 23-Aug-18 18:05:08

My DS from about 2yo till he was 4, would talk about a previous life. Including names and locations. He would point to buildings and tell us what they used to be.
We checked them out. The names were real and locations etc were correct.
Family had lived in that particular area for a number of generations. I think it's inherited memory in some way.

Nothisispatrick Thu 23-Aug-18 18:09:54


That is one of the most disturbing stories I’ve ever read!

BurritoSquad Thu 23-Aug-18 18:12:56

My three year old has recently starting telling me 'after the last day , I'll go back in your tummy mammy' 😳

Tink88 Thu 23-Aug-18 18:16:58

I’m a teacher 6 year old child said “Miss Tink you’ve got a baby in your belly”. I wasn’t even 4 weeks pregnant. I didn’t know.

MiroUnicorn Thu 23-Aug-18 18:29:41

@Bunnybigears :-0 ...that sounds spooky.

BuffysFavouriteStake Thu 23-Aug-18 18:29:45

Oh please make notes of all these occasions for when your children grow up.

Know I had some weird ideas/memories as a child , but can remember very little about them now, when I'm old enough to research them. Unfortunately I lost my mum a few years ago so can't ask here, and dad doesn't remember much of it!

Tiredmum100 Thu 23-Aug-18 18:30:01

Just last week we were driving in the car when my ds 4 said "after the town war, I came here". I was telling my mum about it a couple of days ago, she said I always use to talk about things like that and people she knew nothing about.

BuffysFavouriteStake Thu 23-Aug-18 18:30:15

Her, not here.

BuffysFavouriteStake Thu 23-Aug-18 18:36:39

Did have an occasion once when I was in my early 20s, and going through horrible anxiety.

Was having a meal in a pub, really worried about my little dog for some reason, and this little boy of maybe 4-6ish looked straight at me and asked his mum 'mummy, why is that lady screaming?' She said something I didn't catch in reply, and he said 'no, in her head.'

Still wonder about that...

MyShinyWhiteTeeth Thu 23-Aug-18 18:41:00

I know a family and the whole lot of them are a bit odd.

The children are now grown up and seem more 'normal' but they still have odd beliefs and say weird stuff. The new grandchild does a lot of the stuff I remember their parents and uncles and aunts doing.

They all seem to have some level of precognition, very good card playing skills and too much good luck. They are very intelligent and I assume this is partially responsible for it.

MiroUnicorn Thu 23-Aug-18 18:58:42

My DF woke up to her 5 year old DD sobbing in her room. DF asked her what had happened..what's wrong. Her DDmanaged to choke up "He's dead. Uncle X is dead." And continued sobbing. My DF managed to pacify her and they went back to sleep. A couple of hours later, around 6am, my DF received a call from her in-laws. They told her that her DB-in-law had committed suicide that night! They had found him just a few minutes before they called her :-0

BadHairDyeDay Thu 23-Aug-18 19:04:17

When my DD was about 2 I was tucking her into bed in the dark. She looked towards the top corner of the room and then says "mummy did you see that Angel?". She was so calm about it - me, not so much! 😳

bushtailadventures Thu 23-Aug-18 19:11:30

When my dd was 8 her beloved great grandmother died in the early hours of the morning. When she woke up we had to tell her as gently as we could, she said she already knew, her great grandmother had been to see her to say Goodbye in the night.

I have to be honest, I found it quite comforting in a way, if there was anyone my DGM would have wanted to say Goodbye to it would have been dd, they had a very close bond.

checkingforballoons Thu 23-Aug-18 19:24:55

Mine is from when I was in the very early stages of pregnancy so we hadn’t told anyone. I had taken on a second nannying job for an afternoon a week a few weeks before I fell pregnant, so didn’t know the children very well. One afternoon the 3 year old girl started talking about the baby in my tummy, and asking if the little boy in my tummy would like some of her sweets. Yep, I had a boy!
Also DS (aged 4) has taken to holding my face, looking at me very earnestly and saying ‘I’ll never forget you Mummy’. That’s a bit worrying grin

Pecano Thu 23-Aug-18 19:32:35

My niece looked at me very seriously when we were in Tesco and said “just so you know, you’re not going to die today”

Her tone of voice implied it might be the next day though 😂

Laiste Thu 23-Aug-18 19:33:04

Also DS (aged 4) has taken to holding my face, looking at me very earnestly and saying ‘I’ll never forget you Mummy’. That’s a bit worrying grin

grin DD (aged 4) (of the man in the wall story upthread) takes my face in her hands and says 'I'll love you for ... 20 years. OK?''

Why thank you DD! I'm hoping for a little longer ...

FrangipaniBlue Thu 23-Aug-18 19:33:56

When DS was a baby if he started fratching we could often hear someone over the baby monitor saying "shhhhh shhhh there there" and he would go back to sleep without us having to go to his room.

We never told anyone because we were a bit unsure if we really could hear what we thought or not......... but one night MIL was babysitting and when we got home she was white as a sheet and couldn't get out the house fast enough. It was only the next day in daylight she told us she'd heard someone over the baby monitor clear as day talking to DS!

Fast forward to him being about 18months give or take, at the stage of sometimes walking and sometimes crawling and only babbling with odd words.

We were in my Nans house and he cruised over to the sideboard, pulled himself up, pointed to a picture of my DM and clear as anything said "grandma".

My DM died 5yrs before he was born and at that stage we hadn't talked about her as he was too young.

Guess we know who was soothing him back to sleep shock

WhatWouldCoachBombayDo Thu 23-Aug-18 19:42:43

Oh my some of these stories are freaking me out 😱

Flashingbeacon Thu 23-Aug-18 19:46:22

I was 3 when my grandad died. We were a close family, lived nearby and saw each other most days. I was the baby of the family and general a happy easy going child. The day he died I refused to leave his house and had a massive tantrum, very unusual for me. Mum had to carry me out. He died in the night, no one told me because they didn’t know how. On the third day the minister phoned my house. Mum was on the phone and my dad came in and asked where Mum was. I said “it’s the dr about grandad, he wants things moved on because it’s all taking too long.” Weird, not least because I’d never met the minister but he looked like my grandads dr. And the minister was whinging because my family wanted to delay the funeral so family from oversees could come.
I don’t remember it but Mum swears to this day that she didn’t talk about any of it in front of me.
And I’m still pretty good at telling when people are seriously ill rather than poorly.

cmlover Thu 23-Aug-18 19:48:32

horror you win hands down. that's given me chills.

Dljlr Thu 23-Aug-18 19:54:17

Late MIL was very spiritual and woo. The day after she died I was sat at road works idly wondering in my mind if she'd send some sort of sign from the other side, when 3 year old DS suddenly pointed from the backseat, stared straight ahead and said in an eerie voice "Mum... I see a light."

I near shat myself and whispered back "Where?". Car behind us honked. DS was right, he could indeed see a light; a big green one that said I could go. V. disappointing.

UnlawfulBananaPeeler Thu 23-Aug-18 20:06:06

This isn’t one of mine it’s one of my dads, not exactly a child freaking him out but I was apparently about 3 and in the garden with my grandad who was gardening, my dad was in the house making tea and he said he remembers just a cold feeling and the words go go go being shouted in his head and he went out to the garden because it was too intense to ignore , my grandad wasn’t paying attention talking to the neighbour with the strimmer in his hand and finger right on the trigger just about to pull. I had placed my fingers in the 4 holes of the cover of the strimmer, just as my grandad pulled it my dad had ran out of the house and snatched me up. I was so close to losing my 4 fingers. My dad isn’t woo in the slightest but he said he can’t help but think something was watching over me

downinthejunglee Thu 23-Aug-18 20:33:10


ThatLibraryMiss Thu 23-Aug-18 20:40:50

My DD had been tucked up in bed asleep for a few hours one evening when she appeared in the living room, very distressed, begging me to tell all the people in the room to go away and stop telling her horrible things. It didn't help at all that I'd been to see The Sixth Sense the previous week.

It turned out to be her first night terror. She didn't remember anything about it the following day, but I certainly did.

ScarlettDarling Thu 23-Aug-18 20:50:03

Blackink, that's hilarious! grin

Chocolate50 Thu 23-Aug-18 20:50:13

When my DD was very young, just started talking, she used to say 'when I was a boy....' all of the time, and even described toys she used to play with, she would not hear anything different, freakyyy…

oh and...
Once we had just got on an aeroplane and this little kid shouts 'THE PLANE IS GOING TO CRASH & WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE'. My DS said 'I sure hope that kid isn't psychic'. Luckily he wasn't, but was a moment that shut the whole plane up for a moment there!

hamburgers Thu 23-Aug-18 21:06:29

I have one where I am the creepy child..

My mum told me when I was about 3 years old my grandfather was in hospital in a coma. Apparently I came to him flanked by 2 angels and told him to wake up and everything would be ok. He later woke from his coma.

We were living on opposite sides of the world and I didn't even speak his language.


Stickybunfighting Thu 23-Aug-18 21:23:33

Dry I used to feel like that, still do to this day. I only put 2+2 together when my dad mentioned a few years ago that I used to say 'I want to go home' and really really cry, only made worse by my parents telling me we were at home. It's tiredness for me, normal need to go to bed tiredness I'm fine with, but if I get a sudden wave of tiredness I always feel really upset and like I want to go home- even if I am in my house that I love I get a gut wrenching feeling of wanting to be home that I could literally cry over as a 30 year old woman! I think it means I want to be in my bed feeling safe but I was about 25 before I realised it and previously I'd often thought it meant I wasn't happy where I was living and needed a 'home' to be properly at home in. It's hard to describe but perhaps try opening your arms and telling him to come 'home' for a hug on the sofa or in bed and a bit of quiet time. I could be way off but it might help him figure it out.

Duskqueen Thu 23-Aug-18 22:48:42

When I was about 7, I told my friends that I was haunted by my Nanna, it wasn't until I was 16 that my DF told me that his DM my Nanna said no matter what she would always be with me.

KERALA1 Thu 23-Aug-18 23:02:14

We stayed in a new hotel in a very old part of Dublin. Dd was 6 and talked very matter of factly about the poor thin girl with a shawl that came into her room. We said it was just a dream but she was adamant, no it wasn't a dream she was awake and she came the second night too. She's never said anything like that before or since.

Lavende Thu 23-Aug-18 23:20:32

When I was pregnant with my youngest DD my DD2 was 5. I had told no one yet, very very early stages, when she walked up to me, lifted my jumper and said “can I see the baby?” 😐

Another time my DS was sleepwalking and he walked into my room and just stood next to my bed staring at the wardrobe. I asked what he was looking at and he said “why is that man staring at you?” I said “WHAT MAN??” And he said “standing next to the wardrobe”. Then he just turned round and went back to bed. I’ve never got over that 😫

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