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Page 2 | For the love of God can adults please stop saying uni

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CressidaEgg Thu 23-Aug-18 09:09:55

Let's reclaim the five syllable word. University. It grates to read MNers talking about their DC going off to "uni" or even about their own time at "uni". Just call it what it is: university.

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LadyWarleggan Thu 23-Aug-18 09:18:54

I don’t hear kids talking about ‘uni’.

CryingMessFFS Thu 23-Aug-18 09:19:30

It’s uni. Loads of words are shortened in life, it’s not a big deal 🤷🏻‍♀️

Giggage Thu 23-Aug-18 09:19:47

For the love of God can adults not tell other adults how to speak?

Theboldandthebeautiful1 Thu 23-Aug-18 09:20:07

It’s how the English language has developed, everyday words like gym, vet, phone, plane, fridge etc all came from longer words.

When was the last time you hard someone saying perambulator? I’m guessing at some point, even the word university will sound old fashioned.

Even Goodbye evolved from “God be with you” (I think? Unless that’s an urban myth?)

It’s what us humans do!

PurpleDaisies Thu 23-Aug-18 09:20:36

Who made you boss of everybody?biscuit

Neptunesgiraffe Thu 23-Aug-18 09:20:54

I usually say uni. But, Op, you've ruined the word 'university' for me and I fear I shall only ever be able to say it in an affected tone, now.

Bluntness100 Thu 23-Aug-18 09:21:06

Eh, blimey you must lead a charmed life if all you've got to worry about is shortened words.

And sorry another nope from me..🤣

SaoirseTheSeahorse Thu 23-Aug-18 09:21:13

My friend hates “uni” too! I never new it was “a thing”, but apparently so. Hmmmm can’t say it bothers me especially. I do tend to say college or university though. Different strokes etc.

ApolloandDaphne Thu 23-Aug-18 09:22:12

Erm. No. I shall not. I called it uni when I went in 1980. I will continue to call it uni.

Aintnothingbutaheartache Thu 23-Aug-18 09:23:43

Irritates me too cressida! 😂

CressidaEgg Thu 23-Aug-18 09:24:42


Fair enough grin

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Aintnothingbutaheartache Thu 23-Aug-18 09:24:56

‘Rugger’ also gets up my nose

BertrandRussell Thu 23-Aug-18 09:25:37

In My Glorious Reign, this will be a capital offense.

Growingboys Thu 23-Aug-18 09:25:44

Huh? How old are you OP?

Uni has been in common parlance in Britain for decades!

BertrandRussell Thu 23-Aug-18 09:26:52

So will spelling offense like that........

KittyKlaws Thu 23-Aug-18 09:28:46

No. hth

OftenHangry Thu 23-Aug-18 09:28:53

I hope you say television instead of tv😂

SoyDora Thu 23-Aug-18 09:29:02

Do you always say
- pub
- refrigerator
- gymnasium
- goodbye

Etc? (Or et cetera)

hungryhippie Thu 23-Aug-18 09:29:06

Brassiere - Bra
Omnibus - Bus
Necktie - Tie
Typographical error - Typo

You would sound idiotic using these terms day to day. Language has evolved.

CressidaEgg Thu 23-Aug-18 09:30:44

Eh, blimey you must lead a charmed life ...

Daft thing to say. AIBU would be virtually empty if people didn't post about minor irritations.

Those of you saying you called it uni in the 80s - no you didn't!

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derxa Thu 23-Aug-18 09:31:45

You are absolutely correct OP. 'Uni' is an abomination.

ShatnersWig Thu 23-Aug-18 09:33:41

Did not, surely?

whoaskedyou Thu 23-Aug-18 09:34:08

I consider 'varsity' and 'rugger' toff language. Makes my toes curl. And as for anybody who says 'bally' instead of bloody ...aarghhh!

Uni is fine though.

GhoulWithADragonTattoo Thu 23-Aug-18 09:34:26

I think most people call it uni don’t they? No worse than pram, bra, phone or gym. What is your objection? I’m actually interested what about the word could be problematic.

RingwoodRose Thu 23-Aug-18 09:34:57

I say yoni, just for fun.

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