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Urgent, hotel question

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legofansmum Sun 12-Aug-18 03:18:39

My mum had kindly laid for myself and my son to have a mini break in Berlin.

She let me pay for the trip using her credit card.
I've since read her st hotels you need to present the credit card used and your ID. My passport will have the same surname as mum but obviously a different Christian name.

I emailed the hotel and their reply was I need to have the credit card as a guarantee.
I'm terrified now that we won't be allowed to stay there.

I've used all my bank account funds to pay for or Euros spending money and don't have a credit card myself.

Is there a way around this please?

legofansmum Sun 12-Aug-18 03:19:02

Sorry that should say paid ! I'm a wreck, can't sleep x

LostInShoebiz Sun 12-Aug-18 03:36:37

Usually you need A credit card to give them to guarantee the minibar if the hotel is already paid. You generally only need THE credit card if the room is not paid or part paid.

If it’s paid but you have no funds left then you’ll have to fork out about twenty Euros the have the minibar emptied of you can’t guarantee it.

Uncreative Sun 12-Aug-18 03:36:48

The credit card on arrival could be for two things. First, payment. Did your mum pay in advance for the room or just make a reservation for you? Second, extra charges during your stay such as room service, phone calls etc. You can use a different card for the extra charges and some hotel will accept a cash deposit.
It is unlikely to be a big deal at check in. They will probably ask for a credit card, you can say you don’t have one and intend to pay in cash. I can’t imagine they wont let you check in because of that.

Monty27 Sun 12-Aug-18 03:40:05

You just need to leave a card for extras. Room service, newspapers and of course the minibar.
I like your dm smile

legofansmum Sun 12-Aug-18 03:50:01

I think that the card was used to reserve it with the card being charged upon arrival.
They said they need the card as a guarantee too.
It really will be a holiday on a budget for DS and I spending wise, I can't really afford to hand them over the cash I have converted to Euros as well.
Thanks Monty, was so kind of her. DD's choice of location as he loves German history.
I can't sleep now with worry I'll either be turned away from hotel or worse get arrested as it's not my credit card.

Iwantyourmumtoo Sun 12-Aug-18 04:00:03

Can you be made a 2nd named card holder? Most cards can do this within 48 hours, do you have time before you set off?

Ps. Can I share your mum?

WoodrowWilson Sun 12-Aug-18 04:00:44

Don’t panic. I do this a lot, and have a different surname to the person who pays. Get your mum to email the hotel and explain. As she authorises the use of her card they should accept that as payment. We’ve never encountered a problem as long as the credit card holder has confirmed with the hotel that it’s authorised...

TheRealHousewifeofCheshire Sun 12-Aug-18 04:01:25

With credit cards you can add an authroised user. You can usually add and remove them. For this trip could yiur mum add you into her account if she is paying anyway theres no difference. You would then get a card in your bame that you could use. Your mum can take the card off you and remove you or just destroy the card once you are done with it. Win win?

JeSuisPrest Sun 12-Aug-18 04:02:46

Ask if they have a credit card authorisation form they can email to you. Your mum can fill it in (she'll need to be able to print it out so she can sign it), then email it back to them (take a photograph of it on your phone to email it back). We use them all the time when booking hotels for staff in Germany. I book the hotel on my work cc which obviously the staff member won't have with them when they check in. I send the authorisation form to the hotel which basically says if the staff member runs up a bill for extras, they can take it from my cc. Have a lovely

legofansmum Sun 12-Aug-18 04:18:24

Thank you everyone
I'll have to try and find a printer somewhere but that sounds like a good option.
I've not got brilliant credit , no CCJs but still a low rating and a couple of late payments on things haven't done it any favours. We travel Tuesday AM so panicking now.
Yes so kind of her, DS didn't go in his school residential, as due to his autism it would've been too much. This is such a special treat for him instead, so I want to make it really special. He has a huge , huge interest in European History from 1910 onwards , so I'd hate to ruin it for him.

Skittlesandbeer Sun 12-Aug-18 04:58:00

Are you sure you’ll need a printer? Can’t your mum email the hotel management directly with the info, cc you in. You can refer them to her email, or show them on your phone that she sent it (and the wording) when you get to the reservations desk.

Happy hols!

youwouldthink Sun 12-Aug-18 06:56:07

The hotel will have a procedure. They will have a form to directly send to your mum by email to confirm details. It's quite common. Call the hotel in the morning and speak to the reservations manager. Explain the booking is a present and can they confirm this with the cardholder. A copy of the card on arrival is only taken gm case you charge food or drink to the room. You can state anything extra will be paid in cash

youwouldthink Sun 12-Aug-18 06:57:12

** in case!

Hortonlovesahoo Sun 12-Aug-18 07:19:44

Depending on the hotel, CNA you borrow DMs card and pin for the trip, use it and then get her to change the pin when you get back?

I had the issue in Berlin that I had my credit card but couldn't remember the pin confusedblush .

I hope your DS has a great time! A few tips /suggestions if he's a history buff:
- the jewish memorial (thing with concrete blocks near Brandenburg gate) is wonderful to explain the sheer scale of the holocaust.
- German history museum: great for a comprehensive German history
- try and get on a third Reich tour which covers the chancellory/bunkers etc. It's fascinating.
- if he's also interested in East Germany, there's a few great DDR museums and the Berlin wall is really informative.

If you're looking for other things to do: Berlin zoo, aquarium, government buildings are great ways to spend your days. We stayed near Alexanderplatz and used the ubahn for everything.

One final tip: if you plan on taking the bus from the airport, try to have some euro coins available for the journey as you'll need to buy your ticket from the machine rather than on the bus itself.

Have fun! Berlin is one of my favourite cities

legofansmum Sun 12-Aug-18 21:58:02

Thanks for the kind replies
I've been to visit DM today and she has lent me the credit card to take and let me know the pin. I still feel nervous , but hopefully will be ok.
Hortonloves- thanks for the bus tip. Think I'll try that as it's around €30 for a taxi and I need to try and cut costs so we can experience more when we are there.

Hortonlovesahoo Mon 13-Aug-18 09:12:52

The bus is super easy! The airport is only 6 miles from the centre and the bus goes through all major points (central station, Alexanderplatz etc). Just find out where you need to get off at smile happy to help if you need German help

FeistyOldBat Mon 13-Aug-18 09:26:10

Envy! I love Berlin too, I went to Uni in Berlin before the wall came down, and have loved it ever since. See what you can of the museums, especially the Pergamon and the New (Neues) Museum. There are long queues to see the Ishtar Gate (part original material, part reconstruction) in the Pergamon and the bust of Nefertiti in the New Museum. Better if you can buy tickets in advance, but still worth the queue if not.

Have a great time.

LoniceraJaponica Mon 13-Aug-18 09:30:54

Don't forget to factor in tourist tax in your spends. In Berlin I think it is 5% of your room rate.

Bluelady Mon 13-Aug-18 09:36:00

Berlin's a wonderful city. Watch your bag, the pickpockets are very talented, I didn't even get a hint that my purse was being stolen.

ciderhouserules Mon 13-Aug-18 09:49:48

I love Berlin! If you fly to Schoenefeld, you can get on the Metro to the closest tubestop to your hotel. I can look it up for you if you like.

Lots to see and do in Berlin - Checkpoint Charlie, the Jewish Memorial (the kids loved it), the Wall route, the Park at the top (can't remember, the Tiergarten?), the Zoo, the Ritter shop (do the Ritter shop, it's awesome grin) the Church with the broken tower which is replaced by the tower of glass (the GedachtnissKirche?) - even just walking the city is brilliant.

legofansmum Mon 13-Aug-18 21:47:52

Oh I didn't realise they'd charge a tourist tax too, will have to pop some money aside for that .

I'm getting nervous about catching the bus from the airport as I've read about people being fined heavily for not having their tickets validated . I'm not sure how I would do this , we are arriving at Tegel Airport and need to get to a hotel right by Checkpoint Charlie.mhave just realised today that the airline charged the cabin bag sizes last year so our cases are 5 cm over . Will have to decant all in to one case for home and out a few bits in small back packs.
Thanks for the tips of where to go. My Ds is obsessed with German history so really excited .

Hortonlovesahoo Tue 14-Aug-18 08:29:31

When you get into the bus, there's a little box that you put your ticket into and it'll punch a hole in it.

SusanneLinder Tue 14-Aug-18 08:36:36

If you are flying to Schonfield (sp), I found the U Bahn quicker and easier rather than the bus. Validate your ticket. The UBahn station is right outside the airport and really easy to get round. I speak a bit of German, but DH ( who doesn't) , found it easy to navigate.

SusanneLinder Tue 14-Aug-18 08:39:51

Ah sorry, just saw its Tegel. Ticket validation is easy, you'll see others doing it, don't panic.
Ubahn is still easy for normal transportation, and machines are on the platform.
I love Berlin, you'll have a fab time!

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