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To flush the toilet?

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Streambeam Sun 12-Aug-18 01:46:03

Staying with a friend, it’s 1:45am. Should I flush? (Just a wee!)

AfterSchoolWorry Sun 12-Aug-18 01:51:00

Of course!

9amTrain Sun 12-Aug-18 01:53:24

Unless they've told you not to, I would.

inneedofinspiration123 Sun 12-Aug-18 01:55:08

No. I wouldn't but our bathroom is right next to DD and id kick you out if you woke her grin

FannyCornforth Sun 12-Aug-18 01:55:37

I wouldn't! No way!

Aridane Sun 12-Aug-18 02:02:51

Not for a wee but yes for a poo

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