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To ask about skin discolouration and a blind boil.. Gutted..need tips.

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INeedMoreCakeInMyLife Sat 11-Aug-18 20:46:01

Years ago I suffered massive blind boils which each and every time I had to have lanced. I then suffered with cebatious (sp) cysts which some were close to eyes and mouth that they had to be cut out under general anesthesic..
The last 'episode' was about 5 yrs ago.
Altho had the odd blind boil since and have one now.. Size of a kidney bean

At the moment my forehead has some discolouration.. Which has been for maybe 8m.. Looks like a spray tan gone wrong.. ( I have never used anything like that)

So need to know if there is any type of exfoliating thing I can get to help With that.

And other than hot water compress what I can use on blind boil.. It's not massive but on a nerve that is making my face ache.

The boil needs to be gone in two weeks for a wedding.

The pigmentation needs to be improved within a year for my wedding

Any tips appreciated x

CSIblonde Sat 11-Aug-18 21:29:28

Boils are caused by bacteria so keep v v clean with anti bac soap & use over the counter anti biotic cream on the boil.

Skin pigment, rub half a lemon over area. Leave 20mins rinse with cold water 3x a day till faded.

EmeraldVillage Sat 11-Aug-18 21:31:49

I would suggest you repost in Sporners’ Corner

INeedMoreCakeInMyLife Sat 11-Aug-18 21:33:51

Thank you. Didn't know about sporners corner.?
I use all anti bac stuff and have prescription ointments. But think I'm immune to it lol.. I have very large open pores which I don't think helps.

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