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To feel depressed at the universal credit system?

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BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:00:54

Trying to claim UC. I work part time and have mental health problems. I’m pregnant and won’t get SMP because I haven’t been in my job long enough.

The process is overwhelming me. I used to get TC and it was easy to apply for. They want me to bring so many documents and it makes me feel overwhelmed and depressed because I feel like a criminal on trial.

I am convinced I will get nothing and we will lose our home when I give birth. I honestly feel like my kids would be better off without me right now because I can’t even navigate this stupid system for them. I feel like the world is too loud and strong for me and I am weak and can’t sort this.

Can anyone who’s done this advise?

Lipsticktraces Sat 11-Aug-18 09:04:11

I’m sorry you’re having a tough time. Myself and DH had to claim UC recently and it’s a total nightmare. The system is designed to put you off and make you give up though, so don’t give it the satisfaction

Is there anything about applying in particular that you are struggling with?

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:06:26

Just all of it and the uncertainty, DP works shifts and is on flexible hours so it’s a massive pain to fill in.

I just want to be enjoying my pregnancy and I can’t even feel happy anymore because of this system, I just feel like a failure. I try so hard but I feel like it’s not appreciated

Shannaratiger Sat 11-Aug-18 09:06:41

We've just posted the PIP form and are about to start the Universal Credit application!

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:08:41

I had my PIP claim rejected even though I have depression and severe anxiety among other things. sad

thetigerthatcamefortea Sat 11-Aug-18 09:10:03

I left my husband last year and put off making the UC credit for the exact same reasons as you are now.
It was so over whelming and I couldn’t get my head around it at all.
How ever when I did finally get to doing it; it was much simpler than I thought.
Just break it down in to steps. Do one task at a time.
It will be ok.

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:10:43

I can’t stop crying because of it sad

NoNoCharlieRascal Sat 11-Aug-18 09:15:31

It seems overwhelming but honestly it's okay. Take what you have to your meeting and they will help from there. If you're unsure on anything give them a call, I spoke to woman who was lovely and reassuring and helped me to work out everything I needed to do and take with me.

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:19:19

I feel like they’ll just reject the claim.

Lipsticktraces Sat 11-Aug-18 09:21:28

When you’re saying a pain to fill in do you mean the actual online form itself or have you done that part?

As others have said you need to break it down into chunks. Yes it’s bloody annoying, but if it has to be done then it has to be done. I’m sorry to hear about your PIP, but that won’t have any baring on your UC claim as they are totally different benefits.

Please don’t let this spoil your pregnancy. It is very hard when you’re feeling so hormonal to start with. I’m 33 weeks with twins and the last thing I wanted to do was bugger about with UC!

Lipsticktraces Sat 11-Aug-18 09:23:48

Agree with @NoNoCharlieRascal regarding just taking what you can to meeting. The staff at my JC were very helpful. If it’s any consolation most JC staff seem to hate the UC credit system too. Everybody except the government knows it’s a terrible idea!

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:29:20

This is a twin pregnancy too LipstickTraces. I have done the online part but I just feel overwhelmed and this has set off a depressive episode now, I recognise the spiral that I feel is starting.

Lipsticktraces Sat 11-Aug-18 09:36:24

Bless you op. Twin pregnancies are very hard on the body. Be kind to yourselfflowers

If you’ve done the online form then that’s already a big hurdle out of the way. Have you got an appointment for your JC interview yet?

Lipsticktraces Sat 11-Aug-18 09:37:59

Also would you not be eligible to make a claim for maternity allowance if you are/have been working? I couldn’t claim SMP, but did make one for maternity allowance.

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:38:01

Yes I have an appointment next week and so does DP. They’ve said we have to have separate ones and I am anxious about it because I hate doing things alone.

I am in floods of tears, DP says it’s just me being hormonal but I genuinely feel like I can’t cope and my depression is back sad didn’t feel like this until these bastard claim forms had to be done.

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:38:33

I might be able to, but the 16 weeks timeline coincides with week 34 of my pregnancy so I can’t make it yet.

Tomselleckhaskindeyes Sat 11-Aug-18 09:39:51

What about the citizens advice? I’m sure they will help you.

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:40:43

I thought about that but it would involve me speaking to people on the phone, another anxiety trigger.

gunnergirl Sat 11-Aug-18 09:41:31

my daughter wasn't entitled to amp as hasn't been in her job long enough but was entitled to statutory maternity allowance which is similar

gunnergirl Sat 11-Aug-18 09:41:58

meant to say smp

SleepOhHowIMissYou Sat 11-Aug-18 09:42:26

UC is an in work and an out of work benefit. It covers the three out of work benefits and the in work benefits working tax credit and child tax credit, and also housing benefit. Once you've got UC set up, it will take you through your working life.

If you and your husband are employed, then your earnings will be recorded automatically when your employers file their PAYE returns monthly with HMRC. This means you don't need to complete forms like the old tax credits system and, as there is an automatic update, the amount is correct and avoids the overpayment and underpayment problem that existed.

If you or your husband are self employed, then you would report your earnings directly into your joint UC account.

Please don't be afraid, you're going to be treated respectfully at the job centre and, if you don't qualify for SMP from your employer, ask their advice about applying for maternity benefits. They are there to help you, not judge you, and they are the experts so make the most of your time with them.

I work in HR and have supported a few of our employees through the process. I know it's daunting, but please try not to worry. Follow the advice you're given at the job centre and ask for their support if you need it, that's what they're there for.

BounceAndJump Sat 11-Aug-18 09:43:35

Once you've actually applied its much simpler, if there's any issues or changes you just have to type it in the online login rather than hours on hold on the phone. Also its calculated monthly and takes into account your wage monthly so you don't have to do a big repayment/be short of money for a month if your wage ends up being higher or lower one month.

Mummyinlove1987 Sat 11-Aug-18 09:45:45

Totally get you! We applied in May,as my husband had a change of circumstances with his employment, and we only got a payment last month- but it was a considerable amount and worth waiting for.There are so many hoops to jump through I agree, but just do as they ask and while it is stressful to set up it will pay off for u in the end I'm sure x

unweavedrainbow Sat 11-Aug-18 09:47:12

@BlairWaldorfsHeadband I'm a welfare advisor. If you're under a MH team (CMHT, AMHT, some form of secondary MH care like a psychiatrist etc) ask them for help- they know what they're doing. If you're not under a MH team then it can be very hard to get PIP for MH. Basically they expect anyone who's "seriously" ill to be under a MH team and they scrutinise anyone who claims to be disabled by MH and isn't under a MH team as they think there's a possibility that they're only "mildly" ill and exaggerating. Effectively, they want to see that you're functionally disabled by your MH-that you can't complete basic daily tasks without ongoing support. They will want to see that you're taking high levels of medication (or have a good reason for why not), that you're getting ongoing and regular support from your GP, that you've received the highest possible level of support from your local IAPT (self/GP referral counselling service) and that you need significant help from friends and relatives to maintain a basic level of functioning. It is also extremely difficult to get PIP for MH if you work (you're claiming that you can't reliably dress/wash/feed yourself but you can get to work and function there well enough not to be fired?) or if you have a child (how can you look after a child if you can't look after yourself). None of this means that you don't qualify for PIP- what this really boils down to is that you need a robust claim and those are difficult to do by yourself. Depending on what stage of rejection you're at and how long it's been since you were declined, I would suggest that you get help from your local welfare charity or the CAB. Fightback4Justice are a welfare organisation that operates through facebook and takes on claims nationwide (they are run by lawyers) and they are also very good. Good luck flowers

BlairWaldorfsHeadband Sat 11-Aug-18 09:47:18

Thank you everyone. I have been crying for two hours over this and its reassuring to know it gets easier.

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