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to think making 2000 in two months should be doable?

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mmmgoats Thu 09-Aug-18 18:16:25

This isn't a begging thread AT ALL and this isn't me. My friend is really struggling and needs to find £2000 by 17th October.
She has time during the day, but has to be flexible around picking kids up from school and dropping them off, currently not working, but she's skilled - she was a writer for magazines but she has been out of it for a while so has lost all her contacts.
She's given up in panic and is just despairing which I can totally understand [the 2000 needs to be on top of her normal incomings] and I want to help as I feel like it should be possible in this window.
But my brain has gone blank!

I thought maybe freelance writing jobs but these seem to be few and far between, especially if you no longer have the contacts.
Does anyone do any of those paid survey sites or anything like that?
I've also got her sorting out all the old kids clothes for ebaying and am going to go through her house with her at the weekend to see if there's anything else she can sell.
Obviously, there's getting a part time job, and she's applied for a few but the process seems quite drawn out so no guarantee on that front.

Just wondered if anyone has any better suggestions than mine?

MongerTruffle Thu 09-Aug-18 18:30:28

I do paid surveys on about five sites and in a good month, I make about £25.

mmmgoats Thu 09-Aug-18 18:32:10

@mongertruffle ah. Might have been overestimating that a bit then. Maybe I'm being a bit optimistic to think she can raise this much :-/

hopefully one of her part time applications will come through but I think then she might have some issues with money she receives through credits [not sure how it works to be honest] so it's not a solve all.

Hopefully ebay will raise a bit.

Racecardriver Thu 09-Aug-18 18:32:10

Audio transcription? Tutoring? Can she borrow?

frenchknitting Thu 09-Aug-18 18:32:40

She could easily make £1000 matched betting in a few months. There is a section about it on money saving expert, but it's easiest to spend a few quid for access to a site like odds monkey, to access all the tools and step by step guides to make it easy.

Dumbledoresgirl Thu 09-Aug-18 18:34:26

Any employment agency she can sign up to for casual work? You know, the sort of thing people do as students in the summer holidays? My son signed up a few weeks ago and has had no shortage of offers of work, mainly office/factory cleaning. Not sure if the hours would suit though.

mmmgoats Thu 09-Aug-18 18:34:50

borrowing is out unfortunately - well friends and family at least.
Audio transcribing is a really good idea, she's a very fast typer - I will mention this to her/see if I can find any good sites.
Thank you!

Xenia Thu 09-Aug-18 18:36:15

We had the women who make £1000 a day thread on MN once and plenty of us do. Just depends on your skills.

My son does deliveroo and ubereats. you just need to be able to cycle and put your back into it. Cleaning is another option too as that can be hours fitted around children. Does the father of the children work every weekend? If not he could mind them then and he work full time all weekend

CherryPavlova Thu 09-Aug-18 18:41:27

My 19 year old made £500 a week parking cars. It can be done.

mummymeister Thu 09-Aug-18 18:42:45

she needs to go for the highest skill end that she can if time is going to be difficult. also if she is on benefits then you need to factor in that these will reduce as she earns more. proof reading dissertations? home tutoring - get in touch with the local home ed network see what skills they are looking for and offer them? taking in several foreign language students? taking in a lodger? Airbnb? things like cleaning, bar work, t shirt folding, surveys etc are very much minimum wage and she would have to work an awful lot of hours at £8 an hour to make £2000. could she do any exam marking work? 11+ marking?

tbh her best bet to make this much money that quickly is going to be to sell stuff. it needs to be high end like jewellery, technology (old games etc) old phones. I will be honest - I think its going to be incredibly tough.

Dyrne Thu 09-Aug-18 18:42:46

Is there someone around that could mind the DC at night; such as a DP/DH? I’d be inclined to look into night shifts at McDonalds or something - exhausting, but she could probably do way more hours this way, and the time between application and starting work should be quite low?

Theonlywayisscotland Thu 09-Aug-18 18:46:08

£2000 will be fairly easy for her to make matched betting. Tell her to check out Team Profit on the internet or Facebook. £600 is easy to make in the first 2-3 weeks, especially with the new football season starting.

mmmgoats Thu 09-Aug-18 18:46:49

Her partner isn't on the scene at all unfortunately, I can offer to babysit a few times a week though.

Hmm maybe I'm being a bit of a dick to assume it's totally doable.

Do you have the link to that thread @Xenia I haven't seen it/can't find it

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 09-Aug-18 18:49:29

Amazon Flex ?]]

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 09-Aug-18 18:49:52]]

claptomania Thu 09-Aug-18 18:51:20

How about remote website testing? Get her to sign up to for example

ChazsBrilliantAttitude Thu 09-Aug-18 18:51:56

For some reason a clickable link won't work so you just need to google Amazon Flex

QueenDoria Thu 09-Aug-18 18:53:16

Following... need to do the same!!

Neshoma Thu 09-Aug-18 18:54:02

Realistically it not possible to make £2k in two months when she hasn't worked for years and lost her skills and contacts.. Any job will take at least a month on paperwork and references. Her benefits will go down.

Can she extend the time period ?

AnnieOH1 Thu 09-Aug-18 18:55:34

Several questions - how fast can she type? I know you say fast but what are you calling fast in words per minute?

Is she working alongside this?

I run my own VA agency, £2,000 in that time frame even part time is more than do-able, especially with her background. The only bit that is making me a little cautious is whether she has the drive to do it? Why isn't she asking for herself rather than getting someone else to post on her behalf.

Proofreading, document production, specialist transcription and translation are all £££ jobs if you look hard enough.

TiffinBox Thu 09-Aug-18 18:56:04

Try this agency who deal with flexible roles

theymademejoin Thu 09-Aug-18 18:56:58

If she's anywhere near a university, typing up theses etc.

Dangermouse80 Thu 09-Aug-18 18:58:41

Match betting - football season about to start. Have been doing this whilst on maternity. Check out profit Accumulator.

mummymeister Thu 09-Aug-18 19:04:44

…. gambling to make £2K??? really? what happens if you lose? isn't there an element of knowledge or skill needed?

really would not be telling someone desperate to make £2K that they can do this by betting on something. Jeez, I must have been missing a trick all these years. no need to graft in my own business, just bet online and nothing to lose.

QueenDoria Thu 09-Aug-18 19:10:08

Annie, is there any chance you can link to your agency please?

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