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To ask what phone you would upgrade too?

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jelly449 Thu 09-Aug-18 14:42:49

Just looking for opinions. Can upgrade next week and have no idea what to go for.

Have had an iPhone for the last 5 years....usually I'd just upgrade and get the iPhone 8 but I don't know if I fancy a change.

Only thing that's putting me off is if I were to get a to do I transfer all my photos/videos and music on to it? Or is that not even possible?

Anyone upgraded recently and can say what phone they love and what phone they were disappointed with?

Thank you kindly smile

MrsPreston11 Thu 09-Aug-18 14:48:19

Apple has me good and proper (music/apps/ipads/watch etc) so I've never strayed. Also been happy with all my iPhones.

Governoress86 Thu 09-Aug-18 14:55:11

I have just upgraded to the Huawei p smart and I can honestly say it's the best phone I have ever had.

My partner wants the Huawei p20 I think it is.

I would highly recommend any of the Huawei phones

ShartGoblin Thu 09-Aug-18 14:57:18

I have a Huawei P10 and I love it. The camera quality is brilliant and it looks lovely and sleek. Much cheaper than a Samsung too! I would expect to transfer your photos and videos you would need to first transfer them to a PC then onto the new phone as it's easier to drag and drop everything than faff about with the phones.

WhenEnoughIsEnough Thu 09-Aug-18 15:00:49

Samsung s9, I had iPhone for years and then got a Samsung when the Samsung s7 came out and I think they are ao much better I have the s8 at the moment but would love to upgrade to the s9.

jelly449 Thu 09-Aug-18 15:04:22

Ooo I will have a look at the huawei ones thanks - I quite fancy going for something I've never had before :-)

I've heard good things about the Samsung s9 too.

And not suprinsingly bad things about the iPhone 8 though I do like it in the red.

Thanks for the replies 👍🏻

hannnnnnnxo Thu 09-Aug-18 15:07:02

If you’re considering iphones, it would be better to wait until September to see what Apple release this year. I still have a irritating iPhone 6s but I wasn’t interested in last year’s releases, so I’m going to upgrade this year instead. Not long to wait!

RaspberryRuffless Thu 09-Aug-18 15:09:19

I've recently upgraded to a Samsung S9 Plus after years of iPhone. I love it, the screen is so nice and it's nice to have something different. Good to be able to add a memory card for up to another 400GB of storage. I've watched some YouTube videos about it too to make sure I'm making use of the features I might not know about.

jelly449 Thu 09-Aug-18 15:10:27

@hannnnnnnxo oh I had no idea that's when the new ones got released, I might do that if that's the case. Thank you

c3pu Thu 09-Aug-18 15:13:59

OnePlus do very well specc'd phones usually for a more affordable price than other flagships, and they are quite good on the software updates too.

InsuranceGirl Thu 09-Aug-18 15:25:43

I have an iPhone 6 and upgrading this month to a Huawei P20 (possibly the Huawei P20 Pro).

Whilst I like Apple I just find it so expensive and I want a good camera phone which the Huawei P20 is, the Huawei P20 Pro is marketed as the best camera phone on the market but I don’t think I’ll need the professional camera functions it gives. But the price is the same I believe as the iPhone 8 but the Huawei P20’s have more memory.

Excited101 Thu 09-Aug-18 15:27:41

I have an iPhone 6 that’s knackered. Am waiting for the new releases. I’ll then either get the X that’ll be cheaper. Or one of the new ones. I looked into an android but with an iPad and Mac too it made no sense.

5000KallaxHoles Thu 09-Aug-18 15:31:25

I'm looking at a S9 next month (currently have a battered S7) - I seem to have fallen into the alternate models going along the Samsung line pattern... but I'm happy enough with that.

Pippylou Thu 09-Aug-18 15:31:28

I've just got the P20 and it cloned my old phone, also Android. Well chuffed, as all my stuff is there on the new phone.

sulflower Thu 09-Aug-18 15:35:24

Apple has me good and proper (music/apps/ipads/watch etc) so I've never strayed. Also been happy with all my iPhones.

Same here, we have the full shebang of Apple products. My friend sometimes gets me to sort out stuff on her Android phone and I'm literally clueless and have to Google for a solution.

OftenHangry Thu 09-Aug-18 15:36:09

OnePlus 6. Absolutely love my 3t. Amazing Ram, great memory and half the price of Samsung, which has worse specs

jiskoot Thu 09-Aug-18 15:43:14

I've just upgraded my ancient Samsung s5 for an A6. It's the lower version of a Samsung but I only use it for apps / the internet so don't need an all singing and dancing one and it was cheaper!

The only thing I'd say with a Samsung is that there is a lot of system stuff that gets auto installed which can clog them up! The big plus for me though is that there is a slot for an extra memory card!

Bubblysqueak Thu 09-Aug-18 15:46:49

Love my Huawei p20 would definitely recommend.

19lottie82 Thu 09-Aug-18 15:47:13

I have an iPhone 8. I’ve always had iPhones since they came out. Have an Android for work and it gives me the heebie jeebies! I just can’t get on with it at all.

Haisuli Thu 09-Aug-18 15:53:56

I've just changed from an iPhone to a Google pixel. I love it. The photos are amazing and it is so intuitive and easy to use. I don't think I would go back

chaoscategorised Thu 09-Aug-18 16:12:49

Another vote for Huawei - I've got the P10 (after a decade of iPhones) and absolutely love it.

LoveInTokyo Thu 09-Aug-18 16:18:06

I have just switched from an iPhone to a Huawei phone. Not sure what model it is, will check the box when I get home.

I was getting increasingly fed up with Apple - the sky high prices, tech deliberately incompatible with anything else, deciding nobody needs a headphone jack etc. The last straw was the fact that after three years I had a phone which was still in pristine condition but becoming unusable because the required software updates take up so much space there's none left for storing photos. I've even had to delete most of my apps.

Anyway, my OH has had Huawei phones for a few years now and rates them, so I got one. The setup was a piece of piss and the camera is awesome.

jelly449 Thu 09-Aug-18 16:23:51

Thanks all - I'm defo going to have a look at these huawei ones. It is just all my music that I don't want to lose. Photos and videos I've realised I have them all stored on google photos so I'm assuming I could download that app onto whatever my new phone is and they would all still be there.

I'm so indecisive with these things, I can upgrade next week but I bet any money I'll still be pondering over it by November lol.

Bluebelltulip Thu 09-Aug-18 16:30:17

I've recently got a huawei too and it comes with an app called phone clone, it had the option of cloning i phone. Worked well to move everything for me but I had android before.

barleyfive Thu 09-Aug-18 16:31:16

It depends what you use it for, for just adding apps, browsing the net and taking photos the iphone is probably more user friendly. Samsung being Android you can put into developer mode and do all sorts; the processer seems quicker as well but if you are used to an iphone it can take a while to get used to some of the nuances. I have a Samsung S7 and an Iphone 6s, and tend to use the S7 more.

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