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Can I ask, which famous person do you get told you look like?

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FishingIsNotASport Tue 07-Aug-18 13:18:08

Some friends were over at the weekend. Their kids love Mrs Doubtfire and had watched it again recently. They told me how much I look like the mum character in the film, Sally Field . My son-in-law then piped up and said "Yeah I thought that too when I first met you". I can't see it myself but it could have been worse (thank the lord they didn't think I look like Robin Williams in drag!).

Can I ask who you get told you look like and whether you're happy with the comparison?

delphguelph Tue 07-Aug-18 13:22:19

Meryl Streep.

Very happy grinwine

Sunnysidegold Tue 07-Aug-18 13:23:47

Renee zellweger when she was Bridget Jones.

Stillwishihadabs Tue 07-Aug-18 13:23:59

Kate Winslett

YeTalkShiteHen Tue 07-Aug-18 13:24:34

Dawn French.

Ezzie29 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:25:19

Used to get Mena Suvari when I was in my early teens and much slimmer than I am now. Also get Drew Barrymore a lot, more so when I have longer hair. Also often get told “ I saw someone on TV/in a film/in a magazine the other day and they look just like you” and then when I look at said person they look nothing like me aside from the fact that they are fat and wear glasses. One time the girl in question was Asian and I’m white!

MsOliphant Tue 07-Aug-18 13:25:47

I thought you were going to say Mrs Doubtfire was who you looked like shockgrin

Not so much here, but when I lived in South Korea a lot of people said I looked like Jennifer Love Hewitt. She had a crappy TV series out that was popular there at the time where she talked to ghosts of murdered people grin

Plastic surgery is a huge thing there and there are potentially at least two Korean young woman now walking around with 'my' nose after asking to photograph it to show to their surgeons shock

5foot5 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:25:58

It hasn't happened for a while, but I have twice been told I look like Sandi Toksvig.

I do like Sandi Toksvig but I am about five years younger and at least 5 inches taller so I don't really get it.

cathyandclare Tue 07-Aug-18 13:26:07

Back in the day people stopped me in the street and said I looked like a shorter, dumpier, less glamorous Liz Hurley. That's not been a problem for many years though, sadly.

MaddeningtheUnhelpful Tue 07-Aug-18 13:26:44

A young Barbare Streisand. Get told all the time

mustangcountry Tue 07-Aug-18 13:27:57


MaddeningtheUnhelpful Tue 07-Aug-18 13:28:03

YeTalkShiteHen my Auntie is the image of Dawn French. Hi if it's you Auntie C 😂

HesterShaw1 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:28:24

Cate Blanchett.

In extremely dim light, maybe a bit.

PrincessDaff Tue 07-Aug-18 13:28:31

I used to get told I looked like Zooey Deschanel or Katy Perry but a few years ago I died my hair lighter and I don't get told that anymore

Onewonder Tue 07-Aug-18 13:29:04

Holly Valance

YeTalkShiteHen Tue 07-Aug-18 13:29:42

MaddeningtheUnhelpful unfortunately I’m not your auntie C smile I’m a good 15 years younger than Dawn French grin

I’ve got an auntie C who is the drawn spit of wee Jimmy Krankie!

vampirethriller Tue 07-Aug-18 13:31:36

When I was in my 20s it was Lucy Lawless. Hasn't been anyone for a long time!

littlepeas Tue 07-Aug-18 13:32:09

I used to get told I looked like Julia Roberts quite a bit, but not for a while now - I could never see it myself.

TheGhostOfYou Tue 07-Aug-18 13:32:30

Alexa Chung? I had to google her, and I disagree completely!

FishingIsNotASport Tue 07-Aug-18 13:33:41

Ha ha, some great ones! Lets bring the chaps in on this - my DH used to get told he looked like John Nettles in his Bergerac days, recently however some friends say they always think of him when they watch Frasier (Kelsey Grammar) grin.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:34:02

Patsy kensit

Therealjudgejudy Tue 07-Aug-18 13:34:24

Kirsty Gallagher. One male friend refuses to call me by my real name and has called me Kirsty for years hmm

CheeseTheDay Tue 07-Aug-18 13:35:27

Sarah Silverman, the American comedian. DH and I went to see her perform stand-up a few years ago, and even Sarah commented the similarities (we were sitting in the front row), so er, it must be true I guess!

Mimmim112 Tue 07-Aug-18 13:35:33

Daisy Lowe and Kat Dennings. I’m not as pretty as either of them though!

YeTalkShiteHen Tue 07-Aug-18 13:35:34

Oh my DP gets Pep Guardiola ALL the time. And he does!

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