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To use the word "naughty"

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speedymama Tue 29-May-07 09:40:37

DTS are 3 yo and go to nursery. This weekend they chastised me and DH for using that word. They did something that I had asked them not to do and I told them to stop being naughty. DT1 retorted with "don't say naughty, I'm not naughty, you can't say naughty". So I responded with "well stop misbehaving then!"

I spoke to the nursery about this and they confirmed that they are not allowed to use the word naughty because it labels the child rather than the act. Now I'm all for positive parenting but there comes a time when you have to just tell how it is. I don't call my boys name but I do point out their bad behaviour and I also praise them when they are being good. In fact, I praise more than I chastise.

As a child, when my parents told me that I was being naughty, I took notice. Now my 3yo DTS read me the riot act. Well, I will not be dictated to by a toddler and if that makes me a dinosaur in terms of modern day parenting, so be it.

So am I a recalcitrant, anachronistic, old fashioned dinosaur who refuses to indulge the latest fads in parenting as dictated by a bunch of pinko liberal, arm wringing, bleeding heart busybodies?

ProjectIcarus Tue 29-May-07 23:54:15

<buffs nails>

pointydog Wed 30-May-07 18:26:47

lol @ pronunication of pork

pointydog Wed 30-May-07 18:27:41

does that mean rex is aitch?

shhhh Thu 31-May-07 20:33:11

Not read whole thread but the issue around the word naughtly has been an issue for an age.....Honestly it has. I did a bit of summer cover at a local nursery(favour for a woman who I worked with who's silowned a nursery and who was staff down..) so basically around 13/14 years ago.I must have been 14 myself and I remember the staff telling me that the word "naughty" was not to be used. Said it was a negative word and not good for the child who would grow up thinking of themselves as naughty .

Must admit though, don't really use that word much on dd (2 years) maybe I have never needed to BUT I suppose I tell her she shouldn't do something and why blah de dah...

SueBaroo Fri 01-Jun-07 17:09:39

I dread to think what would be said when they hear that we say that Dd has done something 'wicked' and not in the slang sense. Whirl round in hand-wringing circles, I dare say.

Teeniebf Fri 01-Jun-07 21:10:42

I have a 3.5yr old DS, who is - to my mind - a normal lively typical boy. On occasions he can be 'naughty' (or please feel free to insert whichever word you prefer to use). His nursery teacher asked me for a word one day and said in her best most serious voice that she was concerned about his behaviour, not paying attention etc and would I mind if she discussed him with the educational pyschologist. To which I thought OMG my son is damaged, what have I done to him?? So before we saw the psychologist we saw a paedatrician who checked him all over and pronounced him fit a well and a normal, if a wee bit immature boy, bearing in mind that he was born premature and was pretty ill for some time. A fact which I had explained to the nursery and they assured me that they would take this into account. Which they quite obviously didn't and prefered to label my son as attention deficit and in the words one helper 'just a naughty boy'!!! So is this a case of my DS's nursery going a bit too far, or me being over sensitive?

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