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AIBU to be horrified to find an ENTIRE FORMED POO in my toddler’s bag?

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Kippenbelladonna Sat 14-Jul-18 15:27:01

DS is nearly 30 months old and we started potty training 2 weeks ago, which is going really well. He goes to nursery 5 days a week and he has soiled himself a handful of times but not for a week until yesterday. Wet or soiled pants put in nappy sacks and then in his bag as expected. Yesterday he came home with DH and bag stank. Opened it to find his pants had been put in the sack with the entire poo in them. Both DH and I feel standards have slipped in last few months and have spoken to the manager. DS is happy and confident and moving in 6 months to new school nursery so don’t want to be complaining again and understand with H&S etc, staff don’t want to be handling poo but wtf....where is the red line?? What’s the standard for handling this situation in nurseries? What would you do?

Metoodear Sat 14-Jul-18 15:29:31


Nodancingshoes Sat 14-Jul-18 15:30:19

We certainly would not do this at our setting 😳 the poo would be disposed of and the pants rinsed off before being double wrapped and put in the bag. That is disgusting

Shadowboy Sat 14-Jul-18 15:31:49

That is pretty grim. They could have turned it out into the toilet.

ILoveDolly Sat 14-Jul-18 15:31:59

Thats gross I would complain, there's no reason not to at least flush the poo

Claricestarling1 Sat 14-Jul-18 15:32:53

Agree with PP. That is so disgusting and unhygienic..I wonder how long it was left to sit in the bag??

Nodancingshoes Sat 14-Jul-18 15:33:44

Saying that, I once threw some pants away as they were so bad I didn't think the parent would want them back but they actually made a proper complaint against me so who knows.... 🤔

InTheLightOfTheMoon Sat 14-Jul-18 15:36:20

happened with my dd in school. she had an accident and they sent it all home poo included! would have rather they chucked the clothes tbh!

MichonnesBBF Sat 14-Jul-18 15:39:46

Agree with other posters, this really should not be happening, although I have worked in a private setting before where this exact thing happened, it was a new member of staff fresh out of college embarking on her first paid job. although not a good enough excuse or reason I do think its a mix of inexperience, lack of initiative and unsure it what is acceptable to ask. needless to say the parent complained and the matter was dealt with immediately, with no lasting damage to anyone and a big lesson learned.

IamaBluebird Sat 14-Jul-18 15:41:11

Off topic but why are lots of people saying 24 or 36 months. Why not 2 or 3.

WheresTheEvidence Sat 14-Jul-18 15:41:58

In a room of 19 2 year olds where 8 are toilet training and 6 are trained. I do not have the time and/or inclination to wash out pooey pants. Your child will be cleaned up and if possible large lumps flushed but expect it bagged up.

OddBoots Sat 14-Jul-18 15:42:22

There is no excuse for not flushing what would fall off the pants, I wouldn't expect a nursery to rinse the pants (and unless they had a proper sluice area I would have concerns if they did) but anything loose can go.

Mindchilder Sat 14-Jul-18 15:47:00

Probably just someone who was busy and distracted. I would just chuck the bag and not stress about it.

Mummyoflittledragon Sat 14-Jul-18 15:47:23

That’s the point the lumps weren’t flushed. Disgusting. And a health hazard.

IVEgotthePOWER Sat 14-Jul-18 15:48:01

It should be tipped out.

Any chance they have a new member of staff? Apprentice maybe?

IVEgotthePOWER Sat 14-Jul-18 15:50:29

Oh and i too have previously thrown away white undies which the child had had a very loose accident in, for the parent to complain

I think its good if early years practitioners ask parents what they would prefer them do with such pants. When my own dc were toilet training unless it was fairly firm they went in the bin.

I dont think practitioners should have to rinse them out either that is not in the job description.

LostNAlone Sat 14-Jul-18 15:52:49

Thats crazy.. in our setting wed bag the poop separately and bin in the nappy bin in the 0-2 room and flush it in the 2-4 room (obviously not knowing which of these 2 rooms your child would be in at this stage in his 2yrold life)

Bibesia Sat 14-Jul-18 15:59:22

What did the manager say when you spoke to him/her?

sickmumma Sat 14-Jul-18 15:59:52

I work in a nursery, I wouldn't go as far as rinsing the pants, but I would drop anything out into the toilet. Then it would be bagged, unless unsalvageable where I would bin, I have had to do this a couple of times and luckily haven't had a parent complain just apologies for having to deal with it!

Coldhandscoldheart Sat 14-Jul-18 16:01:10

Our nursery sends everything home. Not tipped out, not rinsed. It’s why I stopped using washable nappies.
They do ask though with pants if you want them kept or binned.

Risksrevealvalues Sat 14-Jul-18 16:02:06

Why are there so many posts about shit today

jarhead123 Sat 14-Jul-18 16:03:59

Sorry but 30 months?!

aldaniti Sat 14-Jul-18 16:05:37

I wish our nursery would chuck the pants away rather than giving them back 😳

PitterPatterOfBigFeet Sat 14-Jul-18 16:06:26

Bloody hell. AS others have said at least the poo should be flushed and the pants put in a double bag. It must be a common enough occurrence that there should be a standard method of handling poo accidents.

IVEgotthePOWER Sat 14-Jul-18 16:07:15

aldaniti have you told them that?

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