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To listen to podcasts whilst at work?

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NapQueen Thu 12-Jul-18 21:30:31

I work in a small office in a small company. Four of us (director, accountant, me and a data analyst) in my office. Ive been in the organisation around 16months, moving into this office 3 months ago.

My previous role prior to the last three months was in the busiest part of the building and always tooing and froing,up and down, interruptions, fine. But this office may as well be in Narnia for all the interaction with the wider company it has. And because we are all busy on pcs its very quiet and studious.

Director often puts her headphones in (talk rather than songs from what I can hear) when she is deep into projects or just wants to drown out data analysts incessant chewing gum chewing office chit chat.

Aibu to start listening to podcasts as I work? Ive never been in a role which would facilitate this, but I can go 2 hours not talking to anyone engrossed in something and wondered if it would be frowned upon overall?

busybarbara Thu 12-Jul-18 22:01:45

It's very common. I think it's a good idea in a situation like yours. I'd advise getting earphones that let you only put one ear in though if you think it might be a problem. Then you can listen but still have an ear out for chat.

19lottie82 Thu 12-Jul-18 22:10:41

How can you concentrate on a pod cast and your work though? I’m not being a jobsworth, it’s just that you can switch off and focus on other stuff with music playing, with podcasts not so much.

SunShades Thu 12-Jul-18 22:45:09


I'd instantly dismiss any staff caught doing this at the office I manage. You should be 100% focused on your work, which is impossible if you're listening to a podcast.

You wouldn't sit and watch Loose Women in the office, so this is no different really.

huggybear Thu 12-Jul-18 22:47:42

Everyone I've ever worked with has listened to something, not always of course.

You're not stopping what you're doing, and listening intently, just nice to have some background noise. No one is bothered by it.

WeShouldOpenABar Thu 12-Jul-18 22:49:07

Sunshades you're being ridiculous some people can do this easily I'm one of them, I'd hope you'd at least wait and see if someones work suffered before you fired them confused

I like the background noise it helps me focus, I pay attention when I'm doing jobs by rote but stop when something needs my full time. I often get to the end of a podcast and find I've heard none of it because my focus was on my work. In other words I only actively listen when I have brain space available.

Barbaro Thu 12-Jul-18 23:02:52

I listen to TV shows at work. It's fine as long as you're working, bosses here don't give a damn.

SunShades Thu 12-Jul-18 23:05:59


There are standards of decency and etiquette that we expect in my office, and they certainly don't involve watching TV or listening to podcasts.

It's disrespectful to the people paying your wages. As I say, I'd fire anyone caught doing it on the spot.

Bearfam Thu 12-Jul-18 23:08:33

Sunshades I'd like to see your HR policies which condone that!

I listen to radio (radio 4) and podcasts at work. Sometimes I'm in the office on my own. As long as I get my work done it's fine. I think if it seems OK and that type of office do it.

Leopoldstotch Thu 12-Jul-18 23:09:53

Lol at sunshades trying to be martyr. Get over yourself Alan sugar. Listening to podcasts is fine as long as it doesn't affect your work. To say you'd fire someone on the spot for doing it is just downright ridiculous and probably illegal

SunShades Thu 12-Jul-18 23:21:42


Myself and the rest of the senior management team regularly patrol the office to ensure that all staff are focused and on task.

All employees have a clause in their contracts stating that they can be instantly removed from the organisation if any uncouth or non work-related behaviour is noticed during these patrols.

Cataline Thu 12-Jul-18 23:25:11

Patrols! grin

Leopoldstotch Thu 12-Jul-18 23:26:46

Patrols?! Jesus are you taking about an office or the bloody hunger games? Your poor colleagues that's all I can say

Leopoldstotch Thu 12-Jul-18 23:27:32

I nominate myself to infiltrate sunshades office and lead the employee uprising winkgrin

TheMobileSiteMadeMeSignup Thu 12-Jul-18 23:28:19

Just because there is a clause in a contract doesn't mean it can't be challenged and dismissed as totally unenforceable.

Your office sounds joyless, btw.

TooManyPaws Thu 12-Jul-18 23:29:43

I listen to podcasts at work; both my boss and her boss know and are happy. I know when a colleague is listening to her rock YouTube play list because of her head movements. We analyse large amounts of data and need to tune the open plan office out.

Of course, we're all in professional positions rather than in SunShades' sweated labour camp.

Cathena Thu 12-Jul-18 23:29:51

Sunshades your office sounds like a dystopian hellscape confused

OP, I have a Bluetooth ‘one ear’ headphone that I’ve used in the last 3 offices I worked in. Works a treat as I can still hear others when called.

I listen to music when writing or doing detailed work and podcasts when doing spreadsheets, reports or data, more mindless stuff.

Has never affected my work and I’ve never worked in an office when people didn’t do it!

TheMobileSiteMadeMeSignup Thu 12-Jul-18 23:30:08

OP, if your boss does it then I would get earphones and use just one. I listen to podcasts and music a lot at work. I work in Finance in an open plan office so it drowns out the idle chatter from the call centre staff. I have no issues getting my work done and am a highly valued member of the team.

HopefullyAnonymous Thu 12-Jul-18 23:30:38

Is Sunshades the same poster who locks her employees in during the working day?

HollowTalk Thu 12-Jul-18 23:30:59

If the Director is doing it and there are only four of you there, why not?

TooManyPaws Thu 12-Jul-18 23:32:33

Myself and the rest of the senior management team regularly patrol the office to ensure that all staff are focused and on task.

So you're not actually doing any management work? Cheaper to fire the lot of you and get a bunch of guys with whips and a drum to beat out the time for the oars.

Excited101 Thu 12-Jul-18 23:33:26

Nothing says ‘morale boosting’ like the threat of instant dismissal eh sunshades ?!

Gettingbackonmyfeet Thu 12-Jul-18 23:36:11

Lol that's interesting sunshades because I've employed a lot of people and I've never known a scenario where that is remotely legal

OP I don't think it's a problem especially if your boss is doing it as well

I've always considered it short sighted and naive management to object to things like this or the radio... Yes of course if you are customer facing or dependant in answering the phone then it's not appropriate but frankly I used to get far more professional and appropriate client files from people who did this in the back office because they didn't chat or waste time

wikedminx Thu 12-Jul-18 23:38:43

Our office is very busy, we tend to be flitting in and out from being up on wards, so back to type up notes etc... We all tend to stick headphones in and put heads down and get on with work.. I find that i can concentrate better when listening to something be it a pod cast or music! I do say that I cant listen the radio 2 confessions from simon mayo.. as i have a tendency to laugh very loudly!! but the listening project or the archers works for me smile Oh and our senior also has her earphones in - no idea what she is listening to smile

SunShades Thu 12-Jul-18 23:39:01


I'm not sure if I've posted about this previously, but yes, we do have a closed office policy during working hours, which means access doors are locked.

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