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To have been grumpy over this?

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Silhouetta Wed 11-Jul-18 22:29:52

Manager is Romanian and didn’t seem to grasp the importance of tonight’s match - kept us all working until about halfway through (non essential work!) then suggested our small team go to the pub together. I like him a lot but it’s difficult to refuse in these situations. I work in a city law firm and everyone else had gone - quite bitter!

OrangePeels Wed 11-Jul-18 22:34:31

I’ve posted the best bit. You didn’t miss anything else grin

OrangePeels Wed 11-Jul-18 22:34:52

Picture didn’t attach... hang on...

OrangePeels Wed 11-Jul-18 22:35:13


OrangePeels Wed 11-Jul-18 22:35:37

Oh it did. Couldn’t see it! 😂

Nicknacky Wed 11-Jul-18 22:36:49

Are you actually being serious? The word doesn’t stop just because there is a football match on.

Silhouetta Wed 11-Jul-18 22:39:21

Thanks all!

Yes I am! Literally everyone else in our office had gone, we didn’t have to be there? He then suggested a drink after. I had plans

Thiswayorthatway Wed 11-Jul-18 22:39:45

Lots of people paid a lot less than you had to work through the whole match.

ScreamingValenta Wed 11-Jul-18 22:39:49

This whole thing of people being allowed to finish early/have the football on at work annoys me - not because they shouldn't be allowed to do this, but because this concession is never granted to other people to watch non-football-related events in which they might be interested. There seems to be a sense of entitlement attached to football viewing. So my response to your OP is welcome to my world!

Nicknacky Wed 11-Jul-18 22:41:13

Non essential or not, you are paid to work. He suggested a drink, just say no.

Silhouetta Wed 11-Jul-18 22:41:26

I think I’m upset because I sacrifice every other event ever/semblance of a life for my job. So this meant a lot

Nicknacky Wed 11-Jul-18 22:43:01

Why don’t you book time off then?

aldaniti Wed 11-Jul-18 22:48:01

It started at 7, not really unreasonable to have expected to finish by then assuming a 9am start!

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