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What's the worst thing your children have made you watch?

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Ivenocluewhatimdoing Wed 11-Jul-18 13:38:58

More targeted at films than TV really. (everyone hates bing)..

I've just had to watch through the Good Dinosaur..
I don't think any of us enjoyed it 😕

megletthesecond Wed 11-Jul-18 13:40:52

Hotel Transylvania 2.
In their defence they then agreed that cheap kids club cinema is usually crap and stopped asking to go to again.

ChickenOrEgg6 Wed 11-Jul-18 13:41:47

Every day.
For 8 weeks.

CrackerCrisp Wed 11-Jul-18 13:42:13

People opening cars wrapped in playdoh on YouTube. Utterly pointless.

Enb76 Wed 11-Jul-18 13:43:00

Frozen - I thought my child would love it but we both disliked the characters and the songs.

EsmeeMerlin Wed 11-Jul-18 13:43:18

I cannot stand the Hotel Transylvania films. Thankfully my mum will be taking ds1 out to see the 3rd one for the day in the summer holidays. All hail nans willing to take grandchildren to crappy films!

Also my ds loves a tom and Jerry version of Charlie and the chocolate factory, it’s bad, really bad.

I don’t mind Disney/Pixar films and actually looking forward to taking ds to watch the incredibles 2 next week.

TheGoldenWolfFleece Wed 11-Jul-18 13:43:22

Peppa pig.

SugarIsAmazing Wed 11-Jul-18 13:43:32

Men commentating on games they are playing on YouTube.

MatildaTheCat Wed 11-Jul-18 13:43:43

The first Pokemon movie. I sat with my fingers in my ears praying for it to finish..

Also some dire crap about Chipmonks which I watched with DN&N whilst enduring a hangover to give DBIl and DSIL a lie in. 😇

obviousNC101 Wed 11-Jul-18 13:44:08

Peppa. Bloody peppa

Ivenocluewhatimdoing Wed 11-Jul-18 13:44:16

Ohhh don't get me started on frozen! Thankfully my dd doesn't like it too much.

She loves Moana and Coco which I don't mind too much.
I think I've watched moana about a billion times though.

notthisagain83 Wed 11-Jul-18 13:44:24

any of the pointless American YouTube video's my 7 yo DD loves.. and peppa pig.. and in the night garden.. and Nativity 1 2 and 3

Notsurprisedatall Wed 11-Jul-18 13:45:19

Lego movie everyday for a week... Followed by "Everything is awesome" sung at me for the duration of the summer holidays.

People playing Mario and Roblox on youtube.

Seasawride Wed 11-Jul-18 13:45:20

The magic roundabout film. Had promised dds to go but got shit faced the night before!

Terrible hung over and all I could hear was bloody Robbie Williams saying Florence over and over.

Fell asleep and woke myself up snoring. Awful.

FromAtoBin21months Wed 11-Jul-18 13:45:47

Watching videos of trains and buses on YouTube. I’m in a living nightmare. I know it’s not a film but I can’t think of anything I truly despise

Soubriquet Wed 11-Jul-18 13:45:50

I love kids films so no big deal for me to watch. I do hate having to watch the same thing for weeks though..

Ds has gone through a phase of wanting
My little pony
Wreck it Ralph
Lego indominus escape
The gruffalo
The stick man

Every. single. day. for. the. last. two. weeks. envy

Frequency Wed 11-Jul-18 13:46:07

Dora the bastarding Explorer.

Why? Why would a TV show on at daft o clock in the morning encourage children to shout? Why?

I'm not a fan of fox hunting but if they were hunting Swiper, I'd help them. That fox deserves a bloody, drawn out, torturous death.

Ivenocluewhatimdoing Wed 11-Jul-18 13:46:20

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 The magic roundabout.
My dd is Florence but I imagine Robbie Williams saying it would piss me ofd

Worlds0kayestmum Wed 11-Jul-18 13:47:14

Alvin and the chipmunks: roadchip. About fifty times

GahWhatever Wed 11-Jul-18 13:48:12

Miranda Sings.

Loonoon Wed 11-Jul-18 13:48:33

Atonement, Titanic and Moulin Rouge.

ACatsNoHelpWithThat Wed 11-Jul-18 13:48:43

Alvin and the Chipmunks.
American tween TV shows with the fake laughter tracks e.g Zack & Cody, Hannah Montana, Victorious etc. Fucking hell I lost the will to live!

chemenger Wed 11-Jul-18 13:49:09

Alvin and the chipmunks. Sat through it twice. DH has not recovered from the horror that was Chicken Little. The Barbie animated films also a low point. On the other hand I really enjoyed Princess Diaries and Despicable Me.

Ivenocluewhatimdoing Wed 11-Jul-18 13:49:17

Aw I loved atonement

Thebluedog Wed 11-Jul-18 13:50:14

Angelina ballerina years ago and now those American type, pre teen shows - arghhhhh bloody awful

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