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Bing is an odd family set-up right?

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HarrietKettleWasHere Mon 09-Jul-18 13:49:33

Just watching Bing.

In today's episode, Bing did a Lenny from of Mice and Men and squished a helpless butterfly in his great big sausage fingers.

Flop, his main carer, is, inexplicably, a termite sort of creature, so couldn't bring the butterfly back to life, even though he has the lovely RSC voice of Mark Rylance. The miniature elephant thing placated the children with the idea of a funeral.

So all the children cried, and they buried the butterfly in the garden and lobbed a load of drawings into the hole.

'Butterflies. It's a Bing thing!'confused

The episode the other week involved Mark Rylance as a termite popping to the shop for some carrots, which provoked a meltdown in Bing, as he was beside himself that Flop had left the house.

(Lighthearted. I am stuck indoors with a broken legged child. This is mostly new to me. But while we're at it how boring are Patchwork Pals?)

It might get more exciting, they keep plugging an advert for a dog that plays a guitar, and a woman in a pink jumper emblazoned with said dog's face twirling round for the joy of it.

kitchenrollinrollinrollin Mon 09-Jul-18 13:50:38

This may sound ridiculous but I feel Bing is very, very important for children who don't have a mummy. Speaking from personal experience.

Yes, Flop is more of a grandparent primary carer but that is not weird for many children.

delilabell Mon 09-Jul-18 13:52:36

I heard a lovely thigh about how flop is his f.carer. made it more barable. ....until I'd watched each episode 72 times and now I see bing as a spoilt brat-bunny who can whonestly for England.
Have you seen yakadee? I see the same one over and over again.

delilabell Mon 09-Jul-18 13:53:25

Ffs whine for England obvs

HarrietKettleWasHere Mon 09-Jul-18 14:06:00

On Melody today they had a piece of music that made her think of planets. It was 'Mars' by Gustav Holst.

upsiedayz Mon 09-Jul-18 14:18:16

I always felt like Flop was Bings minder but there's a photo of them both in the house I think, as if Flop is his dad. Weird.

DS is currently OBSESSED with twatting Waffle the wonder dog. I'd happily watch fucking Pablo over Waffle atm.

SmashedMug Mon 09-Jul-18 14:21:12

I never thought of that before kitchen.

I love flop. I try and channel him and fail.

GreenthoughtInAGreenShade Mon 09-Jul-18 14:30:46

I always have more sympathy for Bing than mumsnet in general seems to. My take on it is that Bing isn’t whiny, he’s recovering from an abusive upbringing and is often scared or uncertain. Flop is his carer, either a grandparent or a foster carer, and is far more patient than usual because he knows what Bing has been through. I always assumed it was a briliant program for children in similar situations to relate to.

NoProbLlama78 Mon 09-Jul-18 14:34:49

I don't like Bing but Pando is an arsehole. I only like Amma and want her to be my carer.

The fox in patch work pals gets me. His solution is just tp gobble everone up. Its a bit old fashioned which makes a nice change

AlwaysWantedToBeATenenbaum Mon 09-Jul-18 14:36:10

The number one thing about Bing for me is..why does Pando take off his trousers all the time?!!!!

kitchenrollinrollinrollin Mon 09-Jul-18 14:40:13

I try and channel him and fail.

I've heard so many people say that!

Mermaid36 Mon 09-Jul-18 14:44:01

My girls are obsessed with only 2 episodes of Bing...the "dog poo" episode, and the hide and seek episode where Bing wets himself. Bloody toddler toilet humour...

My mum keeps asking where Bing's mummy and daddy are...

MotherforkingShirtballs Mon 09-Jul-18 14:45:05

When Mark Rylance was in the BBC adaptation of Wolf Hall and trying to keep a stroppy Henry VIII happy all I kept thinking was "this is Bing for grown ups". Bumping off your wives, it's a King Bing thing.

Sleepyandtired21 Mon 09-Jul-18 14:45:58

I haven’t seen every episode as I’m a nanny rather than a parent so every new episode has me on edge as I try to work out just how Bing will fuck everything up today. Favourite one is when he shoplifts.

Camomila Mon 09-Jul-18 14:47:55

I have recently discovered Callilue (sp?), similar to Bing but lots less annoying!

Ennirem Mon 09-Jul-18 14:48:13

I have a theory that the carer things are smaller than the toddlers in Bing to enforce gentle parenting - Flop can't make Bing do anything or stop him doing anything, so he has to use reason and gentleness and explain things in a way Bing understands.

Ennirem Mon 09-Jul-18 14:50:08


Bumping off your wives, it's a King Bing thing.

grin grin grin

marthastew Mon 09-Jul-18 14:58:00

Round the corner
Not far away
Flop totally lost his shit today


I agree that it's very important for some children that there isn't a Mummy or a Daddy in it. Pablo is very very important to my DS with ASD. He does watch other TV but it's the ONLY thing on TV that reflects his experience of life. And for that I wholeheartedly thank the universe for CBeebies.

Laiste Mon 09-Jul-18 15:06:47

<flaps hand> Oh we've been through 101 theories about bing and the weird dynamics over the last 4 years here.

What i enjoy is seeing adults see it for the first time. I watch their faces ...

My maiden Aunt, last xmas, watched bing for the first (and probably only) time. She frowned at it for a few minutes and then turned to me took a deep breath and said .... 'So, Laiste, i'm confused. How did the tiny ant creature sire the enormous rabbit?'.

No one knows, was my answer. But I just love the way she put that grin

vivavivaviva Mon 09-Jul-18 15:09:08

I thought I had Bing all figured out, adoptive single dad Flop, then DD brings home this book from the library - in which Bing burns toast and picks dandelions for his Mum. Where the hell has she been for the bajillion episodes I've had to watch!!

HarrietKettleWasHere Mon 09-Jul-18 15:25:45

So he does have a mum?!

weeklywoo Mon 09-Jul-18 15:30:28

The plot thickens

KellyBailey Mon 09-Jul-18 15:35:22

Bing's parents must be the same place as Charlie and Lola's and Max and Ruby's.

Laiste Mon 09-Jul-18 17:37:12


<goes for lie down>

ShackUp Mon 09-Jul-18 17:44:39

In the Bing books, Flop is his teddy bear

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