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whyyyyyyyy Mon 02-Jul-18 10:33:15

I'm so desperate to say something to one of my old friends who has started selling Younique. Should I or just leave her to it?

How can anyone actually believe the nonsense that they are spouting? She has messaged me trying to recruit me, apparently I can earn up to 100k selling make up on the side of my actual job.

Mathematically, if one person recruits 5 people and then they each recruit 5 etc etc this can only happen 13 times before you reach the population of the entire world! She is an intelligent woman, I feel so sad that she has been lured into a scam.

TeenTimesTwo Mon 02-Jul-18 10:40:58

Wish her all the best, but say you have read a lot about this kind of business and you don't want to get involved, even as a customer. You are concerned that many sellers end up losing a lot of money, so advise her to keep really good accounts.
Say she might be interested in this link:

Singingtherapy Mon 02-Jul-18 10:41:09

The maths fact is really interesting. I like to think I'm quite intelligent as well and I'd never have thought of that! That's definitely ok to tell her!

Clandestino Mon 02-Jul-18 10:43:01

Send her a message: Thank you but I am buying the Buckingham Palace with my savings at the moment. I want to rent it out to my friends so if you are interested, it's £5000 for a place on the waiting list. Hurry up, the list is full and people keep asking about when they can move in.

SoddingUnicorns Mon 02-Jul-18 10:44:56

My SIL is entirely brainwashed by it.

whyyyyyyyy Mon 02-Jul-18 10:51:23

It's so crazy isn't it!

I can't get over the posting pictures of new shoes and toys for the kids etc and saying 'wouldn't you like to be able to treat yourself and your family?'

...yeah we all do that with the money we earn from our actual jobs, we just don't post pictures of everything we buy!!

I really don't like the 'mom shaming' too. Suggesting that you will be a better mom by staying at home and posting endless crap on facebook. x

SoddingUnicorns Mon 02-Jul-18 10:52:54

The so called support for survivors of sexual abuse makes me sick, pressure selling on the back of abuse is absolutely appalling.

whyyyyyyyy Mon 02-Jul-18 11:04:09

Really? I didn't even know about that? They are even worse than I thought.

I sent this girl a message cause she posted something really brave about a personal issue very close to my heart and I thought good on her. I've just read that this is a technique they use to reel people in! xx

SoddingUnicorns Mon 02-Jul-18 11:07:22

Unfortunately it is. Along with Autism Speaks (ugh) autism awareness. SIL used me and my kids in that particular gem (we’re autistic and she knows I hate autism speaks because they’re awful). But she used us for sales! I protested and it caused an absolute riot between DP and his brother!

Literally no depths they won’t plumb for sales. They make my skin crawl!

specialsubject Mon 02-Jul-18 11:19:58

tell her the maths, and if the stuff was any good she wouldn't need to sink to these lows to flog it.

and then tell her to get back in touch when she has reconnected her brain. Stupid woman.

ShowOfHands Mon 02-Jul-18 11:23:48

Having the same problem. My friend has spent 2 weeks begging us to buy make up so that she can go on an all inclusive trip to Cancun. And telling us that it's all for abused women and saving lives. I just don't recognise her anymore.

BettySpagBol Sat 11-Aug-18 21:20:40

I've come on here because I am gobsmacked watching someone I vaguely know bang on about child abuse and how parents need to talk to their children to make them AWARE to stop child abuse happening (?!)

"that's what younique is all about guys"

but then in the next breath is shrieking saying she's soooooo EXCITED GUYS about the new makeup / incentives / inane chatter! Wow how do you go from a big in depth talk about child abuse to that?!

She goes live on fb every single day, sometimes twice a day and applies makeup really really badly. I don't get it?! Are they meant to be tutorials? If so I'll go and find some of the best MUAs on YouTube.

So there she is applying makeup terribly and contradicting herself saying how the mascara is GREAT GUYS! but then as she's applying it saying how she needs to get to the salon for a lash lift as her lashes look rubbish...

Also a constant drive of trying to get people to sign up to her team so half way through a sentence she breaks off to shout and scream about becoming a presenter?!

saying how her life has changed and made her the best version of herself "this company is changing its presenters lives with people earning 100k" but then also a little grumble about how she has to get up early as she's taken a new job as a carer.

This last video she really sincerely did she believes in two years she will be at the top of the company earning thousands a week and it's worth the sacrifices... I can see she honestly thinks this but I don't know why she believes it?!

I have no idea why I watched today they wind me up!


PumpkinPie2016 Sat 11-Aug-18 21:43:48

YANBU - I have seen a few Facebook posts about Younique by people I vaguely know from school.

They all go on about how amazing the products are and how much earning potential there is but then all have other jobs (usually full time) and are constantly begging people to buy the stuff.

I'm never bought the products so can't comment on whether they are any good or not but I honestly can't see how intelligent women can simply believe what they are told about earning thousands and get roped in confused

BitOfFun Sat 11-Aug-18 21:47:51

Something like 98% of people lose money or only break even. If you look at the ElleBeau blog, it has all the figures on there.

Metoodear Sat 11-Aug-18 21:51:29

Yes I got talking to a lady at sort play who I thought could be a really nice friend

Of course she only wanted me to join her aroborn shit after cutting her loose she tired to contact me yesterday after 2 years

Told her I had a wonderful job

Metoodear Sat 11-Aug-18 21:53:14

The person trying to recruit me lived with her mother in law in one room with her kid and husband

RedPanda2 Sat 11-Aug-18 22:06:01

It's hilarious and insulting that the 'presenters' think they're make up artists aswell. I'd rather wear Poundland make up than that shite

ORlyNow Sat 11-Aug-18 22:21:26

Friends don't let friends MLM.

conservativeuterus Sat 11-Aug-18 22:58:37

My oldest friend has got involved with Arbonne. Don't really communicate anymore as I said I wouldn't get involved with MLMs. She lost her shit. Stupid.

BettySpagBol Sun 12-Aug-18 00:51:50

@Metoodear That's awful isn't it. They can't hold a conversation anymore. Pound signs in their eyes while they go in debt behind the scenes.

I really don't know this woman, she's a Mum at the school gates but thought it was friendly of her to add all her MLM send me friend requests

DrFoxtrot Sun 12-Aug-18 01:23:00

I bought a younique liquid lipstick recently half price which I thought was ok...but it smells really strong like chemicals, not pleasant. My friends DH said it was like something you’d paint your car with blush

TheMythicalChicken Sun 12-Aug-18 01:27:35

Can someone explain the maths thing?

I hate the way these schemes prey on the most vulnerable: poor women. It’s awful.

SilverySurfer Sun 12-Aug-18 02:22:47

These pyramid schemes really are the pits - I knew someone who did it and was so desperate for sales she would have said just about anything. She was with the aloe vera one and she told a mutual friend who had just been diagnosed with cancer that she should buy the product as it would cure her cancer shock Everyone backed away from her and she finally gave it up having made no money and losing most of her friends. It's almost like they get gripped in a cult.

There's a longstanding thread about MLMs on the Money Board - well worth a read.

BettySpagBol Sun 12-Aug-18 02:27:29

They get a small percentage of any sales and if they sign anyone up to sell they get a cut of their sales too. But I don't know exact figures, around 10% I think....

She's currently flogging a starter kit for £69 that you need to start your business but worth £300 apparently 🙄

They're obviously told to do Facebook live every day showing different makeup looks.... which means they've bought everything in the range out of their own pockets!

BettySpagBol Sun 12-Aug-18 02:28:58

@SilverySurfer shockshock

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