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Should I pay?

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Strictly1 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:16:45

Basically our fire broke, someone came out in April to mend it - took it apart and left to order a part. We contacted them three times since then and each time it has been we are struggling to get the part. Out of the blue we have received an unbroken down invoice for just over £400! We now have a quote to mend the fire - all broken down - and it is £100 less than that.
In my eyes they forfeited any right to payment when they failed to communicate with us. My fire has been in bits on my floor since April! AIBU to not pay?

Melliegrantfirstlady Sun 24-Jun-18 08:23:05

I wouldn’t pay! Unless he told you it would take three months initially?

How much was the part?

Have the other company been able to get the part quicker?

You could get a new fire for£400

Berthatydfil Sun 24-Jun-18 08:28:26

I think you should contact them in writing along these lines
I have received your invoice dated xx.xx.xxxx for £400.
There is no detailed breakdown attached so I am at a loss to establish how you come to this amount given that you attended my home on xx.xx, dismantled the fire and have struggled to source the replacement part meaning I still have a dismantled non functioning fire.
In the meantime due to your failure to be able to repair the fire I have received a quote of £100 to complete the works.
Can you please supply me with a breakdown of the costs on your invoice as I am not prepared to pay it without it. Please also justify these costs when it appears to me that all you have done is visit me home dismantle the fire (approx xx hours work) and then fail to complete the job.

Yours sincerely

I suspect you will be liable to pay them their call out and/or hourly rate for the work done to dismantle it and identify the defective part but no more. So if/when they come back with a breakdown that would be all I would offer to pay.

Roystonv Sun 24-Jun-18 08:29:23

I would suggest writing to them saying that you were very surprised to receive their account as the work is still not complete and the fire remains unusable, that you are sure it is an error on their part and that you will not be paying anything until all work is completed to a satisfactory standard within say two weeks. You then have set a marker for them to work to and if they do not comply then I would write again to advise them you have employed another contractor and will not be paying their account. If hassled Trading Standards, their regulatory body or let them take you to court.

Strictly1 Sun 24-Jun-18 08:33:50

Melliegrantfirstlady The other company has told me they can complete the job if I’m happy with the quote.

Thank you for the replies - my initial response was it’s an error or they’re trying it on.

Aridane Sun 24-Jun-18 08:42:57

Does the other company have the part@?

Bibesia Sun 24-Jun-18 08:43:04

Don't bother to ask for a breakdown. Just tell them they were contracted to mend the fire, they haven't done it, therefore no payment is due.

Xenia Sun 24-Jun-18 09:01:02

Also check what you contracted for - eg if there was a call out charge like a plumber or heating men that you pay no matter whatever extra work there is and even if they do not fix it as it is a charge for their time then that's different.

Strictly1 Sun 24-Jun-18 09:22:07

As far as I am aware they don’t have the part. We have a dismantled fire and a bill!
Had they been more upfront and said I’m sorry we are unable to get the part therefore there will be a call out charge of £x I’d pay no quibble. But to give me a bill for over £100 more than a quote to do the complete job, no communication other than sending the invoice without a breakdown feels beyond cheeky.
I think I’ll send a response a long the lines I think you’ve made an error and if I get a response saying sorry you just owe for a call out I’ll pay but I have no intentions of paying the full amount.

Leyani Sun 24-Jun-18 09:31:26

It’s important to set them a timescale though for rectifying the issue - in case they try to pursue this further

Annonymiss123 Sun 24-Jun-18 09:43:43

I'd also take pics of the dismantled state of your fire that they left you with, before the other crowd fix it.

DevilsDoorbell Sun 24-Jun-18 09:50:55

I would hope it’s a mistake but if. It, definitely tell them where to go

longwayoff Sun 24-Jun-18 10:54:42

Dont pay anything. They have not fulfilled the contract. Dont agree to any offer they make to complete. Sack em and get someone else.

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