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To be annoyed at made up threads!

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Lndnmummy Sat 23-Jun-18 08:02:13

Why do people do this? Once again I have been completely duped by a poor woman in relationships. Took lots of time to write replies, only for the thread to go poof as it appears that the poster wasn’t genuine. Why?! Why do people do it and why am I so gullible as to fall for this shit!
I’m sorry just venting

BigPinkBall Sat 23-Jun-18 08:06:07

Is that the one with the sugar daddy woman who wanted a baby?

Chocolatecoffeeaddict Sat 23-Jun-18 08:07:55

Bored or lonely people who need some interaction or fancy stirring up trouble.
There's three different threads started by someone about the same story on here and I can't believe people don't realise it's made up.

Lndnmummy Sat 23-Jun-18 08:17:07

Bigpinkball, yes that’s the one 🙄

BigPinkBall Sat 23-Jun-18 14:36:58

I commented on that one too in good faith, but I must say I had my doubts about it, it sounded a bit like how some people imagine other people live, something wasn’t quite right.

pigsDOfly Sat 23-Jun-18 14:40:29

The longer I'm on here the better I'm getting at sussing them out. I actually told a poster that I didn't believe them and sure enough it eventually disappear as the poster was a pbp.

I suspect 90% of them are made up tbh or embellished to a great extent.

MapleLeafRag Sat 23-Jun-18 15:23:23

What about the thread where her partner was going to pay £150 a month to live in her house while renting his house out to pay off debts? hmm

I did wonder and now it’s gone!

TheProvincialLady Sat 23-Jun-18 15:35:42

Mumsnet is full of absolute shite these days and I agree, it’s mostly really easy to spot them. I feel sorry for them. What a hobby.

mrcharlie Sat 23-Jun-18 15:37:09

What a coincidence that this topic has come up.
A friend of ours is forever elaborating the facts to make it sound more interesting. I recognised a story on my home city's forum site and after checking previous posts confirmed it was indeed my friend, BUT, the shit they were writing had been dramatised so much it was laughable. I've seen the friend since and I just no longer believe a single word they say, they are completely full of shit!!


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