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My neighbor is having loud sex at 8:30 in the morning!

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Serendipite Fri 22-Jun-18 23:48:20

They usually have loud sex (it's the woman we hear often) but this time, it's at bloody 8:30 in the morning!

What would you do?

SneakyGremlins Fri 22-Jun-18 23:49:28

Nothing, assuming it's a weekday.

Weekend? I'd try and drown them out myself grin

Serendipite Fri 22-Jun-18 23:50:16

Saturday morning!

HildaZelda Fri 22-Jun-18 23:52:20

Give them a cheer and a loud round of applause when they've finished.
I guarantee you they'll be a lot quieter in future!

SneakyGremlins Fri 22-Jun-18 23:53:28

Can you drop round a pair of those cheap little medals you give kids on sports day?

OftenHangry Fri 22-Jun-18 23:54:33

Or what @HildaZelda said 😂

IfYouDontImagineNothingHappens Fri 22-Jun-18 23:57:45

'Tis the best time. Start some competition and definitely a round of applause at the end grin

MariaMadita Sat 23-Jun-18 00:00:39

Good for them smile

Noise insulation? Or idk... You could also have sex (or masturbate)?

Tartsamazeballs Sat 23-Jun-18 00:02:45

"She's faking it!" once the performance has ended?

Littlechocola Sat 23-Jun-18 00:04:07

Good for them

BigChocFrenzy Sat 23-Jun-18 00:08:15

If the AIBU is WWYD

Copy them / mind your own business

How is this affecting you ?

Goodasgoldilox Sat 23-Jun-18 00:12:30

Remember Meg Ryan and the cafe in When Harry met Sally: The 'I'll have what she's having' line could be in answer to a loud question about what you'd like for breakfast?

Ifonlyfor1day Sat 23-Jun-18 00:12:38

Good for them.

There is not much you can do, maybe get earplugs.

AmazingPostVoices Sat 23-Jun-18 00:13:55

You could politely and delicately let them know that you can hear them through the walls.

CanIBuffalo Sat 23-Jun-18 00:14:17

When they finish, shout "Seven!" In a Len voice.

Serendipite Sat 23-Jun-18 00:14:33

How is this affecting you ?

Uhm, it's 8:30am. It's nice to have coffee in peace.

Then again, the other next door neighbour has a baby. At least the baby isn't wailing.

Prawnofthepatriarchy Sat 23-Jun-18 00:14:43

Good for them. Great way to start the day! What on earth did you plan to do, OP? Go round and throw a bucket of water over them?

DownstairsMixUp Sat 23-Jun-18 00:18:31

Marks out of ten loudly

Takfujuimoto Sat 23-Jun-18 00:18:36

Fingers crossed they're Enthusiastically ttc and in roughly 9 months you'll be book ended by babies 😂

Serendipite Sat 23-Jun-18 00:20:20

in roughly 9 months you'll be book ended by babies 😂

I'll be in earplugs 24/7! grin

Mountainsoutofmolehills Sat 23-Jun-18 00:21:41

Nice. It always sounds better when it's a woman making the noise smile If it goes on for months and the noise drives you nuts.. can you move your bed?

Serendipite Sat 23-Jun-18 00:24:19

* If it goes on for months and the noise drives you nuts.. can you move your bed?*

Actually I'm downstairs and in the kitchen. It's that loud. grin Our bed is in the other side of the room, not next to the wall where I think their bed is. So there's our room, a staircase, and the wall.

Sometimes they answer each other's moaning, oftentimes it's the woman.

Ginismyfriendx Sat 23-Jun-18 00:26:16

I used to have neighbours that I heard regularly - 11pm ever Wednesday without fail. Only ever then though. Always presumed they must have taken advantage of Orange Wednesdays grin
Wednesday became my default treat night, I’d bugger off for a long bath (the not connecting side of the house) with a glass of wine until 11.30. At which time they’d just about be finishing off...

LuluJakey1 Sat 23-Jun-18 00:26:55

Good for them. I can't remember the last Saturday morning we could have sex at 8.30am given we are up before 7 with two small children. We used to have sex every Saturday morning life before children was much easier and self-indulgent

Bramble71 Sat 23-Jun-18 00:28:55

Move to a detached property?

You can't dictate people's sex lives. They probably think those who stick to sex just before bedtime are boring.

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