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To warn you all that McDonald's ice creams are changing?

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QuestionableMouse Fri 22-Jun-18 14:22:59

Mini and reduced size flurries start next week. And no more sundaes after September.

Get your fill now while you can 😂😂😂

DeepfriedPizza Fri 22-Jun-18 14:32:08

why no sundaes?

SendYouUpInFlames Fri 22-Jun-18 14:54:52

No more sundaes sad

Ivorbig1 Fri 22-Jun-18 14:55:51

Good news imo.

TheGreatestHo Fri 22-Jun-18 14:56:50

as if they even filled the regular mcflurries anyway

Stephisaur Fri 22-Jun-18 15:00:45

I can't understand why anyone would want a SMALLER mcflurry!

More ice cream, always grin

ReggaetonLente Fri 22-Jun-18 15:02:56


argumentativefeminist Fri 22-Jun-18 15:03:56

Source? I googled it and can't find anything but maybe it's insider information 😂

Stephisaur Fri 22-Jun-18 15:06:32


Shared on the McDonald's Facebook page this morning

argumentativefeminist Fri 22-Jun-18 15:07:59

But the sundaes? I love the sundaes 😭😭

argumentativefeminist Fri 22-Jun-18 15:08:22

Thank you though @stephisaur!

Johnnycomelately1 Fri 22-Jun-18 15:08:32

Dodging the sugar tax?

IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece Fri 22-Jun-18 15:09:56

Toffee sundae with an apple pie smushed in is good of the gods!!

Fucking Jamie Oliver and his sugar tax (may very well not be his doing but he’s pissed me off so I’m just going to blame him for this aswell!)

BitchQueen90 Fri 22-Jun-18 15:10:21

It doesn't say that they're getting rid of the normal size ones anywhere though? Just that they are introducing smaller ones.

PolkerrisBeach Fri 22-Jun-18 15:10:33

Just buy two?

Stephisaur Fri 22-Jun-18 15:12:35

Having read the article in more detail, the smaller ones seem to be a temporary thing.

Shame about the sundaes though!

@PolkerrisBeach don't be so sensible ;)

Allegorical Fri 22-Jun-18 15:16:32

They got rid of the Sunday’s once before. I used to love the hot fudge Sunday which never made a return. Mcflurries don’t taste of anything

MeMyShelfandIkea Fri 22-Jun-18 15:21:29

Toffee sundae with an apple pie smushed in is good of the gods!!

I had that exact thing last week to console myself having arrived home from holiday. What on earth shall I do?? lose weight maybe

Wellthisunexpected Fri 22-Jun-18 15:25:07

No more sundaes?! Nooooooooooooo!

ikeepaforkinmypurse Fri 22-Jun-18 15:42:13

what do you mean no more Sundaes? Are they trying to go into bankruptcy or something? angry

WerkSupp Fri 22-Jun-18 15:46:51

No more sundaes!?

KirstenRaymonde Fri 22-Jun-18 15:49:19

Mini McFlurries is a bloody sensible marketing ploy. So many people who wouldn’t have had one with a meal will get one now, as they’ll tell themselves it’s just little so not as bad, just a little treat etc. Rather than a bit McFlurry that’s clearly an unhealthy choice. Smart move McDonald’s.

PhilODox Fri 22-Jun-18 15:49:31

Yeah- probably linked to sugar content.

HazelBite Fri 22-Jun-18 15:58:27

But will I be able to get a 99?

Aeroflotgirl Fri 22-Jun-18 15:59:12

why is it good news Ivor you killjoy. Why is it harming you?

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