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To believe that non stick pans don’t exist!

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MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 20:47:00

I’ve bought my fair share of pans of the years - spent a little, spent a lot... never truly non stick! I tried a Jamie Oliver recipe yesterday in my new lovely new “non stick” yep everything stuck to the bottom within minutes. So aibu to ask - is it all a con! Am I missing something? Does anyone know of one that really is “non stick”

RitaMad Thu 21-Jun-18 20:48:12

What are you cooking that’s sticking? Are you using enough oil? Is the pan too hot?

ZispinAndTurmericLatte Thu 21-Jun-18 20:50:18

I gave up on them and got myself iron ones. I don't think I'm using anymore cooking fat than I used to, and no more scratched pans.

MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 20:52:19

@rita this recipe was one where you use the fat from the skin to oil. But... surely that’s the point- it’s non stick - any fat releasing food doesn’t need too much oil? May just stick to my iron ones

BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 21-Jun-18 20:54:55

I thought the same OP until I bought my set of Tefal Ingenios - they are perfect! Hand was which is a pain but it really is worth it. I never use oil/fat any more.

MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 20:56:10

Benydick is this true? Or will I have my gear broken again as I scrape bits of burnt on meat into my dinner smile

MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 20:56:29


BendydickCuminsnatch Thu 21-Jun-18 20:56:30

(And yes they’re completely non-stick!)

Mybabystolemysanity Thu 21-Jun-18 20:57:09

Scoville Neverstick from ASDA! On offer there just now. Heavy and indestructible, apparently!

Laiste Thu 21-Jun-18 21:00:39

I bought a pan from QVC a couple of years ago which is blue and meant to be a 'stone' non stick finish or something. Hob to oven removable handle. It's BRILLIANT.

Even DD3 (19) hasn't managed to ruin it and she ruins ALL my bloody pans. (Mainly by slicing up what ever she's cooking in it while it's still in there angry)

MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 21:04:27

Ooh those Tefal ones have good reviews!

BoreOfWhabylon Thu 21-Jun-18 21:06:51

Circulon Ultimum. I just posted about mine on another thread. Nothing sticks, even without oil. I only ever clean by holding under a running tap and giving a little wipe with a cloth/paper towel/washing up brush. Then dry straight away.

Pricey though, but usually some on sale somewhere.

RitaMad Thu 21-Jun-18 21:09:15

If you’re cooking something fatty without oil, you need to do it on a really low heat until the fat starts to render. You also need to be careful not to turn too soon.

dupainduvin Thu 21-Jun-18 21:09:17

My greenpan is very non stick. In general,
I find they only last a couple of years, they do lose non stick over time

HopeAndJoy16 Thu 21-Jun-18 21:11:20

We have one of the stone ones and it was great for a while, and now is just as bad as any sad We only ever hand wash our pans anyway since our dishwasher died 2 years ago so I'm very disappointed in it.

BertieBotts Thu 21-Jun-18 21:13:47

I burn everything and ruin non stick pans too! I don't know what I am doing wrong.

I have found ceramic type rather than teflon type are much much better and don't seem to damage as easily. But mainly I stick to stainless steel because I can't wreck those.

RitaMad Thu 21-Jun-18 21:14:14

I have a Salter ‘marble collection’ pan I use most often and I’ve never had food stick to it. It’s got a good heavy base, too.

BertieBotts Thu 21-Jun-18 21:15:39

And I find it very wasteful to just throw out a pan after two years.

My favourite stainless steel pans are over 30 years old. The handles need replacing because they haven't reacted well to our dishwasher, but other than that they look brand new. The only way you can tell how old they are is they have the year of manufacture on the base. I inherited them from a friend of my mum's and I will be very sad if we ever move to induction and I have to give them up (they are copper bottomed).

NannyR Thu 21-Jun-18 21:25:36

I have Ikea frying pans and a circulon infinity saute pan/wok. It's very, very rare that anything sticks, usually when the heat is too high or I leave it unattended.

At work we don't have any non stick pans, just stainless steel ones and it drives me mad. Cooking the kids breakfast results in a pan with welded on porridge or scrambled egg that needs soaking all day then heavy duty scrubbing. I've tried cooking at lower temps, using more oil or butter but it still sticks.
If I make scrambled egg in my non stick frying pan at home any residue just wipes out with a bit of kitchen paper. Does anyone have any tips for cooking in stainless steel pans without it sticking?

unintentionalthreadkiller Thu 21-Jun-18 21:26:17

Are you trying to turn whatever you're cooking too soon?

My Tefal pans are brilliant.

MrTrebus Thu 21-Jun-18 21:27:20

I got some Tower ones off Groupon and they are stone coated. Completely non stick and brilliant and cheap off Groupon.

JaceLancs Thu 21-Jun-18 21:28:16

Circulon - my oldest ones are 15+ years old
I use the smaller stock pots as casseroles and have now started buying their dearest range bakeware
They are amazing

TammySwansonTwo Thu 21-Jun-18 21:28:33

We had one of those stone effect looking ones and it was awesome... for about 5 or 6 months. I don’t believe there are any that last long term.

Peanutbuttercups21 Thu 21-Jun-18 21:35:22

I had this debate with MIL

She cooked an egg in one, and it the pan.

I said, you have to add a little fat

She got all argumentative, said what is the point then, it says non-stick.yet the egg is stuck, stupid pan

I explained that you use a lot less oil, but you still need to use some.

She then cooked a lean steak in it at maximum heat, no fat, it stuck again and she scraped at it with metal spoon ...confused

Then the pan was ruined

She was so cross with me for recommending such a piece of crap grin

Some people should not attempt non-stick pans, just leave it OP wink

MyKingdomForACaramel Thu 21-Jun-18 21:35:58

I hadn’t heard of Cerculon before so may try one pan out (not sure I’m ready to commit a couple of hundred for a set!)

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