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Pissed off by how many holidays she goes on?

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LuxeLisbon Thu 21-Jun-18 19:05:06

She works part time in a minimum wage job and he’s unemployed ... yet they are probably on their 10th holiday of the year.

He’s a well known dealer in this area.

Just shit to see people benefiting from pretty much ruining lives

ReadytoTalk Thu 21-Jun-18 19:06:55

People dont have to buy drugs off them.

SoddingUnicorns Thu 21-Jun-18 19:07:47

People dont have to buy drugs off them

Addicts don’t exactly have free will do they?

PolkerrisBeach Thu 21-Jun-18 19:09:06

Misleading title. Should be "Why aren't the Police catching this local criminal".

RoseyOldCrow Thu 21-Jun-18 19:09:14

Do the police know he is a dealer, too?

hidinginthenightgarden Thu 21-Jun-18 19:09:44

Karma is a bitch OP. It will catch up with them.
In the meantime you are not unreasonable to be pissed off with the unfairness.

pasturesgreen Thu 21-Jun-18 19:10:42

Who is 'she'?

massivelyouting Thu 21-Jun-18 19:11:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Thu 21-Jun-18 19:12:58

Karma is a bitch OP. It will catch up with them.

Nah. It rarely does with these type.

Shop them in OP.

caperberries Thu 21-Jun-18 19:13:29

If she’s posting about the holidays on social media, it could well end up being used as evidence in court

SoddingUnicorns Thu 21-Jun-18 19:14:17

And aye, why aren’t the police looking at him?

Namechangedforthispost18 Thu 21-Jun-18 19:15:20

Shop them

troodiedoo Thu 21-Jun-18 19:16:09

Who is 'she'?

The cat's mother?

Whatthefoxgoingon Thu 21-Jun-18 19:18:03

Shop them, rather than complaining on here

shinycat Thu 21-Jun-18 19:19:33

It's someone very close to you isn't it?

DontDribbleOnTheCarpet Thu 21-Jun-18 19:21:05

I think the holidays are the least offensive thing about them TBH.
Perhaps consider shopping them and hoping they get another break at Her Majesty's pleasure.

WilsonPhillips Thu 21-Jun-18 19:21:47

I know a couple locally; they live in a huge house. He has a 'business' but everyone - and I mean everyone knows he's a drug dealer. She is a SAHM who thinks she's a cut above everyone else and acts all snooty and up herself. When in actual fact they're both skanks living off drug money.

People like this just get away with it!

cmlover Thu 21-Jun-18 19:22:36

drug dealers are amoung the scum of the earth, praying of the vulnerable.

can you inform the police?;

rosamacrose Thu 21-Jun-18 19:23:42

You maybe should have posted a different title. Her holidays aren't really the problem. How they pay for them is.

LuxeLisbon Thu 21-Jun-18 19:26:22

I personally dislike the police quite strongly so I would never speak to them anyway.

But even if I did then what’s the point? As soon as one drug dealer gets banged up there’s another one waiting to take their place.

I even had a business card handed to me yesterday for a weed dealer

SoddingUnicorns Thu 21-Jun-18 19:28:33

Dealers have business cards? Isn’t that like leaving a trail of breadcrumbs for the police? Seems very silly to me.

ilovesooty Thu 21-Jun-18 19:29:51

If you're not going to do anything to stop them dealing YABU to whinge about their holidays then.

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Thu 21-Jun-18 19:30:28

I personally dislike the police quite strongly so I would never speak to them anyway.

What, all of them? confused

ZibbidooZibbidooZibbidoo Thu 21-Jun-18 19:30:56

What if you were attacked or burgled? You wouldn’t phone the police?

PolkerrisBeach Thu 21-Jun-18 19:31:55

I personally dislike the police quite strongly

Ah, you're one of them. hmm

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