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To ask for help tracking down these sweets

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DinoGreen Thu 21-Jun-18 11:28:31

Shameless post for traffic.

I am a sweet addict, also a vegetarian which limits which sweets I can eat.

Had an amazing independent sweet shop which used to stock these delicious veggie sweets, they were imported from somewhere, I think they told me Holland once but I could be wrong. Shop closed down and I have tried to track these sweets down online without success as they are soooo amazing. Description below:

Sour sugar covered
Smiley faces, but each sweet was half and half in different colours/flavours.

I have googled incessantly and found all sorts of vegetarian sour smileys but none in the half and half style.

Power of MN can you help?

GahWhatever Thu 21-Jun-18 11:35:17

Not smiley faces but try the Goody Good Stuff Sour mix and match sweets.
They are stripy and mixed flavours, but sugar coated and sour.

MarklahMarklah Thu 21-Jun-18 11:39:18

Try looking at Sugar Sin. They have a few branches around the country and you can order online. They are one of the few shops that sell sour vegetarian sweets that I've found. Not sure whether they'll have the 'half and half' ones you're after, but they do have some very nice sweets.

FriedGreenTomatoes123 Thu 21-Jun-18 11:56:11

I can't help with your smiley faces however Candy Kittens do lovely sour sweets and they're all vegan.

musicinthe00ssucks Thu 21-Jun-18 11:58:48

I was going to say Candy Kittens. A friend at work brought them in the other day and they were delicious! I think she got them in Waitrose.

BlueSapp Thu 21-Jun-18 12:00:43

I would say go to your local wholesaler, that's probably where the sweet shop was getting them.

DinoGreen Thu 21-Jun-18 12:16:16

Gosh some delicious looking options at Sugarsin and Candy Kitten ... the sour watermelons at the latter look very similar to what I used to buy actually! Worth a try although not what I had in mind ... still it’s no real hardship to order and taste test these different options!

DinoGreen Thu 21-Jun-18 12:33:46

Thanks for the tip Bluesapp, I will research local wholesalers ...

McPie Thu 21-Jun-18 13:03:10

Try treasure island sweets or a quarter of, they might not have what you are looking for but the last time I ventured onto one of them the postie commented on the weight of the box blush

MrsRubyMonday Thu 21-Jun-18 13:03:47

A lot of Tesco own brand jelly sweets are now vegetarian, their fizzy laces and fizzy rainbow belts are definitely. Not exactly what you are looking for, but something worth trying maybe?

SimonBridges Thu 21-Jun-18 13:04:31

Candy Kitten aren’t all vegan. Some of them aren’t even veggie.
M&S veggie sweets are worth a look.

SimonBridges Thu 21-Jun-18 13:09:53

Oh, perhaps they are. I’m confused.

DaveyouareanuttertwatDave Thu 21-Jun-18 13:13:34

Try these candy kittens. I got mine in superdrug

Ivegotnothing Thu 21-Jun-18 13:15:47

amazon have some that have half and half colours..

Loyly Thu 21-Jun-18 13:29:57

@DinoGreen they sound like Scandinavian sweets called Surskallar. You can see them here.

doradoo Thu 21-Jun-18 13:33:19

I think you might be after the Katjes Brand sweets, they’re made with veggie gelatin and they do a wide range of shapes and flavours — not sure where supplies them in the UK though.

Takeoutyourhen Thu 21-Jun-18 13:40:30

I think Sainsbury's sticks then veggie Katje sweets

Lunde Thu 21-Jun-18 13:55:42

These sort of sour sweets are really popular in Sweden in every supermarket pick and mix. I could not find the sour skulls at the moment that are vegetarian

But you can get the two-tone sour tongues that are suitable for vegetarians from Amazon

AllyMcBeagle Thu 21-Jun-18 13:59:23

We're the actual sweets in the shape of faces? And are they split down the middle colour-wise?

I found these which are Swedish. The bag has a picture of a face on it but the sweets do not. They have different flavours in the middle and on the outside:

DinoGreen Thu 21-Jun-18 14:31:50

None of these are the right ones but thanks so much everyone for trying and lots of yummy new options for me to try! @Loyly the surskaller are the closest so far but these ones were round and had smiles on them! Oh I wish I could find them!

caddywally Thu 21-Jun-18 22:05:13

Could it be these? I can't tell if they're veggie, though, as I don't speak Dutch!

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