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To ask about a one off nanny?

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Starryceiling Wed 20-Jun-18 23:42:34

Is it possible to find experienced nannies happy to do a day or night as a one off at short notice?

I’m not sure why I’m asking though as don’t think I would be comfortable leaving my lovely baby with a stranger.

All I want is to sleep! I’ve been coping so well but tonight I’ve hit a wall and feel like I physically can’t carry on no matter what I try. I’m having to slap my face to stay awake. Usually I try lots of water, quick bursts of energy etc but it feels like the battery is now totally flat!

Normally I do nights but DH took baby tonight for a while although she needed feeding very soon and he’s driving a lot tomorrow for work so I’ve told him to go back to bed. He’s away tomorrow night and I don’t know what to do!

Starryceiling Wed 20-Jun-18 23:43:08

Meant to be quick bursts of exercise

LM1970 Wed 20-Jun-18 23:47:00

Very possible OP. I had similar when DD1 was a baby and I was a lone parent.

I was lucky as one of the mums at the nursery had a nanny who did most pick ups so was able to have a word with her and she was more than happy to help out. Start off a very casual arrangement- one or two nights a month, but then she started having her for 6 hours at a weekend so I could catch up on sleep (and housework!)

Carried on the arrangement once a month up until DD was 11 and DS had come along as it was time me and ex spent together

frasier Wed 20-Jun-18 23:47:54

At a baby show three years ago there was a company called night nannies or something. They did just this, they were trained nurses actually but specialised in overnight care for any child. I think they worked in the London area but there may well be others.

What I did when we moved and I knew no one (in case of emergencies because DH is away a lot rather than for sleep as DS is older now) was organise a nanny for a few play dates so she got to know DS and then she’s on call if needed.

LM1970 Wed 20-Jun-18 23:48:05

Give yourself a break though OP- it’s tough! Can someone come round for a few hours tomorrow so you can have a nice soak in the bath and chill?

GoldilocksAndTheThreePears Wed 20-Jun-18 23:50:02

There are nanny agencies which may fit the bill, or if you have funds a maternity nurse may be what you need. But the cost is a thing. If you happen to be in a family area you may find a qualified nanny who is looking for babysitting- I know where I was, sw london, it wasn't unusual to be asked for qualifications and a reference for a babysitting job, usually just wanted to speak to my boss and proof I had first aid/level 3 childcare. What I mean is a babysitter needn't be an unqualified teen, but qualified and experienced, but obviously with a higher cost.

Starryceiling Thu 21-Jun-18 02:24:56

Thank you all

In my darkest hour baby took pity on me and just slept two hours! So I have found some more energy to carry on. Once DH is back I will get him involved more too as I do almost all baby care atm (but tbh I am usually happy to)

No family nearby so nobody to take baby - a bath sounds like a different world!

A night nanny would be ideal - can’t afford a maternity nurse long term but as a one off it would really help! Question is where to start - I might try Facebook community page rather than agency (but would check qualifications) we would like to go by localbr commendation it possible as not sure about a stranger looking after baby!

thousandpapercranes Thu 21-Jun-18 02:44:33

Is personally go with an agency. You may pay slightly more but you’d get someone who’s DBS checked, with references etc.

PalePinkSwan Thu 21-Jun-18 04:25:20

We found ours by getting recommendations on Facebook then hiring them through an agency.

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