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AIBU to wonder if anyone has tried hot Pilates?

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titsbumfannythelot Wed 20-Jun-18 20:40:33

And if there was any difference to normal Pilates?

I quite fancy it but don't know anyone who has tried it.

KingIrving Thu 21-Jun-18 04:19:49

Hot yoga is no better than normal yoga

Hot pilates sounds to me like a $$$-grabbing idea

calamariqueen Thu 21-Jun-18 05:22:19

I love hot pilates! Muscles feel great & skin feels wonderful after a good shower afterwards! Would definitely recommend.

UserX Thu 21-Jun-18 06:20:10

Well you could just find a regular Pilates class held in an un-air conditioned school hall and see if you like it?

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