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To ask what I'm supposed to buy 4 year old for bath?

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Griefbacon Tue 19-Jun-18 19:14:57

My lovely friend has asked for bath fun stuff for her daughter who is 4. I struck gold with the funny faces bath stickers- foam pieces which make faces and a little fishing game the year before but what can I get?? About £25 spend

Griefbacon Tue 19-Jun-18 19:15:22

Oh and ideally something her and older sister can play with too. Age 6

crapp Tue 19-Jun-18 19:16:45

one of those wind up sharks/frogs that swims around

the LED floating candles in different colours that light up the bath

GummyGoddess Tue 19-Jun-18 19:17:29

Bath crayons?

Laiste Tue 19-Jun-18 19:17:54

NOT anything squeezy which fills with water which you can't quite get all out again. It's soooooo minging with mould inside things like this after a few weeks! And then you squeeze it all into the bath next time! Ugh. I've only just learned this.

CanaryFish Tue 19-Jun-18 19:18:59

If she doesn’t have any skin issues what about bath fizzers or foams that sort of thing.

DrLucyMaxwell Tue 19-Jun-18 19:19:13

My DD loves watching little bathbombs dissolve. I think she’d probably love this ice cream thing too

TheFifthKey Tue 19-Jun-18 19:19:53

Buckets of foam letters, bath crayons. Those sand toys with all the funnels and cogs and things work well in the bath too. We also have this which looks babyish but my 4 and 6yo still play with it -

crumpet Tue 19-Jun-18 19:19:53

Bath whistles are fun. Themed (or personalised) flannels and/or bath towels?

NewSense Tue 19-Jun-18 19:20:12

These are fantastic. My kids love them. Just seen they're reduced, so will be buying another pot for my oldest for her birthday! The colours mix really nicely to make new colours.

Phalarope Tue 19-Jun-18 19:21:09

Goggles. Currently de rigueur bath wear for the 4 year old in our house. A snorkel?

EspressoButler Tue 19-Jun-18 19:21:18

Foam letters are still a hit. The older almost teenage DS ones just try to spell rude words grin

cliffdiver Tue 19-Jun-18 19:21:59

My DDs who are 4 and 6 share a bath and love their mermaid Barbies (one has a light up tail, one has a dolphin).

They enjoy the Peppa Pig boat, fishing frogs, The Little Mermaid flower shower bathtub, foam Lego and the tea party set.

EdHelpPls Tue 19-Jun-18 19:22:01

Color My Bath Water Colour Changing Bath Tablets, 300-Piece

My kids love these. It’s like a box of hundreds of tiny bath bombs.

mangomama91 Tue 19-Jun-18 19:24:15

You can get magic bath bombs that are shell shaped and dissolve into small plastic mermaids. My daughter had one and loved watching it dissolve to find out which mermaid she would get.

IHeartKingThistle Tue 19-Jun-18 19:24:33

Trust me on this, the WOW toys Danny the Diver boat. I'm not allowed to get rid of ours and my DC are now 8 and 11 grin

Katescurios Tue 19-Jun-18 19:24:44

What about one of the fun kids poncho towels for after too, so a toy, some bath goop and a towel?

rebelrosie12 Tue 19-Jun-18 19:25:49

Lush have some rainbow bath dough. Like soft soap that they can mould in the bath.

Peabody25 Tue 19-Jun-18 19:27:31

Basketball that sticks to the side of the bath?

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Tartanwallpaper Tue 19-Jun-18 19:27:33

I'm no longer a fan of lush but mine love bath jelly

Notevilstepmother Tue 19-Jun-18 19:33:09

Buckets with different holes in

2pointfourmonkeys Tue 19-Jun-18 19:36:21

As much as i have tried to avoid it my 2 (4&7) LOVE their barbie bath mermaids... i think at 4 they are growing out of wind up toys etc unfortunately.

bettycat81 Tue 19-Jun-18 19:39:55

Fishin for floaters- you may never be asked to buy bath toys again...grin

RandomMess Tue 19-Jun-18 19:40:00

Tea set!

Griefbacon Tue 19-Jun-18 19:41:27

I am LOVING these thank you!!!

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