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To boast about getting a First?

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TheGlaikitRambler Tue 19-Jun-18 13:00:35

Found out today that I got a First in my degree. I went back to uni as a mature student with 3 kids and it has been hard work, but I did it.
My DM has asked me not to boast on FB or post about it because it will upset my sisters, who didn't go to uni (didn't mention my brother who also didn't go!). I want to share my hard-won success on there though. I have spoken to my sisters, they all seem happy for me and have no idea what our DM is on about. They were all clever enough to go to uni but for various reasons chose not to.
Would it be unreasonable of me to ignore her request?

SluttyButty Tue 19-Jun-18 13:02:30

Ignore her. You're supposed to not be proud of what you've achieved because it might upset your siblings?

I'm assuming they're all grown ups and as such they should be mighty proud of you.

Congratulations btw 👏🏻

Onesmallstepforaman Tue 19-Jun-18 13:03:30

Not unreasonable at all. A first is bloody hard work, and should be celebrated, and congratulated. Well done. Not a bit jealous cos I'm thick as a brick 😊

GrapesAreMyJam Tue 19-Jun-18 13:04:17

Congratulations! Boast away! thanks

Tangled59 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:04:28

Meh. I don't really see why you need to share it on FB but that's just me. I got a First but didn't even got to the ceremony (in all fairness I was working abroad).

68Anon Tue 19-Jun-18 13:04:37

Congratulations smile Boast away. You did the hard work in studying and now you have been rewarded. Bask in your success.

Rockandrollwithit Tue 19-Jun-18 13:04:45

Hmm, I always think it's a bit cringy when people post this kind of thing on FB. I would stick to a proud to have finished kind of post and not mention the first.

I also have a first. I didn't post it on FB.

KC225 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:05:19

Ignore her. Post away.

cake congratulations OP. Well done.

MrsSarahSiddons Tue 19-Jun-18 13:06:25

Ignore her, - how mean of her not to rejoice in your achievement. Boast away!

ajandjjmum Tue 19-Jun-18 13:06:25

Boast away! Congratulations - you've done brilliantly.

Aria2015 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:06:33

Boast away! That's fantastic! Your sibling should be proud and happy for you, as should your dm!

quantende Tue 19-Jun-18 13:08:53

Congratulations, boast all you want, you have earned the right to imo!

Elspeth12345 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:09:08

Congratulations!!! Is it possible DM herself is a tiny bit jealous?

AtrocityNeedles Tue 19-Jun-18 13:10:32

I'm currently busting my balls on exam revision and believe me, if I gained a First the whole world would hear it! (fat chance though sad).

Bluntness100 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:11:09

Congrats! And yes boast, you earned it.

My daughter also just got a first, so I shall join you in the boasting, but albeit mine is for my daughter.

I don't get your mums view on this.

LeighaJ Tue 19-Jun-18 13:12:25


Ignore your Mum and post what you want.

intuition Tue 19-Jun-18 13:14:13

Sounds to me like you are past the age of needing your Mums permission!!!
Boast away

Ohyesiam Tue 19-Jun-18 13:15:28

She’s being mean.

skippy67 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:23:15

I'm going to boast my arse off if DS gets a First!

itsBritneyBeach Tue 19-Jun-18 13:24:31

Boast your arse off. Congratulations!!!

borlottibeans Tue 19-Jun-18 13:24:43

YANBU. Boast away and well done!

hellohello12345 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:25:33

Well done OP - be proud and certainly 'boast'!!!

DragonsAndCakes Tue 19-Jun-18 13:26:05

Exclude your mum (and sisters?) if it will make life easier.

DragonsAndCakes Tue 19-Jun-18 13:26:32

From the Facebook post I mean!

Loonoon Tue 19-Jun-18 13:26:55

Totally boast about it. You worked hard for it. Well done.

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