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to hate unisex toilets?

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SprinklesOnSeat Tue 19-Jun-18 10:24:23

NC for this as a bit embarrassing sad

I drive my sister to hospital every month or so for an eye treatment. Hospital has unisex toilets, and although they're clean, there's so often splashes on the seats, or seats are put up. When they're up, the cover is over the sides so there's a lot of handling involved to get them down again, and often they're wet anyway hmm

Yesterday the toilet I used had the seat up, and the rim of the bowl was wet. So I decided to hover. I don't know how I managed to do it, must have been bending too far forward, but I got my knickers drenched, and a huge puddle on the floor blush

I was dancing around, balancing on one leg, trying to get my jeans off without getting them wet as well, tiny room, bouncing off the walls. Knickers were saturated and had to be stuffed into sanitary bin. Pee all over my hands. When I came out of the loo my sister was waiting for me, she became hysterical as well when I told her what happened grin and pointed out a big wet stain at the bottom of my t-shirt that I hadn't even noticed blush

AIBU to wish that organisations would just fuck off with their fucking unisex toilets, and let men have banks of urinals where they can piss as they want, up the walls if they feel like it?

Maelstrop Tue 19-Jun-18 10:29:27

YANBU. In my current workplace, loos are unisex and absolutely fucking rank. I cannot wait to start my new job where I noticed the loos are female/male.

SluttyButty Tue 19-Jun-18 10:32:43

I hate them, really hate them. I'll attempt to cross my legs and find a ladies. However I do have bladder issues so have maps of all major towns in the south east with ladies only loos grin

PlateOfBiscuits Tue 19-Jun-18 10:34:30

I’ve only ever been in two unisex toilets but in both of them the men looked like they hadn’t realised it was unisex.

They were going to the loo with the cubicle door open and tucking away/doing their fly up while walking back towards the door.

Then they looked surprised that I was in there when they clocked me!

Oysterbabe Tue 19-Jun-18 10:34:53

You're slagging off men but you're the one who pissed everywhere. Just wipe the seat with some tissue and sit down.

RatRolyPoly Tue 19-Jun-18 10:35:13

I used to think the droplets on toilet seats were people pissing on them; then I realised that in a lot of cases the flush is so forceful that it splashes out a few droplets onto the seat. I always wait until after the flush and wipe them off now, just so the person coming in after me doesn't think I've pissed all over the place.

RatRolyPoly Tue 19-Jun-18 10:36:28

Oysterbabe has a point...

RubyShooFan Tue 19-Jun-18 10:36:37


araiwa Tue 19-Jun-18 10:38:33

Its a mans fault you pissed all over yourself and the cubicle?

Sleepyandtired21 Tue 19-Jun-18 10:40:23

I get what you’re saying but tbh I think you were a bit of a drama llama about the whole thing! I would have just dried the seat and sat down, but then I’ve never understood the whole hovering thing.

glenthebattleostrich Tue 19-Jun-18 10:40:40

Yeah just clean up after random men, that solves the problem. FFS.

YANBU OP, I loathe them.

RainOnATinRoof Tue 19-Jun-18 10:41:05

Hate unisex toilets too! Male pee has a particular smell, and it lingers no matter how clean the toilets are

Oysterbabe Tue 19-Jun-18 10:42:23

I'd put money on half the drips on the seat being from hoverers rather than men. I see them in the ladies toilets all the time.

RatRolyPoly Tue 19-Jun-18 10:43:23

Yeah just clean up after random men, that solves the problem.

What makes you think it was a man? The OP has proved that women are quite capable of pissing all over a toilet.

FWIW I think most splashes are the flush.

MrsHappyAndMrCool Tue 19-Jun-18 10:44:24

You're slagging off men but you're the one who pissed everywhere. Just wipe the seat with some tissue and sit down


Exactly this!

ginghamstarfish Tue 19-Jun-18 10:44:39

Yes, vile, in fact most public toilets are horrible anyway. People can be disgusting.

sirfredfredgeorge Tue 19-Jun-18 10:45:02

How did you clean up the toilet after your abuse? How do you know it wasn't a previous hoverer (of any sex) who made the seat wet?

Takfujuimoto Tue 19-Jun-18 10:45:10

why does man piss always reek so much more than,,, non male piss?

What's the science?

Oh and YANBU.

BarbarianMum Tue 19-Jun-18 10:46:36

Plenty of piss all over seat/floor in the womens. I blame all those women that hover.

siwel123 Tue 19-Jun-18 10:48:48

Tbh you claim it's men pissing all over the seat and then you pee on the floor and all over yourself so kind of defeats your point there.

Some people are rank when they go to toilet and don't flush and clean up etc but you get that regardless of sex.

LighthouseSouth Tue 19-Jun-18 10:48:54

oh dear, I feel for you

I hate unisex facilities too.

ragingmentalist Tue 19-Jun-18 10:51:08

I have no issue with unisex. In my experience, women are filthy c*nts in the toilets.

Used sanitary products just thrown on the floor? Jesus Christ.

And you're complaining about piss on a seat, you don't know if it was male piss, especially given as it was you who just pissed all over the toilet, and the floor.

ifeelsoextraordinary Tue 19-Jun-18 10:51:46

I hate them too. There’s a Costa in my in laws town with gents separate loos and one unisex facility for disabled, baby change and women. IT IS ALWAYS RANK. I’ve lost count of the times I been patiently waiting and out comes a man, and of course the seat is up, the floor is wet and more often than not it stinks. I’ve complained about the state of the loo to the staff before and they apologise and say they are always having to clean it. It’s closest to the till whereas the gents is a further 4 meters away so loads of men prefer to use it confused. I know women can be minging too but I’d always wait to find a women’s only loo unless I was absolutely desperate.
Sort it out Costa!

RatRolyPoly Tue 19-Jun-18 10:52:07

What's the science?

Men's piss smells funny and women can't park, isn't that right?

BarbaraofSevillle Tue 19-Jun-18 10:52:46

^why does man piss always reek so much more than,,, non male piss?

What's the science^

I assume it's for the same reason that tom cat piss reeks so much more than lady cat piss.

With tom cats, the problem is much reduced by removing their balls. Perhaps threat of the same fate may encourage the men who do this to leave communal toilet facilities in a cleaner state?

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