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moose234 Tue 19-Jun-18 05:28:22

Can't sleep being induced in 3 hours time, at 37 weeks plus 5, can I hear your induction stories? Thanks

StillRunningWithScissors Tue 19-Jun-18 05:40:56

Oh I couldn't sleep the night before either.

I went in at 42 weeks. It was missed that my baby was breech with feet up around the ears to boot.

They only realised after more than 24hrs of pessaries. Thankfully tried to break my waters before using the drip.

Had a section in the end, but it was very calm and went well.

I was strangely sad the night before going in to hospital though. I felt like once the baby was out, I couldn't protect it as well. I blame hormones

Hope it all goes as well for you.

My DD is almost none now :-)

There was lots of waiting

Etoilefilante Tue 19-Jun-18 06:00:00

You must have the same due date as me flowers i was induced on thursday night to give birth on Friday at 37+ 1

I had the first pessary at 10pm then woke at 1am with period pain and drenched in water. My beautiful baby was born normally by 6am. I'm cuddling him now!

Lauren83 Tue 19-Jun-18 06:10:09

I was induced in Jan at 39 weeks due to DS being big, went in Monday 8am and started pessaries about 10am, had our own room and they pretty much left us to it but came every few hours to hook me up to the monitor and see how I was doing. Had second pessary and started getting strong cramps and pressure in bum and thighs, although no one could find my cervix so wasn't sure if I was dilating, consultant came to check on the Tue as 3 midwifes couldn't find it, she found it but felt it was only 1cm.

Wed came and after 4 pessaries they suggested a section as nothing was happening, was gowned up for theatre 8am- 7pm then they had to cancel as too many emergencies, my plug then went so they asked did I want to still try for a natural but I had been in 4 days was knackered, plus there was a big queue of people waiting to have their waters broken after dilating and they said it could be another 24 hours at least until they could do mine. I then had it Thu afternoon and it was an amazing experience. I refused the section and asked for induction when they said they wanted him out early but would have chosen it had I known

That said I know plenty who's inductions went great and baby was out quickly, huge good luck and I hope you are holding your LO soon

nervousseacreature Tue 19-Jun-18 06:13:32

Mine ended in emcs, but I was just so relieved baby was ok.

Good luck op, fingers crossed it all goes smoothly for you.

MuckyMare Tue 19-Jun-18 06:15:09

Gel at 3pm. Nothing happened till midnight when my waters popped and labour begin with earnest.
Baby born at 8am

Good luck!

Tallyhooo Tue 19-Jun-18 06:20:39

My induction story is horrendous so I'm really reluctant to tell you!! All I can advice is don't be easily led if your not comfortable with something - and speak up!

My DD is 10months now and we're expecting another at xmas - so all good now!

Good luck OP xx

Mybabystolemysanity Tue 19-Jun-18 06:23:49

Broke my waters at 39 weeks and baby born 6 hours later. No synto and just gas and air and a shot of diamorphine. Stitches not as bad as I had feared and I had quite a lot. Growth scan and being given an induction date for DC2 as same blood pressure issues and big baby again. You'll be fine. I swear lots of positive thinking really helps.

MuckyMare Tue 19-Jun-18 07:37:31

If thus lady is about to be induced why would you cone on this thread to say how horrendous your induction is? Surely in that case you would just say nothing hmm

Scotinoz Tue 19-Jun-18 07:47:06

Ooo! Best of luck 🙂

I've had two inductions and both were super. Waters broken at 8am, baby arrived by 3.30pm.

Don't listen to the horror stories, lots of good ones too.

Lauren83 Tue 19-Jun-18 07:52:34

I'm sure OP has googled herself and read the birth boards so knows experiences are mixed, surely it's not good for her to only read great experiences and go into it with unrealistic expectations and feel like crap if hers doesn't go like that.

I had a choice on my induction and wanted views good and bad (and I got lots as I work with obstetricians and midwifes) and i was then able to make an informed decision knowing it could be quick and stress free or it could be a long week with a high chance of CS at the end

Whatshallidonowpeople Tue 19-Jun-18 07:54:03

Unless there is a health risk I would refuse induction.

Sixgeese Tue 19-Jun-18 07:56:25

I have lovely induction stories.

I have been induced twice, both times at 37 weeks ( I have a blood clotting disorder so they wanted to take me off clexane for the labour and put me back on as soon as DC was born)

I was given the gel in the labour ward and laid there with no pain for 6 hours. I was very bored are DH had brought a book and I was strapped to a monitor the whole time. At the 6 hour check, they found out I had dilated enough for my waters to be broken.

They broke my waters, then labour kicked in! I went from no pain to lots of pain straight away.

With DD1 they didn't believe me that the pain was so much so gave me a paracetamol, didn't help! I got gas and air after about 30 minutes and DD1 was born 2 hours after my water was broken. I think the midwife was shocked by the speed of the labour, according to DH after she grudgingly checked me just before DD1 was born, she shouted "it's a delivery and ran out the room"

With DD2, I explained what had happened with my previous induction and had gas and air waiting when my waters were broken. DD2 was born 90 minutes later.

My inductions were early, short and while it did hurt, it was labour, it probably didn't hurt more than normal labour but I didn't have the gradual increase in intensity. I have also had one natural labour with DS, I much preferred my inductions.

moose234 Tue 19-Jun-18 08:00:12

Thanks everyone- yes I am going to be induced due to the amount of reduced movements I have had- 10 episodes so it's best for baby to come out, I'm very nervous but also very excited!

mustbemad17 Tue 19-Jun-18 08:00:19

I'm pleased someone has posted this, i'm 41+4 & due to be induced tomorrow. Third baby but first requiring intervention so bit nervous! I know sometimes things go awry but it is nice to read semi-pleasant induction stories

Tallyhooo Tue 19-Jun-18 08:01:11

If the 'horrendous' comment was aimed at me I actually wish someone had given me the advice on being affirmative during birth before hand instead of going in with a blinkered 'it'll all be fine' attitude!! I became so subservient even when I knew the midwives were wrong -

I'd have much rather be fully informed than people constantly telling me 'it'll be fine' - then when it wasn't I wasn't prepared in the slightest -

(I didn't go into details.....)

welliesandsequins Tue 19-Jun-18 08:04:42

I was induced at 37 weeks. Not a lot happened for 24 hours. So they broke my waters. I had an epidural for health reasons. Dd both without any assistance about 12 hours later. A lot of hanging around but other than that no issues at all.

She is now 11 and off to secondary school in Sept. how did that happen?!

Good luck. You’ll soon have your precious baby in your arms smile

CurrentCurrant Tue 19-Jun-18 08:15:57

3 inductions here

1: 42 weeks, suppository and they laboured over the day to have him late evening. Not tons to say

2: 35 weeks due to PROM,straight to drip. Told I’d need an epidural but actually laboured quite slowly over night without fine and then had an intense active 15 min before birth

3: 37 weeks. Loss of waters slowly, GD. Tried the new gel nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Went upstairs finally for drip and further but walking upstairs started contracting and had her 20min later.

I can’t compare to normal labour I guess but none of them had me screaming for an epidural, the first I considered it out of tiredness but not pain despite being told over and over about it. None led to complications or inventions.

My one biggest tip is be active. The second you can walk the grounds, go for a cafe lunch etc. Even with no 2 on the drip I stood reading in a high desk, it reduces pain immensely being mobile and really does help. No 1 was going nowhere until I had a stomp about it!!

thecatsarecrazy Tue 19-Jun-18 08:18:30

I was induced with ds3 a few days before due date because of to much fluid ( g.d) had it done about 11am contractions started just after Came on quite quickly. I had to have the drip too. Was painful but only had g&a. Ds was 9lb2

CurrentCurrant Tue 19-Jun-18 08:19:00

Re monitoring. Unless you ask you will often be lying there forever forgotten.

Ask how long and when. It’s easy to unplug it all all safely and even with it in you can stand by the bed, bounce on a ball etc. Mobility is really the key

SadieContrary Tue 19-Jun-18 08:19:47

I was induced. First pessary didn't start anything so I don't count those initial hours as it was between midnight to 7am and I slept soundly.
Second pessary at 7:30am got me going and baby was born at 5.05pm.
No hassles. First baby. Aged 35

McTootBlowsOnHisBagpipe Tue 19-Jun-18 08:20:52

I was induced with my 4th baby (all others were spontaneous labours). I was induced because baby’s growth had slowed right down. I won’t lie, was very nervous as everyone had told me how bad it can be to be induced. They put the first pessary in at midday, and almost instantly I was getting mild contractions, they stepped up over the next few hours and after 5 hours I was holding my baby. I didn’t have any other intervention. Just to add when they put the pessary in I only scored 3 on the bishops score. Ask them any questions you have! I had a lovely student midwife who was able to give me lots of time and answer any of my worries, which obviously was extremely helpful.

Good luck and focus on being able to cuddle your baby soon! My little one is now 5 weeks old.

UgliCat Tue 19-Jun-18 08:27:39

40+7 first induction. Drugs didn't work.
40+12 they tried again. Again drugs didn't work. She was doing her finest tripod impression - head AND legs both pointed down.
Nice leisurely cs following morning. Stitches healed well, I had tramadol for the first 24 hours but it made me itch so I stopped and had panadol for a couple of days then just didn't bother. All fine.
Had no issues bfing either. I know some people can worry about that if they end up having a CD.

moose234 Tue 19-Jun-18 13:55:24

I have had the 24 hour pessary put in at 10.15 as wasn't dilated enough to have waters broken, in the last half in hour been getting period cramps

KM99 Tue 19-Jun-18 15:57:45

I had premature rupture of my membrane right on 37 weeks. Three days later had no contractions so was induced. Gel and pessary didnt work so I was hooked up to the drip.

Everyone's stories are different. I was only in labour for 5 hours but it's very intense as you can end up speeding through the stages of labour. I got by on tens machine and gas and air for first half then needed an epidural as I was exhausted. That worked a treat and really helped give me the strength to push etc.

Birth was difficult due to baby position, he ended up in special care for a couple of nights with jaundice, leg bruises etc. None of that was induction related.

You could read 100 stories on here. Just know you'll get through it. I found I was so much stronger than I thought.

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