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Chinese restaurant

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newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 07:08:18

Dish on the menu last night at a Chinese restaurant - King prawns glazed in honey. Sounds delicious.

Dish arrives and it looks like it's got melted cheese all over it. We ask the waiter what the dish was, he didn't know, hadn't ever seen it before. We ask another waiter and he says oh yes, that's the honey king prawns. But why's there cheese all over it? No, no... no cheese, it's mayonnaise.


Apparently that's one of their house specialities, a traditional old Chinese dish.

I'm sceptical but happy to be told otherwise by the mumsnet jury! And why the hell didn't they mention the mayo on the menu?!

MissionItsPossible Sun 17-Jun-18 07:11:00

Sounds horrendous. I’d make an official complaint.

ItsaPeppaPink Sun 17-Jun-18 07:13:31

Was it tasty though??

AnotherRoadsideAttraction Sun 17-Jun-18 07:25:33

Vom. That's disgusting!

newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 07:35:23

Peppa - it was like an eating challenge on I'm a Celeb!
It really was the worst thing I've tasted. Lukewarm prawns, smothered in mayo and then (possibly?) put in the oven for the mayo to melt/spread/infect!

NewYearNewMe18 Sun 17-Jun-18 07:40:21

Sounds horrendous. I’d make an official complaint.

Who to ? The Chinese Embassy?

Official complaint. Jesus wept

PanPanPanPing Sun 17-Jun-18 07:44:41

"Who to ? The Chinese Embassy?" grin grin

It sounds awful. Perhaps they'd run out of honey and used mayonnaise instead, hoping you wouldn't notice!

ScrubTheDecks Sun 17-Jun-18 07:54:09

It sounds disgusting.
I would have told them to take it back as it was not what was described on the menu.

Heratnumber7 Sun 17-Jun-18 07:55:32

Because mayo is a well known traditional Chinese ingredient 😀

ScrubTheDecks Sun 17-Jun-18 07:56:34

And if they refused to take it off the bill: call Hong Kong Phooey!

Fruitbat1980 Sun 17-Jun-18 07:56:57

We have a ‘golden honey prawn’ at ours and it’s defintely not for mayo on it! It’s lightly battered prawns, covered in a sticky honey/ lemon drizzle and yum!
You were done over....

Peterrabbitscarrots Sun 17-Jun-18 07:59:39

There’s a Chinese prawn dish that I always get when in USA, you don’t really see it here. It’s crispy king prawns with honey and walnut, and it comes with a small amount of creamy sauce. But it’s not mayo or cheese - what you had sounds awful!

newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 08:02:43

Not sure about official complaint - I doubt the Chinese embassy would be interested in my shitty meal hmm

But we did complain to the restaurant and said it wasn't what was described, it was a thoroughly weird combination... they insisted that's their specialty, very popular and been on their menu for years. Apparently so popular that even one of their waiters hadn't recognised it confused. They tried to argue back with us and said it was a shame we didn't appreciate that different restaurants would treat dishes differently.

Peterrabbitscarrots Sun 17-Jun-18 08:04:12

Did it look a bit like this, minus the walnut?

LOL7 Sun 17-Jun-18 08:09:58

That sounds awful 🙈 did they take it off the bill?

JJS888 Sun 17-Jun-18 08:11:25

Official complaint 😂😂😂

ScreenQueen Sun 17-Jun-18 08:12:16

"Who to ? The Chinese Embassy?" gringrin

Do it do it do it do it do it do it.

BrewDoggy Sun 17-Jun-18 08:13:14

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

lynmilne65 Sun 17-Jun-18 08:14:09

I thought Chinese didn't use milk products?

Helloisitteaurlookingfor Sun 17-Jun-18 08:16:40

For the fact the prawns were like warm alone you should have sent it back. Yuck.

newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 08:17:27

Brew - I love trying new things, and as I said at the start, I'm happy to be told it's a traditional dish. I've never heard of mayo being used in Chinese cooking - if it is, well then I guess I've learnt something new.

PeterPiperPickedSeaShells Sun 17-Jun-18 08:21:05

* a traditional old Chinese dish. *
Who knew mayonnaise was an ancient Chinese recipe?

BertrandRussell Sun 17-Jun-18 08:21:58

“Person orders something they don’t like in restaurant”

In other news, bears shit in woods.

newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 08:22:05

Peterrabbit - nowhere near as nice as the one in your pic! But maybe that's the dish they were trying to create and it's just gone horribly wrong?!

I wish I'd taken a photo of it. It looked like a dish of prawns with a melted cheese sauce. Couldn't taste any honey either.

I'm just composing my Official Letter of Complaint to the Embassy grin

newmonthnewnameagain Sun 17-Jun-18 08:23:34

Bertrand - not bothered as such that we didn't like it, it was more that it was such an unexpected ingredient. Maybe worth a mention on the menu?

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