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To think that some women go on and on about the obesity crisis and weight

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Tobythecat Thu 14-Jun-18 17:17:22

Just to be smug about their healthy eating and slimness?

I have noticed it on here a lot and real life, even a good friend of mine posted something on facebook about it and i was disappointed with her for being so judgemental.

People who fat shame and go on about the obesity crisis and talk about overweight peoples eating habits dont seem to think that these individuals likely have binge eating disorders and bullimia.

I have had a binge eating problem since i was a child and used to starve myself. Im overweight and trying to lose it but im sick of some smug women who try to make people like me ashamed of our weight issues.

A good friend of mine just posted about a quote from the bible about obesity and gluttony. A lot of her friends are carrying weight and i just felt like she posted it to feel smug and superior. Shes always going on about how she used to make herself sick and talks about how she only eats salad and healthy stuff, whilst offering me a biscuit.

AIBU to think that a lot of women do this as a way to feel superior?

busybarbara Thu 14-Jun-18 17:40:36

YANBU, this seems to have gradually replaced being smug about not smoking which was trendy in the 90s. Like smoking though, a lot of societal changes are occurring as well as changes in how food is produced, so that heavyweights will be less common in future anyway much as smokers are now. People will then be smug about having an electric car or something like that!

BakedBeans47 Thu 14-Jun-18 17:43:11

I don’t think people are smug, I think they just genuinely don’t understand the issues some people have around food.

toomuchtooold Thu 14-Jun-18 17:45:17

YANBU. It's concern trolling. I mean, I guess there must be one or two who genuinely want to share with us the importance of healthy eating, as if anyone these days could be unaware - but generally yes I think it's a way of making themselves feel good about their own weight. Which is a shame really. Surely being a healthy weight is its own reward?

I also suspect the same of people who complain about vanity sizing/size inflation. Really, it's that much of a problem to you that you had to go and get a size 8 at Marks' when you usually get the 10? It's so disingenuous, as if they're not aware that the vast majority of women (other than those for whom losing weight is dangerous because of a medical condition) would be quite chuffed to see they'd gone down a dress size.

angryburd Thu 14-Jun-18 17:51:21

100% agree. Especially the threads you see here like "someone at work just ate a lettuce leaf and one stick of celery isn't that just SO DISGUSTING??? I've had a nibble at an ice cube and I'm stuffed!!!11"

No one cares about the health of strangers over the internet. No one.

FASH84 Thu 14-Jun-18 18:18:32

I lived next door to someone as a student (two houses always in and out of each place), who ate a third of a crumpet (that was all she was having for breakfast) and then said she was so full she couldn't possibly eat anymore. Who the fuck can't eat a whole crumpet? Everyone said no (because who wants someone's munched on crumpet) and then my friend said 'I've got a pack of twelve anyone want a couple?' The response was a lot more positive, largely because it didn't come with the same implication that we were all greedy sods who would eat her leftovers.

sociopathsunited Thu 14-Jun-18 18:23:25

I have a friend who turned vegan as an experiment and felt better on it, she she's happy and that's good. But she's so annoying - shoving it down all our throats as often as she can. I don't mind the vegan bit one iota, I'm happy for anyone to eat anyway they want. Iit's the smug "oh help, I'm going to have to buy new clothes as I've got too small for everything I will I possibly afford it - sad face emoji" that does my head in.

WalkingOnAFlashlightBeam Thu 14-Jun-18 18:27:54

The response was a lot more positive, largely because it didn't come with the same implication that we were all greedy sods who would eat her leftovers.

I wouldn’t even have twigged that anyone could consider me greedy for accepting some leftovers! But I wouldn’t as who would eat a half eaten bitten into crumpet that her mouth and hands had been all over? A fresh crumpet on the other hand, I think people would feel was more hygienic and be happy to eat. I’d be surprised if anyone else had the connotations you did about greed and leftovers, or did people say it out loud?

NorksAkimbo72 Thu 14-Jun-18 18:32:47

Ah, yes...concern trolling! Because being slim is the only way to be healthy, don't you know! And it's ok to be overweight as long as you're healthy. Nope. People are worthy of love, respect, and being allowed to do whatever the fuck they want to without shame or judgement. I've been on some form of restrictive diet for 30+ years. In that time, I've lost about 100 pounds in those years(not all at once, was lose 30, gain 35,lose 20, etc.) and I am still not slim. I gave up all dieting 9 months ago, and I haven't gained any weight, but I have gained an enormous amount of peace, a relaxed attitude toward food, and found the joy of moving for moving's sake...not as punishment for what I've eaten. I'd rather stay a size 18 and have strong mental health than live in restriction. So, concern troll away about my imminent death...I don't give a tiny shit!

kateandme Thu 14-Jun-18 18:36:03

i think weve just lost kindness.friendliness and empathy from all things.people are just becoming nasty and judgy.
I think so many thing in this world could be solved.or at least helped right now if we all just though of others and their feelings.and looked out for one another helping people rise up so we too can

PortiaCastis Thu 14-Jun-18 18:40:25

YANBU I'm a recovering anorexic and was down to 5stone because of ex fat shaming me. People should be careful what they say or type and it seems everyone online will say that they're an ideal weight and preach down to others, I suspect though that not everyone online is truthful about it

Titsywoo Thu 14-Jun-18 18:42:19

I think people are just obsessed with food nowadays - whether that be eating too much of it, talking about it loads, thinking about it all the time. Women possibly more so than men.

Audree Thu 14-Jun-18 18:42:28

I’m with you OP.
Also, I strongly believe that fat doesn’t mean unhealthy. I’ve seen many big guys and girls who are very fit and skilled in different sports. I’m not able to climb the stairs without getting out of breath, and I’m of regular weight.

Frosty66612 Thu 14-Jun-18 18:46:11

My OH is very skinny but his health isn’t great and he’s so unfit because he eats junk food all the time. I’m a couple of stone overweight and my blood retails are always spot on and I can walk for miles without getting
Out of breath. Being slim definitely doesn’t automatically mean you are fit and healthy.

halfwitpicker Thu 14-Jun-18 18:47:00

Better if everyone just never says anything then really hmm

Or maybe its just your perception of things :

I have noticed it on here a lot and real life, even a good friend of mine posted something on facebook about it and i was disappointed with her for being so judgemental.

Chances are just shared a recipe or something?

overnightangel Thu 14-Jun-18 19:00:27

Just as bad I’d the whole “I’m fat but I’m healthy”.

Xmaspost Thu 14-Jun-18 19:17:58

I don't hear too many people going on and on about it. But the reality is there is an obesity crisis in the UK for sure! Just look around.

It's not just here though. My current contract means I'm in Dublin Ireland one a week ... and the amount of obese people here seems as issue too. Recent newspaper headline here was "Supersized Ireland: State on way to be ‘fattest nation’ in world" ...

Yes, I'd say that's right ....

stopfuckingshoutingatme Thu 14-Jun-18 19:43:55

It’s a fair point

I do have something of the zeal of the converted as have majorly changed lifestyle and lost 2 stone

BUT . I am so much more aware now . It’s like the scales have been lifted

When you change your life in any Way you do see

How people waste stuff
How the shops are full
Of shit that no one actually needs
How much we drink
How much shit we put in our bodies

And I think it’s a waste

I also think it’s educational and ignorance primarily . And yes there are emotional over eaters and it’s complex

FaFoutis Thu 14-Jun-18 19:45:11

Yes they do. For the same reason they go on and on about 'vanity sizing' too.

stopfuckingshoutingatme Thu 14-Jun-18 19:46:21

Frosty in the grand scheme of things 2 stones overweight is very little compared to the crisis . I was 2 stone heavier but fit (ish!)
It was diet that lost weight not exercise

I guess I don’t define adults a couple
Of stone overweight as the problem - could be wrong there

MaisyPops Thu 14-Jun-18 19:57:41

Overweight is now average. Clothes sizes are getting bigger. But don't mention it in case you hurt someone's feelings. A size 6 promotes anorexia but a size 32 is all about loving your curves. Mentioning vanity sizing is obviously just trying to be mean and not at all to do with the fact some of us are affected by sizes gettinf bigger.

There are health issues associated with being obese, yet raising that leads to anecdotes of someone who was fit dying of a heart attack / the fact that some slim people can be unfit. It's all very 'but ... but... but, look at another anecdote I can push whilst claiming there's no issue with being unhealthily overweight.

HelenaDove Thu 14-Jun-18 20:01:03

" But don't mention it in case you hurt someone's feelings"

Yes that would be why no one ever mentions it on here.........oh wait.

And people mentioned it to me PLENTY when i was 21 stone.

FaFoutis Thu 14-Jun-18 20:02:25

The OP said smug, not mean.
Just buy a smaller size. If they do one - and I've seen that kind of post on MN too: everything in the shops is just so BIG. Tiny tiny me.

ShirleyPhallus Thu 14-Jun-18 20:06:04

I don’t see this as much as overweight women posting about body confidence / not being fat shamed

WatermelonGlitter Thu 14-Jun-18 20:06:15

A lot of these people might well end up being quite seriously overweight one of these days, and may need a bit less of the call it like it is mentality they so love (when it isn't directed towards them) in order to get over it. Life has a funny way of handing you your backside on a plate just like that, especially when you get all proud about something.

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