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To find search engine incompetence frustrating?

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Whatissleeping Thu 14-Jun-18 02:09:03

I’m no internet wizard but if I need info about something (for example baby care) I find it quite easy to use sensible search criteria to find what I need online, assessing the credibility of sources and balancing differing advice as I go

Why do I find it so frustrating when others (in this case DP) select the first link they find and announce that “the internet says...”, often to “prove” that the internet can host spurious info. I know this, but I use my common sense when sourcing and assessing information!

Even worse is those that adopt “what Google says” as gospel regardless of where the content they are looking at originated...

Argh! I will learn to smile and nod

SnailsEverywhere Thu 14-Jun-18 05:21:36

What about people who post on Facebook questions that google could answer? “What’s the phone number for X?” “Does anyone know the weather tomorrow?” “Are the buses running?” “How much is Y?” FRICKIN GOOGLE IT, you clearly have internet to use Facebook so why can’t you use google?

sacredgeometry Thu 14-Jun-18 06:11:50

My pet hate. The information is out there. Go find it ! Fb posts are the worst, recently on a village info group there was the following "Please delete if not aloud, I'm looking for a fancy dress costume of a hot dog, where can i get one ? Needs to be less than 20pounds as i don't get paid my benefits until Friday and i have a disabled daughter" I mean what the actual fuck ?!

1. Amazon, google whatever ! What are the chances that a sleepy hamlet of less than 100 houses has a spare hot dog costume ?

2. I don't care when you get "paid"

3. Why does you having a disabled daughter mean anything ?

Catskill Thu 14-Jun-18 06:15:57

Look for a cited source, assume the info is made-up or misrepresented if there is none.
I thought you were talking about how Google has gone to shit recently, returning results without one or more of your search terms in...

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