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To think my friend was acting strangely

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KintyreMum Thu 14-Jun-18 00:30:09

I visited a friend (let's call her S) for lunch today. She insisted on cooking even though I suggested that we eat out.

When I arrived I asked what we were having and I thought I heard her say "steamed clams". I didn't want to dwell on it because I was slightly embarrassed for her to be going to such an effort cooking for me - I wouldn't have known where to start preparing such a dish. We chatted about all the usual things in her dining room as she popped back and forward to the kitchen. At one point I thought I seen smoke leaving the kitchen window and smelt burning, but again didn't want to cause a fuss.

Imagine how surprised I was when S presented me with a burger! I couldn't hide my confusion and mentioned that I thought we would be having steamed clams. S said that I had misheard her and that she had said we would be having 'steamed hams'. She told me this was an old family recipe and that was what her family called hamburgers.

I found this strange. The burgers were obviously grilled, yet she called them steamed hams. They were tasty, with pickles, cheese and tomato sauce - kind of like something you might get from McDonald's.

Everything else was fine apart from this incident. AIBU to have found the actual lunch a bit strange though ?

Deshasafraisy Thu 14-Jun-18 00:32:52

This is a case for mulder and scully

Medea13 Thu 14-Jun-18 00:32:59

I can't believe you felt this was so bizarre ig warranted a post on the Internet. People call things different names. You misheard something. Someone cooked you a nice free lunch. Relax...

BellaJessica Thu 14-Jun-18 00:33:10


Fruitcorner123 Thu 14-Jun-18 00:34:48


she cooked you a nice lunch. You misheard her.

BellaJessica Thu 14-Jun-18 00:35:28

I dont understand the point of these threads but its gone over a few peoples heads... unless they too are joking?

IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 14-Jun-18 00:35:36

Isn't this a simpsons episode?

BellaJessica Thu 14-Jun-18 00:36:38

idontbowl yes it is. Its the episode where principal skinner cooks chalmers dinner and burns it.

SleepingStandingUp Thu 14-Jun-18 00:37:23

If my friend made me burgers but u thought she'd said steamed clams is be bloody relieved and we'd have a laugh over my mishearing and the oddities of families. I wouldn't consider her to be acting strangely because she made me burgers and called it by a family name.

IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 14-Jun-18 00:37:30

Ah yes just googled grin

itsBritneyBeach Thu 14-Jun-18 00:37:30

@IDontBowlOnShabbos yes it absolutely is grin

JaneJeffer Thu 14-Jun-18 00:37:50


IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 14-Jun-18 00:38:00

I want to watch old simpsons now!

LinoleumBlownapart Thu 14-Jun-18 00:38:04

Stop watching the Simpsons!

itsBritneyBeach Thu 14-Jun-18 00:38:04

@JaneJeffer grin

itsBritneyBeach Thu 14-Jun-18 00:38:30

S for Skinner wink

IDontBowlOnShabbos Thu 14-Jun-18 00:38:41

How crumulent

MsFrizzle Thu 14-Jun-18 00:40:35

Skii-iiner with the superintendent!

LionAllMessy Thu 14-Jun-18 01:12:10

So OP just described a Simpsons episode and pretended it happened to her?

This is either one of the most bizarre troll threads I've ever seen or OP is making some sort of desperate cry for help. Are you okay, OP??

TuTru Thu 14-Jun-18 01:16:17

Dafuq wants steamed clams?

Passingwords Thu 14-Jun-18 01:18:06


halfwitpicker Thu 14-Jun-18 01:44:55

Pork chops Homer?

BoiledFrog Thu 14-Jun-18 01:48:17

The aurora borealis, this time of year.......isolated to your kitchen........can I see it?

IlikemyTeahot Thu 14-Jun-18 01:49:09


AbsolutelyBeginning Thu 14-Jun-18 09:48:21

Just be glad she didn't serve you up a three-eyed fish! grin

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