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To cancel??

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twinnywinny14 Wed 13-Jun-18 14:41:15

Background info: had booked a trip to France in our camper van for August but DH has unexpected heart surgery 3wks ago so we have cancelled that as he won’t be able to drive the van and it’s too far. I booked an air bnb about 3hrs from home for end of August as we do want to get away, sochose somewhere nice, modern and quiet for chilling, with walks etc for the dog, but have just received this email from the owner:

I wanted to let you know in advance that we are refurbishing a cottage on a separate level and location of our property (the equivalent to two properties away distance wise from the annexe and not in any view either from annexe or the garden). works will be carried out during the day and on week days when guests are out sight seeing so as not to cause any disruption (the cottage does use the same entrance). This work should not effect your stay in any way at all and most of the heavy work should be complete however I feel it is only right to let all my guests know in advance.

I want to cancel as I’m worried it won’t be what we want or need but DH says it will fine (but he says that about everything!)

Jenny70 Wed 13-Jun-18 14:50:49

I would, sorry to say but builders and peace and quiet are not often put together in a sentence. Given that you've cancelled one trip and obviously are looking forward to some peace and quiet, it might be safest to think of somewhere else.

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