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Petrol station with diagram!

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Petrolismygas Wed 13-Jun-18 09:20:43

This happened a few days ago but still bugs my brain!

Petrol station busy but ok.
I pull into entrance to wait for a space, front car at 2 moves so I go to sit behind 'new' front car.
Mercedes at 1 backs up at speed and goes to 2 (just) before me.
I cba with aggro so I just wait where Mercedes originally was.
Car at 2 is faffing so taking a while and car at 1 (ahead of me) finishes and starts driving off. I roll forward to go to pump.
Mercedes pulls out from 2, bibbing horn and tries to get to 1 before me.

Driver gets out of car, shouts at me that she moved out of my way so I should move for her now.
I tell her that she was in another line.
She says I'm inconsiderate and rude. I just smile at her.
She then tells me to enjoy my life!
Queue lots of laughter from other drivers and she flounces off.

Cashier and other drivers say I did right thing but did I?

Was she just a bully that was denied?

ps I've been here a while but nc as I over share!

honeysucklejasmine Wed 13-Jun-18 09:24:08

Haaaa serves her right.

flumpybear Wed 13-Jun-18 09:25:38

I suspect she thought she should get the first free pump and you pushed in - not like she had to wait long I'd guess tho so she was being a bit stroppy

Petrolismygas Wed 13-Jun-18 09:32:10

But I didn't push in she moved to behind the car at pump 2.
Literally in line with car in front.
She backed up in front of me from 1 to make it before me!

noenergy Wed 13-Jun-18 09:35:41

You did nothing wrong. It would have been different if she was in a single queue before the pumps but she was specifically in line at a certain pump so should have waited at that pump. You can't just jump from pump to pump.

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