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to buy a 7-seat car for 2dc?

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Alanamackree Tue 12-Jun-18 21:31:03

I don’t need a 7-seater (2dc) but I’m tempted for a number of reasons. It would be convenient to be able to carry 4 dc on play dates, and days out; the boot space with the back seats down is considerable. The flexibility of a hatchback/ almost-van would be welcome at times. I like the slightly elevated driving position that I can’t afford otherwise.

But in terms of safety, I’m wondering if 2dc are safer sitting in the back of a normal 5-seater car, ie does the narrow middle seat mean that there is a more generous crumple zone on the side walls of the car? Or are 7-seaters wider than 5-seaters on average?

Buying used, not new, so there’s a difference of at least two years between five seaters and seven in my price range.

There’s a higher chance of getting a petrol engine in a five seater; all the seven seaters in my price range are diesels and most of my driving is tootling around schools and shops.

At the moment I can just about squeeze a small booster cushion between two high back booster seats in the back of my current car. But the seats are pushed out to the side and the seat belts aren’t easily accessible so not very safe. One in the front means I can just about carry four. (I’ve only done this once in an emergency)

If I could take 4 dc comfortably, I’d be able to have double play dates, take friends out on our annual zoo membership, or have multiple play dates. At the moment I can only have more than one extra child over if I arrange to have one dropped over by another parent, or one of my ds are going out on a play date.

But at most, I’m unlikely to have 4 dc in the car more than once a week, maybe twice. In the meantime my 2 ds’s will be using the car and I think my biggest concern is whether their safety is compromised for the occasional convenience of carrying more people.

So AIBU to get a 7seater?

Aibu to consider a 7 seater?

SeriousSimon Tue 12-Jun-18 21:36:03

We've had a 7 seater for years, before we had ds3.

We currently have a Zafira and I love it. In terms of back seat space, ours easily takes a teenage-sized ten year old, an 8 year old and a chunky rearward facing car seat for ds3 and ds1 and 2 have ample space.

I would hate to go back to a 5 seater now, the boot space alone is worth it.

Ilovechocolatetoomuch Tue 12-Jun-18 21:40:51

I have a seven seater and 1dc soon to be 2! It's the best car ever I love it. It's great for moving furniture, people, just about anything!

gingerpickles Tue 12-Jun-18 21:40:53

I have one DC and about to get a 7 seater. I had one many years ago when I didn't have a DC.
If you like them get one.

GrainneWail Tue 12-Jun-18 21:41:04

We have a grand cmax so one of the smaller 7 seater with 2dc. I love it. Really handy when they both want a friend over and useful for giving lifts to matches, parties, etc. It is diesel which is the downside but I tell myself I'm at least off setting some emissions by car pooling. And the sliding rear doors are my most favourite thing ever.

PeterRabbitsBlueCoat Tue 12-Jun-18 21:44:50

We've just bought a 7 seater (Renault Grand Scenic) & have 2 DC (2yo & 8mo).

I need a big boot for all their crap, and we have a lot of visitors to stay so it's ideal for us.

Handsfull13 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:48:03

I have a ford s-max. It's got two seats that pull out in the boot and three individual seats in the back row. I can comfortably fit two car seats and a teenage in the back row.

It isn't as high as big car but has loads of room. I bought mine used and it's diesel but runs quite economically.

yikesanotherbooboo Tue 12-Jun-18 21:49:33

We had a 7 seater with 2DC and later 3. It was So useful.We had years of school runs, friends for tea, grandparents on days out. I often used to wonder how it all would have worked with a 5 seater.

DramaAlpaca Tue 12-Jun-18 21:52:22

I had a seven seater for years, with 3 DC. I only traded down when they were grown up & I wasn't ferrying around gangs of kids regularly. I miss the space & flexibility of my seven seater, tbh.

Sabulous Tue 12-Jun-18 21:52:35

We're about to have DC2 and I really want a ford s max as the boot is huge and I have boot envy!

SansaClegane Tue 12-Jun-18 21:52:45

Yes YABU. there's nothing that screams "I've given up on life" quite like a 7 seater mum-mobile. They're usually shit to drive and even the best designed ones can't quite hide the fact they look like ginormous shoe boxes.

I have 3DC and used to have one but never liked it. It did the jobs and I needed it at the time but I'm much happier now in my normal sized, adequately powered car.

Somerville Tue 12-Jun-18 21:55:12

So an older diesel over a newer petrol? You'd be mad to do that if you don't have to.

squidgesquodge Tue 12-Jun-18 21:59:28

We have 2DC and a Discovery Sport. It's great for all the reasons you mention. If I have more than one child over to play, we can go places rather than be stuck at home; lift shares become better and easier as I can now take 4DC which means it can be a month before it's my turn again; combined with the fact that my DC and her friends are hitting the 135cm car seat limit, I can offer lifts at the last minute. I had to have a couple of relatives stay at the last minute recently and we could go out & do things as we all fitted in the car which kept them busy & distracted.
It's not just for DC but for other visitors too. When FIL was alive, PIL would always drive the 4 hours to our house. MIL will still do the drive but prefers to get the train and often does now we can all go out when she is here. Both of my parents are alive but have to travel a similar distance and it's often easier for them to travel locally with us once they are here than give them directions.

Daisymay2 Tue 12-Jun-18 22:03:20

We bought our first 7 seater when DCs were 3 and 6 and were repeat purchasers .(Our current car is a large 5 seater and we regret it- wish we had bought another Zafira ) We found that the added seats let us take grandparents on trips with us as well . 7 seater was good for holidays - we did a lot of gites and caravans in Europe (I hate flying). The MPV was also brilliant for the Uni journeys as well.
Go for it!!

YorkieDorkie Tue 12-Jun-18 22:07:58

I have a 7 seater Kia Sorento - think "poor man's Audi Q7".

It's ace! Massive boot space, I got three wardrobes and a bed in there along with many other ikea sundries once!

PicaK Tue 12-Jun-18 22:19:15

We've got a 7 seater Citroen Picasso. Love it. Huge boot space - so always got room for the pram and two spare car seats . Not regretted it at all. Means we can have a huge tent too!

MachineBee Tue 12-Jun-18 22:30:20

I’ve just traded in my Peugeot 5008 as it was diesel and boy do I miss the space and flexibility. To PPs who said they are rubbish to drive should try this one. Didn’t feel like a van - drove like a normal saloon.

When the new version has been put for a year or two more I’m going back to it as o have DGCs on the way. smile

Semster Tue 12-Jun-18 22:32:27

One of the things I loved about my 7-seater was that the seats were higher, which made it easier to help the children in and out of their seats and do up seatbelts.

blackteasplease Tue 12-Jun-18 23:08:35

The bit I like the idea of is the elevated driving position tbh

Parking one in London would be a bugger though!

flyingspaghettimonster Tue 12-Jun-18 23:11:53

we just got one yesterday - a 2011 Volkswagen Routan - and it is amazing!! We were upgrading from a 2001 toyota camry so the difference in space and optons is just magical. It gets pretty good gas mileage and we plan to put one of the back seat sections down to make space for our two large dogs.

Fruitcorner123 Tue 12-Jun-18 23:12:13


Yes YABU. there's nothing that screams "I've given up on life" quite like a 7 seater mum-mobile. They're usually shit to drive and even the best designed ones can't quite hide the fact they look like ginormous shoe boxes.*

Some people don't really care about image or what other people think. They just want a practical, safe way to get from a to b. Nothing wrong with a 7 seater if that's what you want OP. Just get what you like. I would try and get petrol if you cab though.

hennaoj Tue 12-Jun-18 23:13:18

3 children and a Grand Scenic. It can be surprisingly entertaining to drive, especially around corners and thanks to the electronic hand brake, is rather fast when traffic lights change to green. Boot is fantastic for furniture and can fit 3 children's bikes in plus luggage.

barleycorn Tue 12-Jun-18 23:14:08

I’d get a Toyota verso, so a 5+2 configuration. We had a petrol version, it was a great drive with a big boot but not much bigger than an average car so easy to park etc.

We’ve now got a diesel Sharan, and it is a giant shoebox, functional but not much fun to drive.

grumpy4squash Tue 12-Jun-18 23:16:28

The great thing about some 7 seaters is that you can take the seats out individually. So you can drive it as a 5 seater with a massive boot. Or a 6 seater with the middle seat out so everyone can get in and out easily.
My 3 DC are now teens, we have a 7 seater, but usually have it with 2 seats in middle row with the middle bit as a good space and one seat in the back row. Everyone can reach the car chargers! Space for luggage! A win-win situation.

PurpleTigerLove Tue 12-Jun-18 23:21:00

I have 2 children and a Toyota Verso. Very practical car and I wouldn’t like to go back to 5 seats

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