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SilverySurfer Tue 12-Jun-18 19:05:17

As a TAAT I realise this will be deleted.

It refers to the thread by the wife of a drug addict which has now been deleted by MNHQ. An awful lot of very good advice was given to the OP, together with useful contact numbers, including Women's Aid but more specifically for people dealing with drug addicts in their lives.

I am fortunate I am not but there must be others reading this Board who may find that info incredibly useful but who don't for whatever reason feel able to post.

I'm wondering if, rather than deleting it, MNHQ would consider closing it but leaving it in situ?

Does anyone else agree?

MissionItsPossible Tue 12-Jun-18 19:14:04

For those sorts of threads I agree, unless the OP specifically requests for it to be taken down. As the board is so big maybe it would be an idea to not delete the thread but just close it and move to the relevant topic board for those seeking specific help?

There have also been fake entertaining threads I wish weren’t taken down because I hadn’t reached the end. Most of the time it’s the replies that make the thread hilarious rather than the OP and their updates.

Might be better to post this thread in site stuff?

BellyDancer124 Tue 12-Jun-18 19:17:58

I agree OP..I was thinking the same thing, I’m surprised it was deleted.

PennyDreadfull Tue 12-Jun-18 19:29:58

I must be missing something, why was it deleted? I had just finished reading the original thread and I wanted to see how the OP was?

PennyDreadfull Wed 13-Jun-18 14:42:35


SilverySurfer Wed 13-Jun-18 20:46:14

I have no idea Penny MNHQ follow their own rules which are sometimes a mystery to us posters.

MissionItsPossible Wed 13-Jun-18 20:54:20

@SilverySurfer Post a link to this thread in the Site Stuff forum.

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