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This Strawberry Baileys stuff? Anyone else’s social media appear to be rammed with women obsessed with getting their hands on the stuff.

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HoneyDragon Sun 10-Jun-18 10:33:24

I mean fair play if something appeals to you. But there are practically klaxons going off and group alerts if someone’s found it in their local Asda confused

It seems a little bit weird to be obsessing over what is effectively a £14 bottle of strawberry milkshake (and sounds grim).

Livingsymbol Sun 10-Jun-18 10:37:36

My recycling bin is full of bottles of it, very worried about the looks the neighbors will give me tomorrow morning

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Jun-18 10:38:59

That sounds lovely! I passed asda twice yesterday (isn't one that near us normally), wish I'd known

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Jun-18 10:39:33

Do they sell it anywhere else? Is it baileys brand?

WittyJack Sun 10-Jun-18 10:39:34

I thought you meant adverts and was a bit hmm at that as an advertising campaign.

If you mean people drinking it, it doesn't seem to have made its way to my friends, as I've never heard of it. perhaps we are all too alcoholic and gin-focussed!!

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Jun-18 10:40:14

Sorry op not helping your point!

lindalee3 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:40:23

Nope. Never heard of it, and no-one on my social media has been on about it. Sounds like it would be uber sweet. Don't fancy it much.

WittyJack Sun 10-Jun-18 10:40:36

It looks v sickly!!

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Jun-18 10:40:38

Now gin has had its day and can sod off as far as I'm concerned

StealthPolarBear Sun 10-Jun-18 10:41:04


YouBetterWORK Sun 10-Jun-18 10:41:49

Not heard of it before, but strawberry tequila rose is great, and you can get it for £12 at Tesco. Although it tastes like you are drinking milkshake until suddenly you realise you're drunk!

MrsJayy Sun 10-Jun-18 10:42:57

Ooo I like strawberry milkshake grin somebody on my fb sourced some yesterday it looked lovely in her glass I would try it.

TerfsUp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:43:18

Ergh. Sounds dreadful.

OTOH, I like the sound of some of the gins advertised on that site.

Agent13 Sun 10-Jun-18 10:44:29

Never heard of it or seen anything about it anywhere on social media! Sounds horrid.

TerfsUp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:49:34

It sounds like something teenagers would get drunk on in a park.

Livingsymbol Sun 10-Jun-18 10:51:50


It’s a nice refreshing drink unless you are a hardcore alcoholic

TerfsUp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:53:24

I'll take your word for it, Living! It's gin for me, all the way.

MrsJayy Sun 10-Jun-18 10:53:42

I can't see teenagers swapping their frosty jack cider for strawberry n cream Baileys grin

Ruffian Sun 10-Jun-18 10:55:03

Wtf the last picture in that ad??

TerfsUp Sun 10-Jun-18 10:56:27

I can't see teenagers swapping their frosty jack cider for strawberry n cream Baileys

Fair enough. Even teenagers who are desperate to get drunk would have better sense than to drink that concoction.

Skarossinkplunger Sun 10-Jun-18 10:56:52

I actually saw an ad on FB back in April. I was doing an afternoon tea for
Mother’s Day and thought it would be perfect. Imagine my frustration when it wasn’t available in the UK then!

TERFragetteCity Sun 10-Jun-18 10:57:13

Never even heard of it.

eightfacesofthemoon Sun 10-Jun-18 10:57:13

Jesus if you’re grown up enough to drink alcohol, then drink proper drinks. Not child drinks. Or don’t drink.

eightfacesofthemoon Sun 10-Jun-18 10:57:54


Skarossinkplunger Sun 10-Jun-18 10:59:18

I also really enjoy a Single Malt Whisky (or four) is that grown up enough for you eightfacesifthemoon?

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