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IABU - I’ve just had a glass of wine

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Hiphopopotamus Wed 06-Jun-18 19:17:55

And I’m a recovering alcoholic. 5 months sober. All gone now like I’d never bothered. So here I am, back to square one

Rufffles Tue 12-Mar-19 10:02:06

Six months is an excellent achievement! Well done! Just think how amazing seven and eight (and so on) are going to feel!

What really comes across to me is that you don't actually want a drink. It looks as if you came on here to find reasons NOT to drink, and I think that's a really positive sign.

Don't do it. The feeling of waking up in the morning all fresh and sober and lovely is just brilliant, as you'll know by now. Stick with it, and find something else to do / enjoy / treat yourself with instead.

maddiemookins16mum Tue 12-Mar-19 09:53:55

Well done. I’m 13 months sober. 13 months....I used to drink up to 3 bottles of wine a time (not every night). You are stronger than you yourself credit for.

Hiphopopotamus Tue 12-Mar-19 09:48:17

Ah thanks everyone! I’m off to a meeting today (I do AA) and I’m feeling good. I’m not going to give into it and I’m putting all the stuff I’ve learned in place. I’m ridiculously proud of my six months sobriety and I don’t want to throw that away. It’s just insane the power of addiction that it can make you so badly want to do something that you know full well is destructive, not just for you but for everyone around you.

Mummyoflittledragon Tue 12-Mar-19 08:34:28

You’re doing really well! Much better than last time. This time you’ve written about your struggles instead of acting on them. Owning your situation and dealing with the difficulties makes you one step closer to being off the booze / wine for good.

FenellaMaxwell Tue 12-Mar-19 08:27:58

You can do this. Take it an hour at a time. Now is a good time to take up something to keep your hands busy. For me, it was knitting. I’m still shit at knitting but it kept me occupied!

Lou670 Tue 12-Mar-19 08:24:55

I love that diagram!

Another tactic I use. I drank red wine. Give the alcoholism an identity. Mine is called Winnie the wine witch. I talk to her in my head when I feel tempted and tell her to go away (although I word it much strongly than that!). Stick her on the 'naughty step' and leave her there stamping her feet and screaming and walk away. See every day you remain sober as a day you have beaten her and a day that she has lost again. It really works for me as I am determined she will not get the better of me.

EmeraldShamrock Tue 12-Mar-19 08:07:17

Keep going. I was holding my breath reading the first pages, Thanks for the update, I am glad you got it together again it is not easy, you are doing great, keep busy, keep in mind it is never one drink. smile stay strong. I am sending virtual hugs and support across the net. flowers

MrsFrankCastle Tue 12-Mar-19 08:06:55

6 months is amazing. One day at a time, even om3 hour at a time. You've got this smile

Boom45 Tue 12-Mar-19 08:04:20

Well done OP. Not only have you been sober for 6 months but you have also recognised that you are having a wobble and the danger of that. Fill the days when your DH is away, go out, visit supportive freinds and family, keep busy. Talk to your sponsor, or find an AA (or similar) group if you don't have a sponsor - moments like this are exactly the time when you need it. And good luck, be kind to yourself xx

willitbe Tue 12-Mar-19 08:03:04

Well done Hiphopopotamus - you are doing well, it is good you had this thread to come back to re-read. Keep strong and focused as the few days progress.

Duchessgummybuns Tue 12-Mar-19 08:01:40

Well done, another recovering alcoholic here. It’s so tough, especially when alcohol is everywhere. Keep on keeping on, I find this diagram helpful on bad days.

Livpool Tue 12-Mar-19 07:57:34

Well done OP xx

ReggieWoo Tue 12-Mar-19 07:57:16

Well done OP.

It's never just one and you'll be so pleased you didn't.

One day at a time.

shockthemonkey Tue 12-Mar-19 07:51:01

Well done OP! Amazing work (and I know it's sometimes very hard work staying sober, but it's so rewarding, isn't it?).

rwalker Tue 12-Mar-19 07:45:23

It's a bump in the road not a disaster . It shows how much you want to stop by being 1 glass and then your asking for help well done for 5 months Its a long road but not an impossible one. Your not back to square 1 good luck and take care

Gatehouse77 Tue 12-Mar-19 07:43:46

Fantastic achievement so far - I'd imagine it feels wonderful to know that it was you who made those changes because of a choice you made.
I'd try thinking of all those victories - small or large - to keep me going when it's tough.

Well done!

Fazackerley Tue 12-Mar-19 07:38:39

You are amazing. Can you get out and about a bit for the next few days so you aren't in the house alone too much?

buckeejit Tue 12-Mar-19 07:34:10

Good job OP, you got this. Keep posting for support if you need it

Lou670 Tue 12-Mar-19 07:33:55

Please try and see it as a blip and it is one day. If you are counting the dry days then mentally see it as X days minus 1 rather than seeing it as going back to the start of counting all over again.

Do you have an app on your phone where it records your non drinking/drinking days. They can be very motivational as it records days dry, units of alcohol not drank and money saved.

Do you attend any group settings such as CGL (Change Grow Live) formerly known as Addaction. This charity funded organisation is for all addictions and they run 12 week courses for addicts. They are really good and it helps to be amongst people that understand. See if there is one in you area.

The self help books are good and there are a lot of them out there. 'This Naked Mind' written by Annie Grace is good. I second the Jason Vale book as well. I have also heard good reviews on Russell Brands book.

5 months sobriety is a massive achievement as some people struggle to reach 5 days. Identify what the 'trigger' was to make you want that drink. Perhaps you were upset, angry, bored or seeing if you could really just have that one drink.

Remember that you take the first drink and the second drink takes you. If alcohol is your release for when things go bad (as it does) find something else less harmful that will take the place that alcohol used to fill.

Try not to dwell on the 'one day' and focus on all of the other days that you remained sober. Each day is a new day. I know just how hard this is. I am on day 25 and it requires dedication and strength and so much focus.

I will be thinking of you. Keep on going!!

BlimeyCalmDown Tue 12-Mar-19 07:25:21

Great to see an update, we often don't on so many threads!

Well done on your 6mths, as others have said try and go to extra meetings all week, plan distractions and other rewards, treat yourself in other ways all week. If you don't already have a sponsor/mentor, see about getting one this week.

You can do this!

Slowknitter Tue 12-Mar-19 07:21:41

flowers Well done, you are doing brilliantly.

Cuttingthegrass Tue 12-Mar-19 07:15:58

Fantastic update. You are so strong. Well done. What a brilliant idea to reread your thread and that you remembered then how you felt. You’ve got this.

fluffygreenmonsterhoody Tue 12-Mar-19 06:51:37

Wow, six months. You’re doing brilliantly. Go for seven?

LegitimateShite Tue 12-Mar-19 06:46:30

Six months is incredible - you are bloody amazing! You can do this flowers

AgentProvocateur Tue 12-Mar-19 03:10:11

Well done. Six months is an amazing achievement. Keep it up. flowersbrew

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