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First two episodes of Game of Thrones- I have problems (contains spoilers obviously)

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tootyfruitee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:18:56

Have only watched two episodes but it seems so fucked up.

So the blonde beautiful girl who gets married off to the big oaf guy and his army..she basically gets raped by him but then she asks a girl, who became a prostitute slave at the age 9, how to seduce him? And then she goes back to the oaf and they have some intense sex that I presume is meant to be sexy, even though it's basically rape.


Also that dwarf guy is meant to be some kind of ledge despite the fact he shags loads of prostitutes.

AIBU to think this is fucking weird??

Unfortunately however I am finding it very gripping still blush

Aprilshouldhavebeenmyname Tue 05-Jun-18 20:21:34

You are in for a hell of a journey op!! It's fantastic!!
And I say that as a hater of all things fantasy!!
Jon Snow is just mmmmmmmmmm.

Happygummibear Tue 05-Jun-18 20:22:33

You have scratched the surface of the fucked upness however it's brilliant.

That dwarf guy (tirrion) is amazing and his character and story gets alot better

Stick with it. There is alot of sex and nudity and rape in the first 2 series or so but it does calm down considerably on that front

Happygummibear Tue 05-Jun-18 20:22:59

Holy hell jon snow just gets better!!

Ledehe Tue 05-Jun-18 20:24:43

Ok just stick with it. There's too many people to keep track of at the start. Even though the porn bits are too much some important information is sometimes shared during them.

By episode 9 you'll be hooked!

MrsHathaway Tue 05-Jun-18 20:25:40

Worth remarking that the tv version is sanitised compared with the books. GRRM is ... concerning.

Also remember that you're watching the hook episodes which are trying to catch you.

If you think you're suspending your disbelief now, you ain't seen nothing yet. Boiled frog etc.

Flooffloof Tue 05-Jun-18 20:26:12

I wrote a tome, then realized I was spoilering it.
Just watch, It's fabulous

FlyingElbows Tue 05-Jun-18 20:26:13

Stick with it. I thought the same to start with but stick with it. It's hedonistic fuckedup-ness is necessary for the rest of it to make sense. It does calm down and it's really really good. It gets darker and it's not for the faint hearted but it's so worth it.

FranticallyPeaceful Tue 05-Jun-18 20:27:13

The book is far better, and she doesn’t get raped in the books. He’s very gentle and waits until she says yes. Of course being sold full stop isn’t good, but yeah it’s based around history and it’s jsut the land they live in... it isn’t real life, so I’d sleep soundly in that knowledge

sharkirasharkira Tue 05-Jun-18 20:27:37

The books are a lot more consensual with the wedding scene if that helps at all! grin

Thing is, as the series goes on Dany (blonde girl) really uses her experiences to fuel her and tries very much to make the world a better place so that what happen to her doesn't happen to others - it's part of her journey.

Tyrion and Jon Snow are also very interesting characters, the pretty much all are tbh.

Stick with it, it only gets better!

FranticallyPeaceful Tue 05-Jun-18 20:28:12

the first time

MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood Tue 05-Jun-18 20:28:34

Ok so the basis of GOT is drawn a lot from English History.

Basically Dany has been sold to Drogo by her brother so he can use the Army to reclaim the throne. These sort of marital alliances for power are historically accurate. Henry VII mother was 12 when she had him.

In the book Dany is 13 they had to age her up for the show, but basically having bled was womanhood in older times but is problematic now - it isn't a modern society basically. It's more a feudal society.

Dany has to seduce him because her brother will kill her if Drogo rejects her

Unpalatable yes, but don't worry about Dany she works it out.

Tyrion his father has rejected him for being a dwarf. So he mostly gets drunk and sleeps with whores. He gets all the best lines and has an interesting backstory.

tootyfruitee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:30:27

I was just quite shocked that she went from crying while being raped by the oaf to seducing him after having an erotic sex lesson with someone who was sold to be a child prostitute but seems to have become some kind of sexpert rather than scarred in any way.

tootyfruitee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:32:13

Sorry x posted with a lot of you, thanks @MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood that helps.

Oh and yes jon snow is fit. (Sorry snazzy tie wearing Jon snow, not you, if you were googling yourself).

KnightsOfCydonia Tue 05-Jun-18 20:32:37

This thread has put me in the mood for a GOT binge before the last season next year, been years since I watched the earlier seasons. unhelpful

MrStarkIDontFeelSoGood Tue 05-Jun-18 20:33:27

Massive GOTphile here just ask me anything!

eyeswideshit Tue 05-Jun-18 20:33:34

Please don't call Drogo an oaf. That's got to be some sort of sin!

tootyfruitee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:35:05

Sorry @eyeswideshit , first impressions and all that blush

ScipioAfricanus Tue 05-Jun-18 20:35:53

Vast amount of suspension of feminist principles is necessary to enjoy GOT (especially the first few sexposition seasons) but it’s a small price to pay for Jon Snow (and everything else)!

YorkieDorkie Tue 05-Jun-18 20:36:05

Drogo 🤤🤤🤤

Yeah, you've literally scratched the "fucked up" surface!

SweetSummerchild Tue 05-Jun-18 20:36:41

If you think the show is f*cked up, try the books!

Daenerys, the blond, discovers that she’s pregnant by Drogo (who is in his 30s) on her 14th birthday. The wedding night scene was never supposed to be a rape, but I just don’t see a 13 year-old being as confident and aroused as she was written to be...

Tyrion is a rapist. Apparently ‘his cock betrayed him’ so that makes is alright.

Then there is that ‘fat pink mast’ - the most decidedly un-sexy sex scene ever written.

Great stuff though.

tootyfruitee Tue 05-Jun-18 20:38:00

No spoilers please!! Despite my internal feminist outrage and I am hooked already

BitchQueen90 Tue 05-Jun-18 20:38:03

It only gets better from here. grin

I have read all the books and I prefer them to the show.

vampirethriller Tue 05-Jun-18 20:39:15

I think I'm the only person alive who thinks it's terrible and that the books are even worse.

DoneAdulting Tue 05-Jun-18 20:39:22

I can't believe you haven't commented on the twin incest in the first episode!

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